Hero Pandemic chapter 24

Chapter 24: Cold

“……You’re late, Senpai”

With a towel around my neck, I walked to the living room, where a delicate air welcomed me and Aya-chan. Several dishes which don’t steam anymore were dished up on the large table, while Kurumi-chan served warm rice. Contrast to the steam which frolics, Shizuyo-chan makes a metaphor for their state.

“No look, because I got wet and was wiping it up with the towel, but my body wasn’t hygienic. Uh, I was only so slow because I washed every corner of my body.”

“I see, washing every corner of your daughter’s body……Matoba-san is such a person”

Kurumi-chan got the correct answer, but of course I don’t tell her the truth. Though we nearly took a shower together. ……No, isn’t it natural?

“M-y-y own body! ……Well, I washed her back and head”

The sisters look at each other when I said so and started their sisters conference by whispering.

“Onee-chan, when did you take a bath with father?”

“Uuh, as a elementary student”

“Me too. ……However, isn’t Aya-chan like me? Doesn’t she seem to be a middle school student like me?”

“Because it’s unusual, but there are zero reasons, therefore last safety?”

And even if they whisper, I am hearing everything because I’m next to them. However, the content isn’t something I can argue against.

Soon after they decided, both turned here when happily sighing and opened their mouths.

“Lets eat. It won’t be delicious when it’s getting cold any further”

“……Kazuya-san. I bath alone”

“You´re noisy”

I extended my hand to the dishes, while Kurumi-chan tells me because she thinks her body is in danger.

“Senpai, you can use this room here. Because we are in the room next door, please come when there is something”

“N, I see……then, good night”

“Yes, good night”

And as soon as Shizuyo-chan returns to her own room, I entered the borrowed room with Aya-chan.

This room had been beautifully put into order. If there is nothing, it is a simple atmosphere based on white and brown. A closet and a double size bed are the only furnitures. Also a family photo is put on the bed.

This looks like the parents bedroom, but there is nothing that implify that.

When I thought that I can use it beautifully, I dived into the bed where Aya-chan is already sleeping.

Lately I laid in the canopy, so it can be understood that I dive into the bed. The enemies in this world aren’t only limited to the zombies alone even if I’m not attacked by it, however physical strength is only consumed by living people.

“Are you tired?”

When I sit down next to Aya-chan and stroke her head――――her forehead was hot surprisingly.


I quickly raise her up, but Aya-chan is only lying leisurely in my arms. I thought there would be no case that she gets ill because she is a zombie, but it probably seems to have been the case now.

Fatigue, Rain, Sex……there is no difference for what caused this situation.

“Please wait a moment! I get medicine now!”

Pulling off her stockings and laying her on the bed, I went to the room next door and knocked three times.

“Yes Yess, what happened?”

“Kurumi-chan!? Aya-chan has fever, there is no medicine!?”

I told my need fastly, while shaking Kurumi-chan´s shoulders, that I groped.

I need medicine as soon as possible.

“Pl, Please settle down for a moment!”

Even if she says so, I can’t settle so easily. After all, there is no doctor. Medicine only exist on the market. Because it’s late for this, I’d like to lower only the heat at least. ……And it’s also unclear what kind of illness Aya-chan who is a zombie has.

An ordinary cold would be good. However, does she return to a zombie by any chance? There are also no guarantees that she will be as she is now this time.

“No, but――――bu!!”

Kurumi-chan crushed both my hands to keep me quiet compulsorily. Shizuyo-chan pass by, while laughing from the side.

“Because Aya-chan has fever, do you need medicine?”

For me every second counts, so I nodded.

“To our regret, there is neither medicine nor a cooling seat. And someone probably put an antipyretic in the health-care room at school……”

The clock is seen. The present time has been just around 22:00. I don’t go outside by this rainstorm, because the rain can be heard from this room.

I will surely die if I go out at such a time. But even if I’m not ordinary and am bitten a little, it’s no problem. Although it is the worst condition with rain at night, I might not be found so easily and it is good for independent action.

When considering such a feeling, Kurumi-chan emphasized my hand and looked at me with a ashamed glance.


“Don’t think Kazuya-san. It’s better to act like a doting parent, so please think more sensibly. When it became worse it might be serious, but a cold isn’t a sickness where you die in one or two days. Lets cool it with a wet towel now and go getting the medicine tomorrow morning. It is dangerous at night”

I breathe deeply once and think calmly. If I think sensibly, Aya-chan isn’t included in this category.

I think I should speak when there are some problems. This sisters are sure to cooperate. But is it a problem that Aya-chan has a fever? It would be a problem that they would dispose Aya-chan when I’m behind schedule, even if it is antipyretic, nothing would be done.

……Nothing can be done at all. So I felt like doing something. Not only for Aya-chan´s purpose, but I tried to go outside for the rest too.

“……It was bad. It was thoughtless. I was completely lost”

“No No. ……Huhuu, even an adult like Kazuya-san will be upset”

“Well, the maturity of one’s body doesn’t mean the maturity of one’s mind. I´m still immature as a father”

I didn’t grow since my high school days. I stopped like that. There is a part where I’m just thinking that I’m an adult and a child forever. Thats so, even if it’s a good sense or bad sense.

And it’s a fact that I´m a father for only some days now.

“Shall we go to see Aya-chan´s state? I think that Onee-chan prepared a towel already”

“Thats right”

Saying so, Shizuyo-chan went out from the room right now. A wet towel was prepared apparently and I felt more miserable.


I think it isn’t necessary, but I knock at the closed door and enter the inside.

Inside the room Shizuyo-chan was putting a towel on Aya’s forehead.

“How is Aya-chan´s state?”

“Her breath is steady though it seems to be a little painful, perhaps it’s a routine cold. Senpai stay here so that Aya-chan isn’t lonely”

“Ah, thank you”

I understand that they don’t have any intention and I didn’t say that I need a separate room because of getting infected

“Here a glass of water……please use it and a towel in the dressing room”

“Noted. ……I know what I need to do”

“No No”


The way of Kurumi-chan´s speech is completely tidy and sprouts unconsciously.

“Ee, eh? You’re somewhat strange!?”

“No, Kurumi´s reaction is quite the same neatly and interesting……sorry sorry”

“……It’s fine”

Her face is blushing slightly which is interesting. Kurumi-chan completely has the same expression on her face, too, so I laugh again.

“Again! You’re laughing again!”

“I´m sorry, really I’m sorry……then, because I do now……puu……you both can sleep”

My laugh doesn’t stop and to not show them my laughing anymore, I push their backs and throw them out of the room.

“Good night”

“Good night!”

I answer back to Kurumi-chan and Shizuyo-chan who got angry a little and slip into my bed.

“Please exert yourself a little more. Because I’ll get medicine tomorrow morning”

I closed my eyelids while touching Aya-chan´s warm cheeks.

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