NTR System – Chapter 11


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By the time Seiji reached his house it was almost 5 in the evening. Though the school ended at 3, due to Seiji trying to seduce Sakura, and then driving around the whole town slowly it took him a long time to get home.


“Why did you drive around the whole town Master? Was it purely to show off your car or was there any other intention in it?”


“I would be lying to you if I said that I wasn’t trying to show off. But along with that I was trying to get an idea of how it feels to drive such an expensive car.”


Lightly chuckling with how greatly his life changed in the last 24 hours, Seiji pushed open the door and entered his house.


“Today was a very tiring day so I need to relax a little. Lorelai go ahead and fill up the bath with hot water, I’ll be in there soon.”


Saying so Seiji went towards the kitchen and drank some water before walking towards the bathroom.


‘I don’t know how she did it, but the house is definitely looking much better. I wouldn’t be shocked even if she said that she used magic being a devil and all.’


While walking Seiji noticed how clean the house looked wherever Lorelai passed by.


It was just like Seiji thought, Lorelai was using magic to clean her surroundings when walking. Just because she was a devil, it didn’t mean that she loved dirty things, well not dirty surrounding anyway.


Opening the door, Seiji entered the dressing area after which without any hesitation he directly stripped of all his clothes. Putting them in the laundry basket, Seiji proceeded to slide open the door to the bathroom.


Inside Lorelai was standing with only a towel wrapped around her. The towel covered exactly from a little above her nipples, till slightly below her pelvis.


Looking at Lorelai who was not even trying to act modest and actually bending slightly forward to show her breasts even more, Seiji felt a burning sensation near his groin.


Stepping forward Seiji placed a hand of Lorelai’s waist and pulled her close. Looking starting th into her eyes he slightly smiled and said.


“You know what I like the most about you?”


“Regardless of my answer you’ll tell me anyway, so why bother asking me Master.”


Hearing Lorelai’s reply Seiji’s smile further grew.


“It’s because of your attitude. Unlike other girls who fake modesty, I’ve never once seen you try anything like that. You’re the perfect kind of women a man could hope for.”


“How come you’re suddenly sweet talking Master?”


“Nothing special, I just wanted you to know that despite how you tried to cheat me when we first met, I appreciate everything you’re doing for me. I know that you’re doing this for your own selfish gains, but all I expect from you is your loyalty.”


Saying that Seiji bent forward and kissed Lorelai who had a complicated look in her eyes. But soon that expression disappeared when she closed her eyes and opened her mouth letting Seiji’s tongue enter her mouth.


Wrapping her own tongue around his tongue, Lorelai began sucking on his mouth. Grabbing the back of Seiji’s head, Lorelai further pressed her mouth hardly against his mouth.


As if she couldn’t get enough of him, she kept on sucking his mouth till both of them were almost out of his breath. Letting go of his mouth, Lorelai scooped up the saliva dripping down her mouth with a finger and brought it to her mouth before cleaning it off with her tongue right in front of him.

“Honestly master, I always thought of leaving you and sending you another low level devil once I reach my goal. I know it might sound weird coming out of the mouth of a devil, but hearing those cheesy lines coming out of your mouth right now it makes me want to rethink about what I should do in the future.”


“Is that so? Also you might as well stop calling me Master, I’d rather hear you scream out my name when I fuck you brainless.”


“Oh my, how romantic.”


Looking at the smirk on Lorelai’s face, Seiji’s desire to keep her beside him forever increased a little bit. But he didn’t say such a thing out loud in fear of scaring her away.


Letting go if her waist Seiji went ahead and sat down on a bath stool.


“What are you waiting for girl? Get started on washing me clean.”




Replying to Seiji, Lorelai drew a small basin of water and poured it right on top of his head. Repeating the same things two more times, Lorelai left him for a few seconds and brought back soap to wash him, but was stopped by Seiji before she could use it.


“Go and bring the liquid soap.”


Not thinking too much about Seiji’s preference, Lorelai brought back the liquid soap as asked. But before she could pour it on him, she was once again stopped.


“Oh not again, come on! Do you plan on letting me wash you or not?!“


Hearing the impatience in Lorelai’s voice Seiji himself couldn’t understand why she was so eager to wash him.


‘Is my body that sexy that she just can’t keep herself away from it?’


Seiji was lost in his narcissistic thought for a while, but the stern look of Lorelai brought him back to his senses.


“Use your breasts and not your hands Lorelai.”


“Well aren’t you a perverted little man.”


“Who’s little? I can still remember someone screaming that I was big.”


Having no response to Seiji’s words, Lorelai didn’t retort and undid her towel. Her breasts which were slightly constricted till now bounced a little as if showing how they enjoyed the freedom.


Lorelai poured water over herself a little before drizzling the liquid soap onto her breast. Rubbing her huge boobs to lather them up, Lorelai squatted down and brought her breasts to Seiji’s back.


Pressing them up against his back she began moving up and down. After a few strokes with her breast Lorelai wrapped her hands around Seiji’s chest and began moving faster.


Feeling the soft and warm sensation of Lorelai’s huge bonkers on his chest Seiji felt a different kind of pleasure. And once in a while when her nipples rolled onto his back he felt a certain kind of electricity flow through his back.




“That feels so good Lorelai, Aaaahhhhh.”


“Don’t just move in one direction, try to move horizontally and if possible make move in circles.”


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