Chapter 12: The Real Mutual First Time

“Caiden… do you love me?” Lily asks me, tears flowing down her beautiful blue eyes.  


… what? Am I hearing this correctly?   

No, it must be my imagination. There is no way Lily would ask me this, right?  

We stare into each other’s eyes for another moment, before Lily removes her hand covering my mouth and rests it on my shoulder.  

Her face slowly falls forward; burying itself into my chest.  

I can feel my shirt starting to get wet from her tears.  

We both keep standing like this for a while; her weeping silently, but still, none of us speaks anything.   

Suddenly, her hand closes into a fist on my shoulders.  

“P-Please… tell me… do you?” Lily speaks again, sobs leaking between her pleading words.  

She is… she is really asking mr this…  

Lily’s sobbing starts to get louder and even her body starts tremoring as I continue to keep standing still like this, not uttering a single word.  

W-What is happening to me?  

I know, I should feel happy that Lily is asking me if I love her, it’s basically equivalent to a confession, and believe me, I am. But I am confused as well…  

This is something I never expected.   

Yes, I thought that she might come to ask for my support… to tell me what happened to her… to ask for comfort… to ask for… help.  

And there was another possibility too, that she might know about me being her rapist, but that’s really unlikely now… unless she knows about my abduction as well and what my circumstances were at that time…  

No, that does not seem to be the case here…  

But what should I do now?  

Of course, I want to tell her that I love her, but, my main priority should be to tell her about the truth as fast as possible. 

But…will she listen to me now?   

The way I see it right now is that Lily is really shaken from what happened to her.   

I am also really relieved about the fact that she’s actually here, crying before me looking for comfort instead of being broken like I have heard what usually happens in these cases to the victims. Well, it’s as expected from a strong-willed person like her.  

But, will she remain like this? Will she listen to what I have to tell her? Who can say, that she won’t finally break down the moment she hears that it was I who raped her? Whatever the reason might be…  

No, while it is really important for Lily to know… now it’s not the right time. I need her to calm down first and be in a state where she can understand me and see the situation clearly herself. Then only the truth can be told…  

And as for now… I will say what I have always wanted to… to tell Lily another truth…  

I open my mouth but before I can say anything Lily detaches herself from me.  

Her hands are now covering her face and her huge breasts are heaving from the continuous sobbing.  

“I-I thought… that you… I am s-sorry,” Lily says, while slowly stepping backward.  

“Lily…” saying her name, I move forward and enclose her in a tight hug, my one hand on her silvery blond hair and the other one on her back,  

“I love you,” I confess to her.  

Lily starts to sob even harder than before.   

After a whole minute of us staying like this, she finally moves her face back to look into my eyes again.  

Though tears are still running down her cheek and her eyes are also red, but something is different about her face… A faint smile can be traced on her lips.  

“I love you too…Caiden… I always did,” Lily also confesses to me.  

Our bodies move closer and her breasts press hard against my chest as I hug her even more tightly.  

Lily’s breathing gets rougher and rougher as both of our faces get closer.   

She closes her beautiful eyes moments before both our lips meet…  

Something really white and bright erupts within my heart as a great sense of elation fills me from the touch of her soft rosy lips on mine.  

My first kiss… is with Lily.  

We stay like this for a few more seconds, our lips pressed tightly against each other’s, before I, gaining some confidence, opens my mouth a bit.  

I know, it’s my first time and I shouldn’t take it too far but I can’t stop myself any longer.  

And to my surprise, Lily didn’t oppose either, instead, she opens her mouth too, matching my movements.  

Both of our tongues meet in the center and they instantly entangle themselves. We lick each other lips and explore each other’s mouth while continuously mixing our saliva together.  

Wow, it’s so sweet, I found myself thinking as I immerse myself into an even deeper and richer kiss while continuously gulping down her saliva.  

I can’t even remember how much time has passed since we have been in this position.  

Our lips haven’t separated even for a moment while even our hands start to explores each other body everywhere.  

Suddenly, Lily’s body starts to feel a bit heavy in my arms.   

Reluctantly, I stop the kiss and move back to look at her face.  

Lily’s eyes are still closed…  

Shit! She’s fainted! Am I that bad at kissing? No, right?  

I quickly look around myself and found some gymnastic matt stacked on top of each other in the corner of the room.  

I move Lily by supporting her body and lower her body on them carefully.  

I then take out my water-bottle from my bag and splash a few drops of water on Lily’s eyes.  

She opens her eyes with a flutter and looks around, finally settling her eyes on me.  

“W-Was that a dream?” She asks with fear in her voice.  

“Nope, you just fainted. By the way, was I really that bad?” I ask her, raising my eyebrows.  

Lily’s face shows great relief before her mouth curls up into a smile.  

“No, I am just feeling a bit weak. I haven’t eaten much since yesterday,” she tells me.  

I can tell why she hasn’t eaten well…  

Also, Lily seems to have come to school without her bag, so, again there is no food with her.  

From inside my bag, I take out two energy drinks and another packed sandwich which I bought in the morning for lunch and hand them to Lily.  

She seems too hungry to resist and eats the sandwich while washing it down with the energy drink.  

After a few minutes, color returns into Lily’s previously pale face.  

“I think you need to rest, let me drop you home,” I say to Lily, still a little worried about her condition.  

I try to stand up but Lily grabs my arm.  

“Caiden… will you listen to me?” Lily asks, her face suddenly looking desperate.  

“Y-Yes?,” I ask, startled.  

Lily looks me in the eyes, her face turning a bit strange.  

“Don’t say…no…please,” Lily says pleadingly.  

Her eyes are again starting to water. I quickly give her a nod, not wanting to see her cry again.  

But Lily didn’t say anything, instead, she raises her hands slowly towards me and starts unbuttoning my shirt.  

“Lil—” I start to speak in shock but she cuts in,  

“Please….please,” Lily begs.  

I look at her begging eyes and found a little guilt building inside myself.  

I give Lily another smile, gesturing her to continue, which, to my relief, made light return to her eyes.  

But again, I am starting to feel a bit confused… Why is she doing this now?   

Especially after what happened to her just two days ago?  

I can understand her not mentioning anything about the rape itself to me as it was a traumatic experience for her, but this?   

And she chooses to tell me that she loves me now… Maybe there is a reason for that? Maybe, she’s thinking that, if we do this, it may help her forget her pain?  

If that’s the case, then it must be really difficult for her too. I need to take charge of this… it’s my responsibility… I need to make her forget…  

Lily has finished unbuttoning my shirt and is again staring at me pleadingly again.  

Yes, this is the only way… I need to overwrite her painful memories… I need to be equally loving with her as I was rough in her rape for this… then only she will overcome… then only she will forget that pain…  

And yes, once she gets over her trauma… once she gets calm enough to understand… I will tell her about the whole thing…  

And to tell the truth, I need to forget what happened too. Though I cannot say that Lily’s rape inflicted trauma on me, but still, I never wanted it to happen like that.   

I will also consider this, as my first time…  

I look at her for a second before moving forwards and start kissing her passionately again.  

Lily looks startled from my sudden kiss this time but then kisses me back with equal enthusiasm.  

I remove my already unbuttoned shirt and start unbuttoning Lily’s without separating my lips from hers.  

In the next moment, her big breasts wrapped in a bra reveals themselves, but I didn’t stop there, I move my hands behind Lily’s back and unbuckles her bra too, revealing her naked tits to me.  

But I don’t move directly to them. I first move from kissing Lily’s lips to kiss her chin. Then lowering myself, I kiss her neck several times and leaving several hickeys from the sucking.  

Then going down, I kiss the cleavage between her boobs for a while but then, instead of moving down this time, I move sideways to her left breast.  

I attach my mouth to the nipple there while my hand starts to play with the right one. I rolling my tongue around her nipple, licking it, sucking it and massaging it with my other hand  

“Aaanh,” Lily starts to leak out soft moans.  

I remove my mouth from her left tit after a few minutes, leaving it red and move it to the right one, again, doing the same things with it.  

Lily is continuously leaking out sweet moans of pleasure, and this time, without any aphrodisiac.  

From her right breast, I again move my face to her cleavage giving it yet another kiss, then begin my journey down to her pure white and smooth stomach.  

I crawl my tongue on every inch of it, kissing and sucking everywhere and leaving my love marks on her white skin before finally playing with her belly button.  

Lily’s moans are getting even louder by the second from the pleasure I am giving her.  

I continue my journey down, but Lily’s skirt blocks my way, so, I lower it to reveal her pure white panty, which is now translucent from her leaking love juices and her white, soft looking thighs.  

I move my hands to rub both of her thighs while I also rub my cheeks on them to enjoy their soft feeling fully. I then start kissing both of her thighs alternatively while slowly going down with each kiss.  

Finally, my face is now in front of Lily’s panty, just inches from it.  

I look up and saw Lily looking at me from between the cleavage of her huge heaving breasts.  

Her cheeks are dyed red and her mouth is slightly open leaking rough breaths.  

She gulped down the saliva in her mouth which, I know, is in anticipation of what’s going to happen to her now.  

I give her a small wink and move my face forward to kiss Lily’s pussy from above her wet panty.  

My lips get covered in her sweet-smelling honey forcing me to move on to licking it off of her panty and also suck it out. I am now savoring the sweet flavor of Lily’s love juices which are inside my mouth.  

Lily’s white panty is now completely transparent from her own love juices and my saliva, making her pussy and her thin and small pubic hairs visible.  

Losing control of myself, I grab the sides of her panty and lowers it in one go to reveal her naked pussy to me for the second time in my life.  

It is small and has a pretty color of light pink. I move my hands to the sides of her pussy and stretch it apart to reveal Lily’s little ruby-colored clitoris within the petals.  

Seeing Lily’s clit fuels my desires even further and I attack her pussy like a beast. Rolling her clit with my tongue, sucking on it while continuously drinking her love juices.  

Suddenly, I feel Lily’s hands grabbing my hairs and forcing my head forward, making it stick even more closely to her pussy.  

Ah, Lily also seems really into it…  

Lily’s whole body is now slightly shaking and she seems close to cumming, so, I increase the motion of my tongue even further to which Lily reacts by moving her legs upwards to tightly wrap them around my head, making it unable to move even if I want to.  

“Ahhhaaann….. Aaaaahaann……Aaahhaaan,” Lily starts to moan as if screaming, and her whole body starts to roughly convulse. 

My head is still stuck between her soft thighs where I continuously play with her pussy, making her orgasm even longer.  

After a few minutes, Lily’s body finally calms down, as her grip around my head slacks off.  

Finally, now it is my turn…  

Lily’s half-closed eyes follow me as I stand up from the matt and start lowering my pants and underwear.  

After some struggle due to my huge dick which is highly erect getting caught in my underwear, I finally reveal my fully naked form to her, which Lily is seeing for the first time in her life. 

Her half-closed eyes before are now open wide in shock as she stares at the erect form of my cock.  

“I-It’s going to go inside me?” Lily asks fearfully.  

I didn’t speak anything but wait and in the next moment, Lily’s eyes show a strange determination and she opens her arms wide, inviting me in with a smile.  

Getting her permission, I move down getting on top of her and Lily helps me by opening her legs to position me in.  

With one hand, I grab my dick and line it up against her pussy while the other hand supports my weight.  

I stop as my dick rests on the entrance of Lily’s pussy and starts rubbing it there. I then look up a little where Lily’s blue and my black eyes meet each other.  

She gives me an encouraging smile and wraps her hand around my back and her legs around my waist showing her preparation.  

I move my face forward and immerse myself into another kiss with Lily.

While still kissing, I thrust my hips forwards, penetrating her pussy, for the second time in my life.  

“Nhaaa,” Lily leaks a little pained voice which gets muffled due to our kiss.  

Even though her virginity is already lost and she’s sopping wet down there, my dick still is really big and Lily’s vagina is small, so, some pain is inevitable at the start.  

Even though it’s my second, the feeling to cum is already rising inside me from Lily’s tightly clenched pussy around my dick.  

I slowly, but steadily start to make my dick to go in and out of Lily’s pussy. And after each passing thrust, Lily’s pained voice starts to convert into the moans of pleasure.  

Though I want to make the second time, which is consensual happy sex, go longer than the one where I raped Lily, but my body is not listening to me, I still have very little experience. 

Pressure starts to rise from the base of my penis and I unconsciously grab one of Lily’s tits tightly while thrusting inside her faster even than ever.  

“Ahan…Ahan…Ahan…Ahan,” Lily also starts to leak out sexy moaning voices with each and every thrust.  

Fuck! I am going to cum…  

I start to take out my dick hastily from inside of Lily’s vagina but she somehow senses that and wraps her legs around me so tightly, that her whole body lifts off of the matt along with mine.  

“L-Lily, I—” I start to tell her hurriedly but she cuts in.  

“I know…please… Caiden… I want yours rather than—”  

She stops herself before completing her sentence and instead hugs me even more tightly.  

But I understand what she was going to say…  

She was conscious during her rape and know that her rapist came inside her.   

So, she wants me to cum inside so that at least if she’s going to have a child, it would be mine, not the one of her rapist’s.  

But Lily doesn’t know that in both the cases, the child would be mine. And if I came inside her now, it is only going to increase the chances of her pregnancy.  

But, for two reasons I didn’t say anything. First, she’s still not ready to hear me out. And second, I am too close to cumming now to make any difference.  

“Aaaha,” with a low groan out of my mouth, I start to shoot cum deep inside Lily’s vagina.  

“Yes… let it out… let it out inside,” Lily speaks softly into my ears, making my instincts to impregnate her rise as cum starts to shoot out even more vigorously.  

After forty long seconds, the final drops of my cum leak out of my dick and it starts to lose its hardness inside Lily’s pussy.  

I move myself up a bit to look at Lily’s face and for the first time today, see a genuine smile on her face.  

She looks so happy that her earlier crying face seems a lie.  

“Thank you, Caiden… I love you… I love you so much.” Lily tells me.  

Hearing her say this to me again, I too find myself smiling at her.  

“I love you too, Lily,” I tell her before embracing her naked body and giving her yet another kiss.  

I feel my dick again getting a bit hard inside her again. 


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NOTE:1) The position Caiden is fucking Lily (just imagine them on the ground and fully naked)