Kininaru Chapter 37



She raised her voice as I touch her genital

「What is it?」

「What is it my butt! What are you touching?」

「Don’t want it?」

「It’s obviously no isn’t it!」

「Well、like it or not I don’t care」

Just as the other day my finger fit exactly on her slit and I traced it.


「Hora hora here it comes!」

I rubbed and turned up her crotch, making sounds from her pubic hair.

「Aaa! Stoooooooop! Aaaaaaaaa!」

Gakuu !

Her legs gave out and she fell on her butt.
As she sat on the ground I brought my face closer to her crotch, spreading her vagina.
When her genital wriggled love juice spilled out, I made a sound slurping it.


As expected of a middle school girl, her sexual sensation is weak.
Speaking of which, Miyu’s legs also quickly gave out with this.

Next is her breasts.
I unbuttoned her shirt and her private bra came into view.
I made her do a banzai and unfastened the hook on her back.

「Ee、this is」

Seems like her chest is still growing, her nipples pointed up like needles full of youth.
I seized her puffing out nipples and sucked on it *zuzozo*.

「It hur…It hurts!」

As I stuck to the still growing breasts and touched it, she said it hurt.

「I’ll rub them so relax」

I rubbed her breasts with both my hands *guni guni*

「Nooooooo! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts don’t knead them!」

I persistently kept on rubbing

「I said stop! Aaaaaa! It huuuuurts!」


She wet herself.

「It hurt that badly?」


「Sorry、I’ll make you feel good next」

I wiped her crotch with a tissue and licked her clitoris.


「C’mon、I’ll do more so open your left properly」

To comfort her I used my knowledge up until now to lick her clitoris.
With only that I played around, making the inexperienced girl feel pleasures

「It feels goodd、amaziing…it feels good」

Her legs trembled while her back bent.


She constricted my head between her legs.
Her vaginal opening flapped open and close yearning for a penis.
To answer to that I took out my penis.
The girl stared at it stupefied.




Blood and love nectar spilled from her crotch.
There are traces of tear streaming under her eyes.
She got overwhelmed by pain midway, and has been crying since.

I rubbed her hard nipples while poking deep and she cried, she threw a tantrum telling me to stop like a child.
But when I rubbed her clit with my finger she turned a bit obedient, just like that I made a spurt until ejaculation.
Just before releasing I stopped my hips and inserted deep inside.
After that I left it to her vaginal movements to make me cum.
Having vigorous sex in her first experience makes her vagina’s tightening weak.
But, I was at my limit so I ejaculated with just that.
As her vagina recognized the sign of my ejaculation it violently wriggled and clamped down tightly.

「What it this! Scaary it’s scaaryy!」

Because of the sudden convulsion in her genital, she was scared and clung to me.

I patted her head while kept releasing semen into her womb.