NTR System – Chapter 9


“Oh, it’s you Seiji. How was your first day here?”


Looking at the 26 year old that wasn’t standing too far from him and putting on a coat, Seiji responded to her.


‘She seems to be getting ready to leave.’


“It was fine Ms. Abe.”


Finished speaking, Seiji kept on looking at her breasts with a perverted smile on his face.


Feeling the boy in front of him staring so brazenly at her breasts, Sakura was really angered but kept herself in control by not shouting out because she had met so many of these perverted assholes.


“Is there something you need Seiji?”


Unlike before there was no longer a cute and inviting smile on her face, but it was a bit cold as if she couldn’t wait for him to get lost.


“Oh yeah there was something I wanted to say.”


While answering her Seiji took a step forward and got closer to her, and Sakura inadvertently took a step back.


“What are you doing Seiji?”


“I’m not doing anything Sakura.”


This time Seiji called her by her first name instead of her family’s name. He took once more step forward, causing Sakura to move back once more.


“Why are you coming closer? Don’t… Don’t come near me!”


It might be due to the evil look in his eyes and the perverted smile on his lips that Sakura couldn’t keep her calm and turned a little frantic. Stuttering to speak she took one more step back and felt a hard surface touch her.


Turning around Sakura found that there was no more space for her to move, not knowing what to do Sakura started sweating imagining what Seiji might do to her.


“What’s wrong Sakura? I’m not going to eat you okay.”


Saying so Seiji stepped forward and stood exactly a few inches away away from her. Since she was a few inches shorter than him, she needed to look up to see his face.


“Please don’t…”


“Don’t what?”


Sakura tried to push Seiji away by saying something, but he interrupted her midway and moved even closer to her.


Now with his body pressing against hers, Seiji looked down and found her eyes overflowing with fear. Sakura looked like she would burst into tears at any given second.


‘Why do I feel even more turned on looking at her like this?’


Seiji didn’t know but this was all die to him turning more and more into a devil. And as a devil he strived on negative emotions, due to this his alignment was turning sadistic.


“Please don’t…”


While Sakura closed her eyes from fear, Seiji felt the huge breasts of Sakura against his chest, which caused his desire to obtain her further increase. But he still kept himself in control, Seiji didn’t want to rape her, he wanted her to feel so tempted that she would herself ask for him.


“Calm down Sakura, I’m not going to do anything to harm you. At least not yet.”


Sakura slightly calmed down when she heard the first half of what he said, but once again tensed up when Seiji spoke the second half. But before she could react in anyway, she felt something pressed up against her lips.


Sakura’s eyes which were shut, snapped open revealing the shock she felt. But what happened next shocked Seiji himself, instead of trying to resist by pushing him away Sakura herself parted her lips and pushed her tongue inside his mouth!


‘Is she kissing me? Yes, she is!’


Despite feeling shocked at what she just did  Sakura grabbed onto Seiji’s head and held it tightly while her lips began suckling on his.


Taking this as his chance, Seiji moved his hands and pressed them against her breasts through her clothes. Though he couldn’t directly feel them, just from pressing on them Seiji understood how soft they must be to get molded so easily.


Not wanting to wait any longer, Seiji moved his hands and brought them under her dress so that he could feel her breasts directly, but before he could Sakura suddenly pushed him away and shouted.


“No! We can’t do this!”


Rejecting Seiji completely Sakura immediately ran out of the room and didn’t even bother locking the door, leaving behind the dumbfounded Seiji.


“What the….”


“You don’t have to worry Master. Considering how well you did right now, I’d say you aren’t too far from obtaining her.”


Stepping into the room, Lorelai had a huge smile on her face as if she succeeded at something.


“How could you even say that? Didn’t you she her running away?”


“It seems like you still haven’t understood what just happened here Master. So, let me explain it for you from the beginning. Humans and Devils can be said as beings of two different levels, and when a devil comes near humans they begin exhibiting signs of breaking out of the norm and letting their desires run out rampant. However considering the fact that you still haven’t turned into a devil, but were already able to pull out all the evil thoughts in that woman shows how much effect you had on her.”


Pausing here Lorelai waited a few seconds to let Seiji understand everything she said, before continuing.


“Though devils feast off of negative emotions to grow stronger, when they try to seduce human women regardless of they are signs of uncontrollable lust appear on them. In this case, though you played all your cards right, you just weren’t successful because of three reasons. One, you still aren’t talented enough in seducing women so you weren’t able to completely grasp her. Two, you aren’t a true devil yet and thus you couldn’t have her consumed in lust. And three, if it wasn’t for seeing the engagement ring on her so soon, you definitely would’ve been able to fuck her on that desk over there.”


Listening to Lorelai’s explanation Seiji finally understood what her meaning was behind congratulating him.


‘So that’s how it is. No wonder she reciprocated my kiss. I should get as many NTR points as soon as possible and begin my transition into a real devil.’


“Let’s go home Lorelai, I’ve got many things to do.”


With that thought in mind Seiji called for Lorelai and left the room, walking towards the parking area to leave the school as soon as possible.


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