NTR System – Chapter 5


Feeling the soft sensation of a woman’s lips for the first time on his dick, Seiji couldn’t keep himself in control and pressed down on the accelerator making the car drive very fast.


Luckily not hitting the wall, Seiji somehow managed to turn the car and controlled himself, before slowing down the car. The whole time that Seiji was clumsily moving the car, Lorelai was without a break licking all over Seiji’s dick.


“Stop licking it, and put it inside your mouth Lorelai.”


Saying that, Seiji used his free hand, and pressed down on Lorelai’s head so that his head would enter her mouth. Looking at his dick entering Lorelai’s mouth, Seiji mentally crossed out another one in his to-fuck list.


Along with his dick being embraced is a soft and juicy space, while Lorelai’s tongue was moving around trying to please it, Seiji began groaning lightly.


Still not wanting to lose control of the car, Seiji pulled his eyes away from Lorelai who was looking at him through the spectacles with upturned eyes. Coming up with a plan to completely enjoy this experience Seiji pressed down on the accelerator, and began driving as fast as possible.


Since it wasn’t too late yet, there weren’t many cars, which only made it further easier for Seiji to drive fast. The whole time that Lorelai was bobbing her head against the top part of his dick, Seiji managed to arrive near his school.


Disregarding all the shocked expressions on the people around him, Seiji exquisitely drove the car into the parking lot and gave it a smooth drift before parking it in a place, which would be visible to everyone who enters the parking lot.


Not bothering to get out of the car and basking in the glory of everyone who was anticipating to figure out the owner of the rare car, Seiji further pressed down on Lorelai’s head and pushed his deep into her throat.


While Seiji was expecting Lorelai to start gagging from the sudden intrusion into her throat, he was bound to be disappointed. Not only did Lorelai not gag, she even further pressed her head down and swallowed Seiji’s dick till the root inside her mouth.


Feeling the walls of Lorelai’s throat enclosing his tongue, which would tighten and loosen every time she breathed, Seiji couldn’t help but groan from the new found pleasure he was experiencing.


Looking at Seiji through her glasses, Lorelai didn’t even bother covering the disdain in her eyes. It was almost like she was looking down on Seiji for expecting her to gag on his dick. All in all she was a devil, who knew how many things she did in her own life. It wasn’t like this was her first time deep throating a dick.


While Lorelai outside looked calm and disdainful, she was trembling on the inside.


‘When did his dick become so bigggg!?’


Though he didn’t want to admit it, looking at Lorelai acting like that somehow turned Seiji further on, making his dick lightly twitch and grow a little bigger. It was almost like he wouldn’t back down until he saw Lorelai gag on his dick.


Feeling an orgasm coming, Seiji threw away any concerns and began moving both his waist, and his hands which moved Lorelai’s head up and down.


Basking in the pleasure of mouth/throat fucking Lorelai, Seiji came further close to his orgasm. Moving his waist as fast as possible Seiji began cumming directly into Lorelai’s throat.


[Obtained 2 Sex Points]


Hearing Lorelai loudly gulping down all of his cum, Seiji finally moved his hands away letting her recover her breath.


It wasn’t long before Lorelai completely gulped down all of Seiji’s cum and moved her head away from his dick. Bringing her hand closer to the stream of cum that was dripping down from her mouth, Lorelai scooped it up and began licking it with her tongue.


Once she licked it she couldn’t help but feel disappointed.


“Hey Master, next time you mouth fuck me I would like it if you would cum in my mouth and not directly into my throat! You’re cum tastes so good, that it would only be a waste if you directly pump it down my throat!”


Looking towards Lorelai who began complaining while pouting like a little girl, Seiji couldn’t help but feel that he found a really good devil for himself.


Bringing her face close, Seiji kissed her lightly on the lips and began whispering in her ear.


“I don’t mind cumming into your mouth the next time honey, but you better serve me faithfully, okay?”


Somehow managing to place his still hard dick inside his pants again, Seiji zipped it up and opened the door. But before he could leave the car, he suddenly remembered something.


“Hey Lorelai, you’re dressed as a personal assistant, which I really love. But I don’t think you can enter the school this way, can you?”



Hearing her Master’s question Lorelai began giggling, before she answered.


“It seems like you never truly paid attention to any class other than yours Master, in this school there is a different wing which is only for young masters/mistresses. In that golden spoon brought up kid’s wing, every one of them is allowed to bring an assistant with them. And before meeting you yesterday, I already gave in an application to transfer you to the Elite student wing.”


Though on the outside he left that such discrimination wasn’t good, Seiji didn’t mind it too much.


“Is that so? Then I guess I can enjoy your body even when we’re at the school.”


Laughing out Seiji stepped out of the car, and waited for Lorelai. Once she finished was out, Seiji began walking based on Lorelai’s instructions towards the Elite wing, with Lorelai following behind him.

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