NTR System – Chapter 12


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Hearing Seiji moan out from time to time and giving more instructions, Lorelai found herself desiring the same thing.


‘Looking at him reacting like this, is so tempting that I want to try this out myself.’


“Hey Seiji! You better enslave a few big breasted women soon, okay? Seeing you like this is making me so horny that I can’t wait to try it out.”


“Don’t worry Lorelai, as soon as I get Sakura in my grasp I’ll make sure that she washes the both of us everyday.”


Just thinking about those huge breasts of Sakura’s pressed up against his body Seiji’s dick which was already showing signs of hardening now turned completely erect.


“Are you turned on from the feeling of my soft and big breasts on your body, or is it due to imagining that woman’s breasts?”


Feeling a little anger in Lorelai’s question, Seiji was a little shocked because he felt like she wasn’t that type. But he immediately understood that she wasn’t jealous of the woman or sharing him, but was angry that he was imagining someone else when she was servicing him.


“Of course it is due to Sakura’s breasts. Just imagining her huge football like breasts is more than enough to give anyone a boner. You know….Agh!”


Before Seiji could finish speaking he felt Lorelai biting on his neck. Though his physical body was well developed after all the Serums he took, Seiji felt that Lorelai didn’t spend much effort in biting deep into his muscles.


“You were saying?”


Letting go of Seiji’s shoulder which she was biting down on, Lorelai spoke out.


“Was I saying something? Ah, yes! I was just saying how good your breasts are feeling in my back. Ahhhhhyeesssss!”


Looking at Seiji who was trying hard to please her by faking moans and everything, Lorelai decided to let him off the hook and moved away from his back and stood before him.


“I think I’ve washed your back well enough, it’s not time for me to wash your big dick.”


Saying so Lorelai washed off the soap on her body and poured the liquid soap over Seiji’s dick. Then she used her hands to spread the soap all over his dick.


Moving one hand up and down the dick, Lorelai had her other hand rub Seiji’s ball sack.


Feeling the warmth surrounding it, as if it had a mind of its own Seiji’s dick lightly twitched. If Seiji hadn’t consumed the Sex Serum yesterday he would’ve definitely cummed in her hands by now.




But every once in a while, when Seiji was moaning from pleasure Lorelai would stop the handjob abruptly causing him to groan from disappointment.


Once Lorelai had her pleasure in teasing Seiji, she washed off her hands and stood right in front of Seiji. Standing in front of him, she began slowly squatting down and stopped right when her pussy was above the soapy dick.


But before she move further down and have his dick enter her, Seiji stopped her.


“Are you sure about this? I don’t think it’s good to have soap enter your pussy.”


Feeling Seiji’s concern, Lorelai slightly smiled before replying.


“Don’t worry, unlike you frail humans us devils have a very strong body. So something like soap could never harm my pussy.”


With that Lorelai moved lower and rested her pussy’s opening against Seiji’s dick. All she needed was to squat a little more and his huge soapy dick would enter her.


But at that exact moment a voice came from the dressing room.


“Ready or not, here I come.”


Hearing that voice Seiji knew who it was, but he was not in a situation where he could cover up what he was doing before she came in. More importantly Seiji didn’t want to cover himself.




Along with the huge shout, the woman who slided open the door with the intention of wishing him, glimpsed at what Seiji was doing immediately turned around and closing the door.


“Who was that?”


“She’s both my guardian and aunt.”


“Oh, is that so.”


Like it was a completely natural thing, Lorelai asked nothing more as she pressed down and slides Seiji’s dick into her.




Feeling her pussy filled to the limit by Seiji’s dick in this position, Lorelai let out a satisfied moan.


‘If he’s already this big, what would happen when he consumed even more of those higher level sex Serums?’


At the thought of Seiji’s dick becoming even bigger, Lorelai felt her pussy turn hot with passion, and began turning more and more wet by the second.


Moving up and down, Lorelai let Seiji’s dick enter deep into her before going back. While doing this Lorelai sometimes rested leaving his dick inside her pussy and began grinding her groin against his because during those moments it felt like his dick would move further deep into her and enter her womb itself.


“Aaahhhh. Yessssss.”


At the same time Seiji was feeling pleasure which he never felt before, with the wet and sloppy feeling surrounding his dick Seiji had to think about something else once in a while to not cum immediately. But he knew that it wouldn’t be long before he had an ejaculation.


So, no longer letting Lorelai move at her own pace, Seiji placed his hands on both sides of her waist and began lifting her up before pulling her back down.




Groaning from pleasure, Seiji further increased the pace at which he moved Lorelai’s body. Along with that he now pressed his head into Lorelai’s chest, so that every time she moved her breasts would massage his face.


“That Body Serum did wonders on you body didn’t it?”


Complementing how well his body developed over a single day, Lorelai held onto Seiji’s head and bent back so that her breasts would be pressed harder against his face.


“Yessss, that’s it! More, more!”


Completely disregarding the fact that a woman saw them naked and was most probably waiting on the outside both Seiji and Lorelai kept on fucking and moaning like two wild animals in heat.

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