NTR System – Chapter 10


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While walking towards the parking lot, Seiji once again turned the telepathic earrings on.


‘Lorelai I don’t want you coming home with me today.’


‘What! You’re abandoning me?!’


‘Calm down you devil, hear me out completely before you jump into conclusions of your own. What I want, is for you to follow Sayaki home. And once you get their I want to know everything there is about her and her family. It doesn’t matter how small it is, I want to know everything about them.’


‘Fufufufu, that’s it? You don’t have to worry about that Master. I’ve already obtained almost all information about her before I came to your house. I have information of almost everyone around you Master! If I couldn’t even do this, I won’t be a proper support for you would I?’


Hearing what Lorelai said, Seiji wanted to know when she obtained all this information. But he didn’t since it wouldn’t matter anyway.


‘Is that so? Now tell me all there is that I need to know about her mom.’


‘Her mom? But isn’t the quest to acquire Sayaki herself?’


‘Does it matter how I obtain her as long as I do? I want her to feel more pain than what I felt when she coldly rejected me. I’ll crush her complete world before taking her.’


‘Though I want to say that it is an overkill, this is exactly how a devil retaliates and takes his revenge.’


Hearing the revenge filled words from her Master, Lorelai was first shocked at how he was planning on taking revenge for such a simple matter but soon turned giddy from excitement. The more time she spent with Seiji the further she felt her decision to choose him was right. If he kept this up she would definitely surpass all of her colleagues.


‘Also I want you to obtain all information about Sakura, her family, and her fiance. Since you already have all information regarding Sayaki we can start planning once we reach home.’


‘As you wish Master.’


By now Seiji and Lorelai reached the parking lot, it might be due to coming in early in the morning but now the parking lot was filled with cars unlike when he came in.


‘Humph, regardless of how many cars there are my car is undoubtedly the best.’


Since the parking lot was used by the whole school there was no differentiation between who parked here, but still it was mostly used only by the teachers and those of the elite class.


However, despite having almost 1000 students in the Elite classes, there weren’t even a few hundred cars in the parking lot.


Since most of the younger students were picked up by their families in the parking lot after school, the parked cars weren’t equivalent to the number of students in the Elite classes.


Just as Seiji was walking towards where he parked his car, he noticed a commotion ahead of him. Many students were surrounding his car, while a few were taking its pictures the others were discussing about who the car owner could be.


“Who do you think owns this car?”


“Hmmm, no idea. But it must be a newly bought car since I’ve never seen it here before.”


“I’m sure that my dad would know whose car this is, since he loves collecting cars.”


Hearing all the kids talking about his car, Seiji felt that it was worth spending his NTR on this car.


‘I guess a car such as the Koenigsegg is a rare sight even for these rich kids.’


A few of Seiji’s classmates were also in the group surrounding his car.


“Do you guys think that this car might belong to the new kid?”


“It might, did you see his hot assistant? Someone who has such an assistant is definitely capable of buying such a car.”


“Him? No way! That woman beside him must be an idiot to be his assistant. If he really owned this car he definitely would have shown off. Humph!”


Ignoring all those students Seiji calmly walked up to his car and got in it. With Lorelai getting into the passenger seat, Seiji turned the car on, but he didn’t drive away immediately.


‘Since so many students are watching me, I might as well show off.’


With that thought in his mind, Seiji began revving up the car.




Understanding what her Master was doing Lorelai lightly smiled. But unlike her, Seiji’s classmates were dumbstruck watching him get into the Koenigsegg.


While the guys were burning with jealousy looking at Seiji who had both a really hot woman and a really costly car, the girls regretted not having made a move on him the whole day.


At the same time all the assistants mentally took down the car’s number plate, so that when they inform their family Masters about Seiji they could look up who the owner was through the registration number.


Revving up the engine one more time, Seiji honked indicating those who were still standing in front of his car to move away.


Once there weren’t any obstructions, Seiji pressed down on the accelerator and began driving away.

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