NTR System – Chapter 7


‘It’s just a little further away master. Since the school didn’t want to cause any inconveniences for the Elite students they made sure to put as much distance between the classrooms as possible. This is one of the reasons why you never even met an Elite student.’


‘Fine. But how could this class even be called as an Elite class when every student in it are those who are born in a good family?’


‘You are mistaken Master. Though the Elite classroom gives a huge leeway by letting the students do as they please and even bring an assistant with them, they have many requirements too. Just being from a rich family is not enough to enter the Elite classroom, your study records must also have a stable 80% or more in every subject. This was made to make sure that the students don’t slack off, because if your marks ever drop below 80% you will be kicked out of the Elite class.’


‘Well that seems fair.’


Seiji no longer spoke, but increased his pace as he wanted to see how the so called Elite classroom would look like. And he sure wasn’t disappointed.


After climbing 2 floors Seiji finally entered the only room which was at the end of the corridor, unlike his regular classroom which had a blackboard at the front and many desks throughout the classroom, the room before him was nothing similar to that.


The room was almost twice the size of his previous classroom. There were exactly 40 desks in the room, but instead of being made of only wood the desk had a cushion on the seat and the backrest. The desks looked more like something which would be used at home rather than at a school.


‘Are they trying to put the students to sleep by giving them such comfortable desks?’


By now Seiji had already turned off the Telepathic Earrings so that all of his thoughts wouldn’t be shared with Lorelai.


On the foldable resting part of every desk a name was written, and Seiji soon found the desk with his name. His desk was on the second from the beginning towards the left end.The desk was right beside the window providing the view of the schools main entrance.


Sitting down, Seiji felt that the desk was very comfortable. At the back of the classroom were 40 more chairs, most probably for the assistants to sit. Looking forward there was no black board, but a huge white screen, and near it a computer.


Perplexed at the white board, Seiji looked around and found out why the board was white. On the ceiling was a projector. Now he understood everything, including why there was a computer near the desk.


The teachers are going to be using the computer to teach them!


‘This more time I spend in this room, the more weird it feels. Is this even a classroom? It feels like I’m at a damm movie theater.’


Sighing from the fact that this room was nothing like a classroom, Seiji decided to see how the Elite students looked like.


Since the class hadn’t started yet, not many were sitting on their desks. Other than one boy who was sitting at his desk, the rest of the boys were all grouped up near the door as if they were waiting for someone. As for the girls, they were two groups of them. Each one glaring at the opposite group while chatting within themselves.


‘This classroom has quite a diverse group of students. Though all the boys are grouped up at one place, I can clearly feel that most of them are just acting for good graces from that blond haired boy. As for the girls, that’s a completely different matter.’


Just like Seiji thought, though every boy in this classroom was a descendant of a powerful family, there’s always someone better than them. And that boy was Uriyu Hanamori, the blond haired boy who every boy was trying to get close to.


Not only was he a genius who never scored below 95%, he was the direct descendant of the Hinamori family, one of the Eight Great Families. It was already decided that he would become the next head of the Hinamori family, so becoming close friends with him would definitely pay off in the future.


As for the only boy who wasn’t joining him, no one knew who he was. All they knew was that he was antisocial and he never brought an assistant with him either. This caused many rumors to rise about him in the first few weeks, but after a while no one cared about him anymore.


‘Hey Lorelai, you know why those boys are waiting by the door like a dog does for its owner? And tell me what’s the matter with the girls of this class, looking at them it feels like they’ll break out into a fight at any second.’


Turning on the earring, Seiji spoke to Lorelai hoping to gain some information about the class.


‘Master though I’m a devil it doesn’t make me omnipotent. But I do know almost everything about this class, because most of the assistants here are huge chatter boxes. According to them… ‘


Hearing to what Lorelai was saying, Seiji turned around to see what she was doing and found that she was surrounded by literally every assistant there was. It seemed like everyone was eager to know who the newcomer was.


Flashing a smile at Seiji, Lorelai kept on speaking to the assistants around her. Might be due to being a devil, but Lorelai was able to work on two things at once. Not only was she socializing with those around her, she kept on filling in Seiji about the class’s politics.


‘So that’s how it is. Fine, you can get back to interacting with those around you.’


Saying that Seiji cut off the telepathic earrings connection.


‘Seems like my days at this class are going to be very very interesting.’


At the very same time a huge shout broke out of the boys group that was waiting at the door.


“Good morning Ms. Abe!”


‘It seems like she has come.’


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