NTR System – Chapter 8


“Hello students.”


In response to the loud welcome greeting, a soft and clear voice replied. Entering the classroom was a woman who looked to be in her 20s, with black hair tied up into a ponytail. With a few books held close to her chest, she was dressed in a loose red blouse and a black pant she was dressed conservatively.


‘She doesn’t seem to be the sultry kind, but her breasts more than make up for it.


Just like what Seiji thought the so called Ms. Abe, had a very cute face and stood 5 feet and 7 inches, and always had a very cute smile on her face. But those huge bonkers on her chest made it impossible to concentrate on her face.


Those breasts were bigger than what Lorelai had, and looked to be about 42 inches in size. However unlike Lorelai’s breasts which she showed off in tight fit clothes, Ms. Abe’s breasts were well hidden behind those loose fitting dresses.


But despite wearing those loose clothes, her breasts were still pressing against her clothes. This itself showed just how huge those boobs were.


Brushing a few stray hairs behind her ears, she kept the books onto the teachers desk before smiling brightly and addressing the whole classroom.


“Get seated students.”


Waiting till everyone was in their respective seat, Ms. Abe once again spoke out.


“Before beginning with the introduction of our new student, I’d like to make an announcement. I don’t know how many of you already know this, but I’m getting married in one month!”


Saying so with a giddy smile on her face Ms. Abe flashed her right hand on which a diamond ring was resting in her ring finger. This showed that she was already engaged.


Hearing the announcement made by Ms. Abe both the boys and girls reacted in different ways. While the girls all shrieked with excitement showing how they were all for her marriage, the boys all sighed as if they lost their whole wealth.


“That’s great Ms. Abe congratulations!”


“You’ll invite us to your wedding, won’t you Ms. Abe?”


“There’ll be so many handsome men at the wedding, maybe I’ll find the right guy for me.


“I’ll have to go shopping soon, maybe I’ll wear a low cut sexy dress.”


“Ms. Abe is getting married…..”


“I know, it feels like my whole world turned bleak all of a sudden….”


“Maybe an asteroid would fall on her fiance and kill him causing the wedding to stop????”


Looking at the mixed reaction from her students, Ms. Abe was slightly flustered and had no idea on how to react, so she immediately changed the topic and called for Seiji to introduce himself to the class.


But neither the boys, nor the girls were much interested in Seiji any longer. Despite being a new student with considerably good looks, everyone was focused on Ms. Abe’s wedding.


After Seiji introduced himself, he went back and sat in his seat. Soon Ms. Abe began the attendance and marked down who was present and who were absent.


And then she began teaching the class, by now most of the students had calmed down and began paying attention to her teachings.


Soon it was break time, during those Seiji went to the washroom and came back to his desk. Looking at how Seiji was acting and not trying to mingle with them the boys ignored him, and similarly all the girls also ignored him since to be honest he wasn’t someone worth their attention.


Though he was good looking, it wasn’t to the stage where he was the best there was. Considering how these rich students met with all kinds of people from the upper class it wasn’t shocking that they had seen so many handsome men, that compared to them Seiji wasn’t worth too much attention.


Soon the break was over and some other teacher came back to teach the other subjects. But every other teacher was a male, and thus didn’t catch Seiji’s attention. Though there was another female teacher she was almost 50 years old.


Like that after a long and boring day filled with slow going classes, the school was finally over. If it was before than Seiji would’ve definitely paid attention in the class, but after everything that happened yesterday Seiji felt like all of this was too useless for him.


‘I should quit school as soon as possible, it definitely isn’t worth my precious time. But before that since I’m here I might as well try to NTR a few women.’


With that thought in mind Seiji steeped out of the classroom and went towards the teachers lobby. Being teachers of the Elite classes, even the teachers had their own privileges. And this included a separate room for them to do their work.


Stopping in front of a room which had the board with the name Ms. Abe written on it. Seiji turned around and spoke to Lorelai.


“Wait out here for a second, I want to try something.”


Understanding what Seiji was planning on doing, a sly smile appeared on Lorelai’s face.


“I have a suggestion Master, from what I’ve observed that woman seems to be the type who was brought up by saying what a good lady she should be. So you should act like the bad boy who’s tempting her to do something wrong, because if I’m right about her she should definitely feel restricted from how her life is and look for an outlet. And that outlet would be you.”


Nodding at Lorelai that he understood, Seiji knocked on the door twice.


“Come in.”


Along with the consent of the voice from behind the door, Seiji put on a smile and entered the room.

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