Yandere Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Overwriting of Memory

He stands behind his sister.
The smell of a neat female high school girl drifts as if wrapping around her neck.

「Hurry up. Bind my arms behind my back」
「L-like this?」
He reached to both her sides. He circled his arms around her belly, then hugged her from behind.

「Lick my neck and my face」
He crawled his lips along the back of her neck.
His sister lightly moaned and bent her head backwards, she leaned against the top of his right shoulder.
He stuck out his tongue and licked under the chin of his sister. After that, chin and cheek, the tip of the nose and just above the lips, then he arrived at her lips.

「Aahh……. It feels good……. Nozomu……. wait what, it’s no good like this」
「We’re just casually making love with this. This is Incest. What I want is Rape」
「Of course it’s rape with consent. Rape to confirm and overwrite my memories」

「I have a feeling if you violated me the same way as that time, then my memories of that man’s rape attempt will disappear, and instead it’ll be replaced by the happy memories of your violent love」
「Rewriting your memories huh……」
「That’s right. That’s why, help me」

「That’s the agreement. Violate me seriously, humiliate me」
「Is it okay?」
「It’s okay. I’m wishing for it. I’ll tap you three consecutive times when I give up」
「A tap out huh……」

「Yeah. That’s why violate me to your heart’s content. Mess me up」
「What should I do if you faint? You’ll not be able to tap out right?」
「I’ll leave it to you if that happens. It’s fine even if you kill me . Since I won’t haunt you」
「Nee-chan……. Alright. If you faint, I’ll breathe life into you to wake you up」
「Un. Then hurry up. I can’t want any longer!」

He feels like his extreme sadistic nature slightly started to stick out from his face.
He got excited.

First of all, he intensely rubbed his sister’s boobs on top of her blouse.  While licking her nape and chin, he play-bit around here and there.
「Aah……. Aaaah……」
His sister was in agony while leaking out a feeble trembling voice.

He took off her blazer and dropped it on the floor. Untied her ribbon and threw it away. While licking her collarbone, he rolled up the skirt above her knees with his hand, he wildly fondled her thighs, waist, butts, mons pubis and abdomen.
His sister bend her head closing her eyes, her voice was moaning while having a stifle smile. Sometimes, he sniffed her breaths blowing against him to his heart’s content from nearby.

A little while, he groped under her skirt. After that, he unfastened the hook and dropped the skirt onto the floor. Though it wasn’t so cold today, his sister was wearing a chemise. Is it to reproduce the situation yesterday?

Rolling up the chemise, he thrust his hand inside the two layers of shorts and long spats. He played with his sister’s pubic hair by touching it with his finger and tucking it. Her pubic hair was soft and elegant. Has she been taking care of it?

「Ah, aahh……」
「Nee-chan. Are you also taking care of the hair here?」
「Eh? No, I don’t……」
「Even the hair here fit you as a beautiful girl, Nee-chan」
「Thank you…… Aahh……」

After rubbing her mons pubis, he put his index and middle fingers together, then crawled them into her crotch.
「Uu……。 Nozomu……。 Not yet。 Even more violently……。 Violate me properly!」
「Nee-chan……。 OK、I’ll try harder」

He took his hand out from inside her panties.
With all his might, he tore open her blouse. The buttons got flown off.

Next he let go of her for a second. Seizing the hem of her chemise with both hands, he forcefully rolled it up. The belt on the back and the shouler straps of her spats and white bra garnished her back with an obscene color.

Matching it, his wordings also turned violent.
「Oi sis’! Fucking raise your arms! Go banzai!」
「Y、Yes! Like this?」

Confused, his sister straightly raised her arms like a dancer. As the flesh of her shoulder swelled, her shoulder blades created lewd shadows on her back.
Rolling her chemise all the way up, he threw them to the ceiling. After hitting the ceiling, her chemis fluttered down to the floor.

Pulling her spats down, he took it off her ankled and threw that away too.
Then he pushed his sister down on the floor in her underwear figure.
「Ah、Aaah! Nozomu!」
As she fell flat on the ground, he straddled on top of her.

Nozomu already took off the blazer of his school uniform. Unzipping his pants, his rect penis pushed its way out from inside his boxer briefs, shaking.
「Hora sis’。 Look。 Your favorite sausage。 It’s already covered with meat soup yo」

His sister lifted her face a little, gazing at Nozomu’s crotch.
「Ah、sugoi……。 Amazing……。 But it’s cute……。 It’s not grotesque」
「Th、That so?」
「Rather than sausage、it’s like a giant tortoise’s head。 So cute……」
His sister is the type of girl that thinks a giant tortoise head is cute.

「You don’t like it?」
「It’s good。 I still like it」
「I see……。 Then」
He stroked the penis that was called “head of a giant tortoise”. Pre-cum was flowing from the opening of his uretha.

His sister’s experience yesterday ended at this part. From here on will be Nozomu’s masterpiece.
Straddling her as is, he crawled over her body a bit.
Pressing the penis with his hand, he crept his penis glans on the white skin of her neck. The transparent liquid made a trace as if a snails just crawled by.

He continued to crawled his glans upwards.
Chin, cheek, nose tip, under-nose, then her lips.

Pushing into her lips, his tips pressed against her teeth. Then as she opened her mouth a bit, she placed her upper-front teeth on his uretha, and her lower-front teeth on his glans, then slightly play-bit it.
「O、Owaa……。 That’s good、sis’!」

He enjoyed her play-biting stimulation for a bit.
From there, his glans rushed more and more into her mouth.
The tip touched her palate.

Straddling her as is, he sidled up to her face a bit more. Putting his knees on her armpits, he slightly stood on his knees, placing his butt on top of her bra.
Then pressed his penis with all his might. His glans slid on her palate, entering deeply inside. With just 2, 3cm outside, his glans went completely inside her mouth.

His excitement rose.
(I did it……。 A fellatio……。 I did it! I jammed my dick into a girl’s mouth!)
With his consciousness being almost hazy, he lost his cool.
Grasping his sister’s head with both hands, he drew it towards  him with all his might.

「Bowaa! Boeee!」
His sister opened her eyes widely, raising a voice like when she heard something discusting. Stiffening both arms, she pressed against Nozomu’s abdomen.
「Kora sis’! Dun’t fuckin’ resist yo!」
She wasn’t tapping out so he continued to violate her.
Once again, he suddenly pulled her head towards himself.

His sister raised a murky voice, forcing her body up with tremendous strength. She inevitably take the penis out of her mouth and tumbled around Nozomu.

Sitting with one leg out to one side, placing both her hands on the floor, faced down and started vomiting.
Her stomach throbbed with convulsions.
Her mouth warped painfully, tears streamed down her closed eyes. Her hair was gathered behind her back, that’s why the strings of saliva could be seen.

Forgetting about violating, he was fascinated by his vomitting sister.
「Nee-chan、you’re beautiful……」 (TN: Yes, I think so too)
He murmured unintentionally.

His sister looked this way. From her mouth, a cloudy and thick string drooped and slowly shook.
「Ah、I’m fine……。 I’m done throwing up」
「You alright?」

「Un……。 I didn’t expect that……。 Sorry。 I resisted reflexively。 So、I ended up vomitting a bit」
「I、I see。 Sorry」
「I’m fine now。 Let’s start again」
His sister lied down facing up.

With his penis sticking out from his pants as is, he straddled her again. This time, while being careful not overdoing it, he jammed the glans into her mouth.

Carefully, he swung his hips back and forth.
Matching the movements, his sister leaked her voice from her nose.
(Ahh……。 I did it……。 This is fellatio……)

His first ever fellatio. Furthermore, his partner is his sister.
Not faltering, he looked at her face as she held his penis inside her mouth with her eyes closed while feeling nostalgic about something.

Since having knowledge about this around his 5th year in elementary school, Nozomu has been masturbating up until yesterday. While masturbating, he made countless women give up. It’s fine to say that he already made every of his acquaintanced girls give up. (TN: I believe he is talking about fantasizing)
Naturally, his mom and sister too, was made fallen. Then, if he remembers correctly, he somehow made her his pet in his fantasies. He doesn’t really know exactly, but the amount of times he fantasized about his sister belongs to the top 3. Recently when he fantasized about his sister, by means of free porn on the internet, he pleased himself with her fellatio.

The pace gradually sped up.
「Owaa、feels good……。 That’s good、sis’」
Pre-cum oozed out in large quantity inside his sister’s mouth.

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