NTR System – Chapter 6


“Hey Master, can I ask you something?”

While following Seiji who was walking in front of her, Lorelai could no longer control herself.

“What is it Lorelai?”

Still hesitating whether she should ask him or not, Lorelai made up her mind and blurted out the question.

“It’s not that I’m complaining or anything, but are you really not going to do anything about all those horny kids that are following us!?”

It wasn’t like Seiji himself didn’t notice what Lorelai said, but he was just ignoring it. After being an unknown person for such a long time, Seiji decided that he would no longer bother being a secretive person.

Maybe it was Seiji himself who made the decision, or it could be related to the fact that he was becoming more and more like a devil, but one way or the other Seiji was now turning into a ‘flaunt it if you have it’ kind of person.

“Oh, if you mean those pervy horn dogs who are clicking your pictures so that they can masturbate while looking at them later, then no, I’m not going to do anything about them. Don’t tell me that a devil like you would mind being used as a fap material would you? But just because I let this happen, don’t you dare think you could go behind my back with another man, okay? Because though I don’t know how to do it yet, I’ll definitely make you  regret cheating on me.”

Though Seiji’s answer wasn’t something that a girl would like to hear, Lorelai began smiling as brightly as possible.  

‘YES! He’s turning more and more like a devil by the second!! I definitely made a good choice selecting him as my Master!!! If he really keeps up like this, it wouldn’t be long before I become a Mid Level Devil!!!!!’

It seems like all of Lorelai’s previous hesitation was because, she was afraid that Seiji would somehow give into his mortal urges and act get too addicted to her, that he would forget the original goal. Sighing from relief that Seiji was on the right track of becoming a devil, Lorelai began shaking her ass ever so lightly that it began swaying with every step she took.

Noticing the change in Lorelai, Seiji’s lips turned into a crooked smile which only further increased his persona of a bad boy.


“Lorelai, I need to ask you something. Though the NTR System will provide points for stealing women in a relationship, are there any conditions like not forcing them, or anything similar to that?”


Understanding the meaning behind her master’s question, Lorelai if possible smiled even more.


“Of course not master. The NTR System will immediately give you points when you fuck a woman who is in a relationship, it doesn’t matter how you do it. Be it you make them fall in love with you, rape them, or even blackmail them, all the NTR System needs is for you to have sex with women in relationships. As for things like breaking them down and get addicted to you, or make them do anything in front of their significant others these are all rewarded additionally by the System.”


“So, the same applies for quests too?”


“If Master is talking about the quest you received to steal Sayaki, then yes you can use any means to do that. Unless the quest has any restrictions placed, you can use any method to complete the quest.”


“Is that so? That makes things much more easier. Hahahah!”


“What are you thinking about Master? Do you want me to kidnap and then tie her up in the house’s basement so that you could have your way with her?”


“As exciting as it sounds, I don’t want to let that bitch say crap like she had sex with me only because I raped her. I want her to despair and beg me to fuck her.”


Seiji no longer spoke and kept on contemplating about what to do, while he followed Lorelai’s directions.


After taking a few turns Seiji found himself walking on an uncharted territory. The surrounding walls were all clean, and similar to him other students with their assistants were walking in the same direction.


But the weird thing was that every assistant was a woman. Both male and female students had women as their assistants. However none of those could compete with the sexy Lorelai behind Seiji.


‘Wow, so these are the Elite class students? No wonder I never saw these rich slobs in my usual classes, they have a classroom of their own. Well, not that it matters anymore since I’m here anyway.’


“So Lorelai is there any way we can converse without speaking out loud?”


“Yes, there is Master. You can but the telepathic earrings from the System. All you need to do is wear one of them, and let me wear the other. And then we can converse through our thoughts, regardless of the distance between us.”


This time Lorelai didn’t make any motion with her hand, but Seiji saw the System notification pop up.


‘So the hand waves were also an act.’


[Telepathic Earrings – 25 NTR Points]




As if understanding what Seiji was thinking, Lorelai spoke up from behind him.


“There’s no need to be shocked master. This pair of earrings can be used to communicate regardless of the distance as long as the both of us are in the same realm, and though it can be considered as a great thing for mortals. Most of the higher level beings hate the amount of restriction there are on such trinkets, and only use the Telepathic Tattoo which has no restriction on the number of people, or the location they are when conversing.”


“Is that so? Then maybe I should buy….”


Before Seiji could finish speaking another notification popped up.


[Telepathic Tattoo – 3000 NTR Points]


Once Seiji saw this he said nothing more and immediately purchased the Telepathic earrings.


Along with the deduction of 25 NTR Points, now Seiji only had 4 NTR Points left. Lightly sighing from how his points were now so less, Seiji looked towards his hand and found two black color hooped earrings.


The earrings were half inch in radius, with a few centimetres in thickness. On the thick part a small golden symbol was there, but Seiji  couldn’t identify what it was.


‘Is that symbol made from real gold?’


One look at this earrings and Seiji understood that they were a click type. But Seiji had never punctured his ears so he was in a dilemma of how to use it.


“You don’t have to worry Master. Once you snap the earring onto your ear it will automatically puncture your ear.”




Taking Lorelai’s suggestion, Seiji first gave one earring to her and then brought the other one to his ear and snapped it. At first it stinged a little, but soon the pain disappeared.


Along with the feeling of the earring snapping onto his ear, Seiji understood that he could communicate with the other holder of the earring after he thought of the words ‘Telepathy on’.


‘Telepathy on.’


Once he turned the earring on, Seiji immediately sensed another person’s thoughts in his mind.


‘Should I tell Master about how to turn the earrings on? You’ve turned the earring on Master.’


‘Yes, I did. Now tell me how much longer do I need to walk to reach the Elite Class. It feels like I’ve been walking for an eternity.’


By now almost every student and their assistant who Seiji passed by was looking at him with curiosity. But the reason was not because he was a new student, or that he was a little handsome. It was entirely because of the woman following him, almost everyone had the same thought.


‘If such a woman doesn’t mind being his assistant. It must be that his family is so great that she doesn’t mind working for their descendant.’



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