Hero Pandemic chapter 31

Chapter 31: Living vagina ★★

*Knock-knock* when the door is knocked two times suddenly, Kurumi-chan shrank her vagina by surprise.

“Kurumi, do you know where Senpai went?”

“I……I dont know”

Kurumi instinctively suppressed her high-pitched voice before she answered. While ascertaining the last line, I move my waist, and Kurumi-chan, who sits down in my lap, let out another agonizing voice.

“Are you alright? Constipation?”

“Uh, just a little……such……ah, feeling”

I laughed unintentionally at the time of their conversation, and Kurumi turned around and glared at me.

“It is bad for your body when you sit too much, so don’t overstrain yourself”

“U, Uh. Thank you”

After their conversation ended, Shizuyo-chan left for the living room.

(Wh, What are you doing? E, early in the morning in such a place……!)

In order for her voice not to leak even by a chance, she started to whisper into my ear, while she doesn’t worry about her vagina being scooped out. My body reacts instinctively to this girl’s peculiar shrill voice.

(Alright. Look, my shoes are here)

I sway my shoes in front of her eyes and Kurumi abuse me in a low tone, “I hate you”. Such an resistance is lovely so I bite into her earlobe and she raise a small scream that isn’t audible very much.

(Yo, You pervert! Lolicon! Devil!)


In order to exhibit the power of an adult, I pushed up from below and this helpless girl became silent immediately.

Though I did end up choosing the restroom due to certain reasons, it’s a little dangerous to have sex here in the morning. It’s bad to bully Kurumi-chan any further――――thinking so I try to move, but something shakes with a notable sound. I have two choices, increase the speed and quickly ejaculate or do her thoroughly without raising a sound.

Of course there is no choice that I stop midway.

Like cursing me hard in her head, Kurumi-chan opened her mouth.

(Ka, Kazuya-san dont move! I……I’ll move)

Smack, a thunder roared in my head.

Thats right my hand was there and the other hand was at that place.

(Un, Understood)

Although I was able to say only such a miserable thing, my son erects from the expectation. I wanted to say, “ The mouth below is honest”. Perhaps, it is different.

(Nu, aa……noo……kuu…………)

Although Kurumi pulls it in and out repeatedly, showing her back to me, it is difficult to say that her movement was smooth instead of regrettable.

Kurumi-chan also understands that shaking her waist eagerly has no effect. She hardly moved because the sound is too loud and it seems she didnt get the result she seeked for.

What should an adult do at such a time? Do I lead her to the correct direction――――or do I wait for the child to find an answer to the problem by herself? ……Well, normally I should surrender to the police, but luckily the police has already collapsed.

(……Once ……u……pull it out)

I pulled out my son that was full of combustor from Kurumi-chan’s white small hips. Before I did that, I pierced Kurumi at the last minute so that her breath seems to stop while she looks at me and put her hand quietly on my right shoulder. While concealing her lovely pussy with her other hand, she stepped over my feet.

I’ve concluded that it isn’t easy to move when inserted from the rear.


My glans was swallowed surprisingly smoothly, while Kurumi-chan started to let out small pants.

Although the connected part is blocked by a white thin hand, it honestly isn’t well hidden. It is very visible that it keeps being inserted slowly through the opening.

First or second time, these kind of things are unrelated. Each time I scratch this pleat and I’m about to cum, I get unbearably excited.


(Kurumi-chan supress your voice)


She lowered her waist very slowly.


Eventually, when everything is settled and we are perfectly connected, she can shake her small body. Her vagina tightens intensely with diligence.

“Perhaps……you want it?”

“Such a reason! ……Mugu”

(Your voice is too loud……!)

Kurumi-chan´s pussy, that already wants to start a third time, remembered everything and released love liquid, while Kurumi denied it contrarily. It might be true that “Her mouth below is honest”.

(Nevertheless, your vagina already……Kurumi-chan has talent……guhuu!?)

I attack her thinking that she likes this shameful situation, but Kurumi-chan counterattacked with a lever blow and I abandoned my attack instantly. Apparently, it seems to be too fast for a middle school student with some talent.

……Well, Aya-chan would love such a situation, because her experience value is too different to Kurumi-chan, but she might be an exception.

(Ha……u…………quick, ly……give it to me……)

Kurumi-chan clings to me from the front and move her waist, while entreating me and panting lovely into my ear.

(Give what?)

Therefore I answered hackneyed.

Kurumi-chan understood the meaning while pretending not to know it, and made a sharp glance at me from close range.

(Quickly, put it out……Uu…………ejaculate……please)

Where? I hesitated whether it is necessary to hear it and I judged that it was likely too much bullying so I became silent, before I gripped Kurumi’s waist and moved it up and down.

“Ka, Kazu……ya……san, sound, sound……!”

The sound of our bodies knocking against each other and the sound of combustor mixing together affect this small room.

It can’t be helped that I don’t hear anything, because I move to aim for the last spurt. Kurumi-chan´s sigh is really loud, so I closed her mouth in panic.

“Nmu!? Nn, ……ncyu”

Our tongues intertwine and my waist is moved rapidly. I’m about to ejaculate……but at that moment the door to the living room is opened.


Byururu, Byuu, Byururu, Byubyu……

My sight becomes pure white from the pleasure to ejaculate and somehow I let the water flow.

Kurumi-chan got convulsions timidly, while slaver drops down from her mouth.

Fortunately Shizuyo-chan had something to do in her own room, so she returned to the living room with light footsteps.

I was able to release my water instantly. Because it is necessary to pass by the restroom to come and go to the living room, it is a really dangerous place to hide something like this.

“……What shall we do with this”

I was finally relieved like a wise man and was slightly motivated, when I removed the exhausted Kurumi from my lap.

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