Kininaru Chapter 40


Yuki’s insides are warm, her vaginal flesh squeezed my penis tightly.

「Does it feel good inside me?」

「Yeah、it’s the best…」

Yuki moved her hips up and down on top of me, but her movements looked like she wasn’t used to it.

「It…、it’s fine to suck my boobs you know」

Yuki’s blushing while using both her hands to bring her breasts close to my face.

Her sakura-colored nipples and her breasts drifted a sexy fragrance, my mouth was drawn towards that smell.

My penis became even bigger inside Yuki.


Yuki reacted to the new rhythm cause by the change of my penis angle.

「What’s wrong?」

「N、Nothing…it’s nothing!」

With some subtle movements, Yuki casually changed the spot where my penis hit.

Then Yuki began to move her hips again.




「You’re still…N、Not cumming yet?」

「Yeah、and there’s something telling me to stop…」

Even though I felt like ejaculating but in my mind there’s something that’s stopping me.

I saw Yuki building up fatigue because she’s been moving.

「I’ll move so stay still」

「No、let me do it today」

Yuki has something like a desire to care for me.

Perhaps she thought of me as something dearly before I lost my memories.

There’s no doubt that I’m much obliged to her.

I thanked Yuki in my heart.

That’s why I thought I want to make Yuki feels good.


I circled both my hands around Yuki’s hips, embracing her to bring our bodies closer

「If you hug me that tight I can’t move you know」

She spoke with a happy and embarrassed voice.

I pushed my penis against the spot that Yuki reacted earlier.

「っ!! That place is no good!」

Yuki squirmed her hips around to escape

But I kept locking on Yuki’s weak spot

「It really feels good here huh」


「This time I’ll move」



「Hey、it’s been bothering me but」

「Let me gooooo!」 (TN: Uhh…oneesan?)

「We’re in different classes at school right?」

「I don’t wanna cum agaaaaain!」

「Then how come we knew each other?」

「I’ll cuuum! I’m cumming from my crotch again!」

Yuki became unable to converse since a little while ago.

When I began to poke her sensitive spot, Yuki shook her head ‘No no’ and pushed my chest to escape.

Yuki didn’t like it but, love juice gushed out from her insides, every time my glans scraped out her juices she raised a coquettish shriek.

I had no idea why did she hate it when she felt good, but I think it’s because she feels sorry for me when she felt good.

「Don’t bother paying attention to me、just thoroughly feel good」

I raised my penis further

「Haa! Let’s take a break!」

After many climaxes Yuki became tired, if I paid attention I’d see her completely exhausted.


「I’m also cumming soon so endure for a bit」

I held Yuki in my arms tightly, fixed my angle, and piston.

「That can’t be! Cummiiiiiiiiing!」

Something warm hit my abdomen.
Yuki spouted some kind of odorless liquid when she came.

「Me too!」


I ejaculated vigorously inside Yuki.

The two of us came almost at the same time and lied on top of each other on the bed, soaking ourselves into the after glow.