Hero Pandemic chapter 30

Chapter 30: Second treatment ★★


When I returned to the room, Aya-chan was already asleep, her breathing calm.

As expected for the effect of the suppository to appear quickly; it will be clear by the fact that perhaps the petal is spat out.

But if we assume that, is the cause of temperature this petal? Or as a result of the high temperature, she threw up the petal?

“……No point in worrying about it”

I’m not a legendary doctor who knows everything, so I can’t think up an answer. This world slips out of the frame of common sense, while my consideration hasn’t slipped out of common sense yet. When common sense becomes uncommon, then uncommon sense (or nonsense) will become the only sense that’s common.

When I look outside the window, the rain weakened my spirit a little. It’s still afternoon, but the sound of the rain and Aya-chan’s slumber let me become drowsy.

Especially while I have nothing to do, I can take a nap. When the weather clears up I will go to a bookstore or game center to look for things to pass the time.

“Let’s sleep for a bit”

I lay down next to Aya-chan and started to sleep. Now, since the temperature has fallen because of the rain, it is warm, which is just right for the futon.

I left the difficult things to the future and only thought about games and books as I fell asleep.

I awoke after some time from hearing water flowing. When I look at the clock on the wall, the time is nearly noon. I never noticed I was so tired, apparently, and it seems I ended up sleeping ten hours.

I get up and gazed through the window, where I can see the unceasing rain.

Yet, I’m not hearing the rain. The water sound that I hear is comes from the bathroom which means that someone is in the shower.

When I left the room and faced the living room, a letter with『Please put it in the microwave and eat』was on the table together with a wrapped dish.

My belly growls instinctively. However the majority of our meals is canned food because we couldn’t obtain other things. Although such a dish isn’t bad, and I don’t think much about it, but when a girl can cook, then the charm and withering are real.


At once I put cooked rice into the microwave and it becomes a small late-night dinner.

Somehow, I didn’t notice when I ate the boiled rice and thought about what happened to Aya-chan yesterday that, there is also a dish for Aya-chan.

I have the feeling to also eat Aya-chan, who is laying down and would welcome me……however, because the meal was delicious, such a thing became trivial.

“I started thinking about books and games I now think about ingredients”

The amusement is important. However, food is more important than that. This is only canned food, but if there is a seasoning from a healthy ingredient, it would be more delicious.

On a side note, I thought that these sisters could defend themselves. Aya-chan is more important……I can’t deny that I have such a thought. However, actually we are helping each other, and both are already necessary existences for me.

“……Thank you for the meal”

While appreciating those two, I completed the dish.

After I slept soundly, I feel no drowsiness at all, but nothing can be done here. Incidentally, there’s a television in this apartment, but there are no stations broadcasting.

It can be expected that this situation exist over the entirety of Japan. However, how are other countries doing? If this is a bacterial terrorism perhaps, other countries are safe……but there is no sign of any suspicious foreigners in Tokyo so the possibility is thin.

Terrorism is done by terrible people, which made sweat run down my back.

As I thought so, I noticed that no one went out of the bathroom.


The image of Kurumi-chan cutting her wrist in the bathtub is erased from my head.

Someone desperately struggling, saying『I want to live』won’t commit suicide. Kurumi-chan is in a safe place, perhaps her parents might be dead, but her elder sister survived. Or does she really think about suicide in that situation!

I thinks so because I am a man. As a comparison a man often says “If a girl is violated by a guy, the girl’s feelings are understood”……I think too much and our feelings can’t be shared so easily.

There are also times where I don’t understand anything.

When I judge so and face the bathroom……there was Kurumi-chan. The thing that I said from the conclusion and imagined isn’t here, as she is safe and sound, however she seems out of it, because she stares at the bathtub.

She soaks her hands in the hot water and the hot water completely painted the benignancy.


Reacting to my voice, Kurumi-chan lifts her expressionless face quietly.

Aya-chan’s body is remembered closely from our intercourse.


Has she become a zombie? Or is Kurumi-chan in the boundary of a zombie and a human, somehow a state where she is alive?

If it is the latter, time will solve it. However, in case of the former――――

“……Ah, ……Kazuya-san”

Her soft voice isn’t caught easily from the echoing, but Kurumi-chan surely called my name. Apparently, she didn’t become a zombie yet.

“My head, ……did I…………I, ……become a zombie……or what……?”

“You aren’t a zombie without question. Kurumi-chan is still a human”

Certainly she is confused, because her face has crimsoned.

“Safe……I……not a zombie……safe……lie, lie. ……I’ll be a zombie soon……”

Her body is shaking from her anger boiling over.

Up to now, Shizuyo-chan was the support of her mind. But in her current state, she can’t rely on this existence and her mind screams. Frankly speaking, she is unpalatable.

However, a result must be found, because Kurumi can’t be saved by my words. I’m still an existence to her on the surface, moreover, the surface trust also has disappeared since I raped her. I can’t save Kurumi by words no matter how she struggles.

……Then, I can do nothing but to act.


Both of my hands hold her face and I snatch a kiss by force. Kurumi thrusts out her arms by reflex, while I trace the gums and moved my tongue.

Did she forget to breathe through her nose or didn’t she understand it, because she is in a daze and relaxed her shut mouth. Of course, I made sure not to miss such a chance and our tongues twine instantly.

Although it is a little unpleasant that the saliva that dropped down wet my suit, we exchanged our tongues intensely with each other.


In the end we both are inquired to swallow the saliva.


After some time we separated our mouths and I saw Kurumi-chan breathing for oxygen.

My clothes that was slobbered on are taken off and thrown into the empty washing machine.

Although Kurumi understood what I did, she still is looking at me with a little frightened expression, but she now has some light in her eyes unlike before.

I think that at the time I committed the rape on her she completely forgot about the fear becoming a zombie……..Though I don’t understand whether the thing to be frightened off or the rape case is better.

“Come here”

After I told so, Kurumi hesitated momentarily, but she gave up and moved towards me.

“Sit here”

When I indicate that she shall sit on my lap while I sit on the toilet, Kurumi-chan hardened and didn’t move.

Because sitting on the knee is a little childish……and it becomes impossible for her to move because she saw my erection. Kurumi-chan has only one time experience and kissing a little didn’t get her wet. In such a state she will surely split if it’s inserted……so I need to think about a solution.

Of course, I am not a devil……but well, struggling in this state, I need to be an ogre who dominates others.

I, who isn’t such a devil, have to put on such a nature, because her femoral are pleasant and I want to insert my son soon.


I partly make her sit by force on my lap and her clitoris and my penis rub against each other, while she leaked a small sigh.

Her young lovely voice sounds in the closed bathroom and she only looked down because her face is crimson red.

Kurumi-chan got goosebumps, when I bit lightly into her ear.

Next I lick up the scruff of her neck, while her body trembled in response. Her reaction is so obedient and lovely.

“Is it pleasant?”

I purposely asked her, before I licked her ear and groped Kurumi’s big chest with my hand.

Her heart beats restlessly. Feeling it, like an alarm bell, when her chest is massaged, she released a restrained panting voice that has no satisfaction mixed inside.


Kurumi also raised a cry, when I poked her pink vagina.

My thumb and forefinger play with her vagina that is already releasing love juice, while Kurumi-chan feels it neatly.

Although I was going to sequentially attack her, she already seemed to enjoy the caress.

“……Move your waist”

When I stopped playing with her chest and her nipples stiffen, she started to shake her body. However, Kurumi doesn’t run away and her head is put on my shoulder, before she began to move her waist a little again.

Her body that had started to get colder from the application of hot water, which cooled, has been warmed up again by me, completely unnoticed.

May I already insert it slowly or shall I caress her a bit more?


Her body that leaned against me is pushed up and I licked her exposed nipples. Kurumi can do nothing but to endure the effect of the height difference and the painful body pose.

Her nipples have already erected to the point they became very hard and Kurumi-chan’s sloppy face loosens.

Slaver has dripped down from the gap where our mouths piled up again and we intertwined our tongues.


Her waist is slightly pulled while answering the movement of her tongue. Kurumi who intertwine her tongue with mine doesn’t notice that the tip of my thing is attached to her wet pussy.

I pushed my waist forward and the tip was easily swallowed for the second time, while I thought it was impossible.


Kurumi-chan has a startled expression and pushes my shoulder away so that only our lower parts remain connected. On the contrary, by the fact that the center of gravity changed, the lower half falls on this side――――and both waists stick to each other.

Kurumi’s vagina tightens diligently, and as soon as I relaxed my guard the ejaculation impulse came at once.

Kurumi and I are still connected as I put my hands on her chest, which makes her shake her head suddenly, while I move my waist repeatedly.

My penis becomes bigger again from the movement and Kurumi raised a painful cry. Though it seems to become a repetition, I can’t help it. When I’m about to mention that I’ll put it out, I’m already about to cum.

“N, ……ouch……ah”

Kurumi raised her waist and dropped down again, before she raised her waist again.

The inside of her vagina is already overflowing with love juice even though it’s only her second time. Is the voice she raised because of pain or pleasure.

Her vagina entrance is sloppy and makes a vulgar sound.

When I look at the connection part, it’s swollen red even though she didn’t bleed but the skin on her clitoris is torn.


Her vagina shrank by the pain of touching her wounded clitoris.

“Not good Not good Not good! That point!”

The skin is gently peeled off and it rubs up and down until it change into something that squeezes and tightens.

“Ah painfuuulll”

Her upper body rages, while her lower part is tightening strongly, so that I moved away from her clitoris.


Kurumi-chan is staring at me while panting. The pleasure is apparently excessively strong, so that she seems not to have been able to recognize that it was pleasant. Her mind doesn’t seem to have accepted it yet, while her body react wonderfully by releasing love honey.

“I’m really sorry for looking so much”

My hand is attached to her cheek while apologizing and I stick fast to her lips, as Kurumi-chan’s body lost all its strength. Apparently kissing is her favorite.

In order to be able to concentrate on the kiss, I moved my waist slowly and went out of her womb and rub my son against her hot entrance.

“Do you understand, Kurumi-chan? You say if you want my sperm and if I shall release it inside your womb”

My waist is shaken a little when I whisper so while knocking against her uterus, which is tightening intensely, yet it differs from her painful tightening before.


Suddenly it past through my head that I’m having intense raw sex with Kurumi-chan.

One month has already passed since I was bitten by Aya-chan in my shoulder and nothing happened to me as far as I know. Is it because I don’t know if Aya-chan truly became a zombie……but from that fact, I know that Kurumi-chan is different from Aya-chan because she can bear a child.

I try to pour my semen into her after sleeping and finishing my meal.

I don’t really know if I can conceive my ejaculation, but the excitement level is different when I can ejaculate inside her vagina.

“Ah! N, ……Huu!”

I instinctively accelerate my waist movement.

“Naa, u……wait……Kazu……ya, ……san…………ah!”

Kurumi-chan might have understood from the experience last time that I’m starting the last spurt until ejaculation. Although Kurumi-chan twists her body to stop me, I can’t stop because it’s important for me to cum inside her vagina.

“It is not good……!! ……Kazu……nnn!!”

I shut up her noisy mouth and push up my waist.

The countdown has started, and she should understand what will happen, so I don’t need to say it purposely.

I reached the depth of her womb with the tip and ejaculated momentarily.

“……U…………coming out……idiot”

Shedding tears, Kurumi-chan abused me.

However such a day will continue from now on. Sooner or later she will become accustomed to it.

We will know if she becomes a zombie after one week……but until that day, let’s assume that I will be disliked by Kurumi-chan.

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