Yandere Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Hostility towards Goth-loli

Instantly, a reply came.
『My beloved Yamai Nozomu-senpai! What a coincidence! I also have patrol duty in Chouginryou district at six-thirty tomorrow morning! I’ll wait for you! Your fan, Kei!』

When they first met, he could feel something strange about Hirori Kei. Somehow, it seems like that wasn’t a bad guess.
(Morning patrol, she says…… Could it be Student Council-related? Or are they just collaborating with the citizens in the area?) [TN: Probably some kind of volunteer group] He left that as only a possibility.

Getting off the bed, he put on a sweatshirt. His withered penis had his sister’s love juice smeared all over it. He felt like wiping it, but ended up leaving it as is. He was going to take a bath after dinner, anyway.

While putting on some clothes, he slowly began to regret inviting Hirori Kei. After all, it’s not right to push troublesome things on an underclassman. Once you’ve gotten closer to each other, it’s going to start getting problematic.

(Well, maybe it’s fine. That girl, she’s pretty easy to deal with anyway)
It’s only a possibility, but he might be right on the money.
Just as he finished changing into my sweatshirt, his smartphone vibrated. A message arrived.
It’s from Hirori Kei, again.

『My beloved Yamai Nozomu-senpai. I really look forward to tomorrow! Just in case, I want to ask you what would you like me to wear? If you’d like to see me in Goth-loli clothes then…… I’m sorry for getting all hectic! Your fan, Kei』

This girl is probably abnormal, after all. [TN: LOL] Goth-loli, she said.
In any case, he went along with it.
『Hirori Kei-sama. If that’s the case, then I think black-colored goth-loli style would be nice. Yamai Nozomu』

A reply instantly came back.
『My beloved Yamai Nozomu-senpai. Understood! I’ll immediately make preparations! Your fan, Kei. Wait, P.S: From now on please call me Kei! Hirori Kei is just too long!』[TN: Kay guys, count this with me, that’s the 3rd time for My beloved… already LOL]

Well, this is already chuuni enough, but she’s probably even more unusual than that……
Even so, immediately prepare, she said…… Where the hell does she even get that kind of thing from?

While thinking so, another message from Kei arrived.
『My beloved Yamai Nozomu-senpai. For your information! I attached a picture of me from a previous event, which was taken by the bodyguards, to this message! Tomorrow morning, I should look like this! Your fan, Kei』

In the attachment picture, the figure of Kei wearing black goth-loli maid outfit could be seen. She was smiling wholeheartedly, making a pose with her head a bit tilted.
(T-Too cute……)
It was a photo that draws out affection towards the person in it.
(But, bodyguards huh…… What the heck?)
He sat into his desk, staring and the photo while being lost in thoughts.

「Hey, what is this?」 [TN: BUS-FUCKING-TED] A cold, feminine voice rang his ear from the top of his shoulder. A creep ran down his spine as he turned his head.
His sister’s noh-mask, expressionless face was there. She was gazing at the photo displaying on his phone with steady eyes.

「N-No, this is」
「Isn’t this the girl who gave you a love letter earlier? Why did she send you this picture?」

「What’s with this appearance? A middle school student working part time at a maid café?」
「That’s not it…… Looks to be some kind of cosplay event, I’m not sure though」
「Cosplay event…… That’s not something appropriate for the Yamai family. Nozomu. You’re the head of the family, so behave yourself」
「? Ahh…… Sorry」

「Well, I didn’t think you’d be interested in goth-loli」
Keeping her steady eyes, she lightly laughed. Her smile could be called icy cold.
「Ri-Right. I’m into neat ojou-sama type」
「Right…… Ha ha」

Her smile suddenly stopped.
「Oh yeah, so I guess when you were making love to me earlier, also when we were creating happy memories, you were thinking about this girl, right!?」
「N-No, I wasn’t !」
「You sure!?」
「I’m serious. Just a while ago, she suddenly sent me this message」

「That so. Then it’s fine but…… But, something’s making me irritated. Hug me really tightly and kiss me as your apology」
She grasped Nozomu’s hand and pulled him up from the chair. They stared at each other in the eyes.
「Do it, a hug and a kiss. Hurry up already」

He proceeded to embrace his sister tightly. They stared at each other, smelling each other’s breaths. As a signal, she closed her eyes, and they piled up their lips. They continued to kiss, starting from a slight touch of the lips, until deeply entangling their tongues.
After the long kiss, their mouths separated. A thin string of saliva stretched between their lips.

「Thanks. I’m fine now…… Dinner’s ready. Let’s go eat?」
「OK…… That was fast, I’m impressed」
「I made some preparations this morning when I made breakfast」
「That is……」
She made preparations when she was preparing that black heart-shaped bento.

Inside the dining room next to the living room on the first floor, sat the two siblings. Generally, it’s a big house, so the dining room is separated from the living room. It might be more precise to call it a Dining Hall.

They sat next to each other at the corner of the table. The sister is on the right.
They quietly ate dinner under a strange atmosphere. Rather than careless cooking, the meal was surprisingly a specially good dinner.
「What do you think? Delicious?」
「Yup. Hella good, neechan」

「Which is better, my cooking or Mama’s?」
「Eh…… That’s……」
It was quite a difficult question. In terms of his mother’s cooking, which he’s gotten used to throughout the years, it’s probably something beyond tastes, but it holds affection.

「Hey, which is it?」 [TN: I swear I wanted to keep ‘Nee’ instead of ‘Hey’ but it sounded weird Q.Q] 「It’s…… I think nee-chan’s better」
She smiled with satisfaction.
「Right. From now on, I’ll cook for you whenever it’s possible」
「Eh? Really?」

「I can’t lose to that kind of personー who brought that kind of man home」
「That person…… You’re talking about mom?」
「Yeah…… Nozomu. I said this yesterday, but be careful with Mama」 [TN: Ripsauce, the yandere is rising strong today] 「……」
「She’s making eyes at you. That person, she’ll probably begin to get frustrated without a man. If that day comes, you’ll definitely be targeted」
「Nee-chan…… That’s impossible」

She was sexually assaulted by the sex friend their mother brought home. That’s why it probably can’t be helped when she holds a certain degree of resentment towards her. However, no matter how you look at it, their mother’s also a victim.
The wound inside her heart can’t really be healed right away, can it? That also can’t be helped.

「Mou! Why are you so careless? You’re no good without me watching over you, after all」
「It’s fine. I’ll protect you. With everything I have. It’s my mission to protect you, the head of the Yamai family」

「I’ll feed you this bamboo shoot mouth-to-mouth」
「Mouth, to mouth?」
While he was still dumbfounded, she took one shoot of asparagus using chopsticks, and held one end in her mouth. She pointed the other end of the shoot at him while drawing her face closer.

She was probably telling him to take it into his mouth. He drew his face closer, and held the asparagus shoot in his mouth.

His sister slowly moved her face even closer. On Nozomu’s side, he hurriedly tried to bite off the part of the shoot that was thrust into his mouth.
The shoot rapidly became shorter; at the end their lips touched. Without losing her momentum, she strongly pressed her lips forward.

Being kissed, he couldn’t chew the bamboo shoot inside his mouth so he unintentionally let out a groan.
His sister separated her mouth.
「Was it hard to eat? As expected, it can’t be done correctly without true mouth-feeding huh」

He chewed on the bamboo shoot while thinking. What the heck is this 「True mouth-feeding」 thing she said? Perhaps, the thing he’s chewing right now wasn’t really how she wanted to directly feed him mouth-to-mouth?
Up until this point, they had already been tasting each other’s saliva a lot. So thanks to that, there probably wouldn’t be any difficulty chewing on the same piece of food.

「Alright, let’s do it this time. The real mouth-feeding」
After today, they’d probably return to eating dinner normally.

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