Yandere Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Orgasm and Pillow talk

「Uuu……。 So much came out」
While mounting and embracing his sister, he moaned unintentionally.
「Nozomu……。 Just hold me like this for a while」
「Yeah, alright. Nee-chan」

「However, from now on, after you finished ejaculating, remember to do a proper pillow talk」
「Pillow talk?」
「It’s not good if you don’t do a proper after-care」
「Girls are insecure. They’re worried about if they’d get tossed away after ejaculation」
「Tossed you say……。 I won’t do such thing」

「Is that true? It’s a promise then?」
「Ah? Yeah……」
「Then, it’s good」
「Then, what should I do for aftercare?」
「Kissing, stroking my hair, whispering sweet words……。 It’s okay as long as you put love into it」

「Love…… Got it. Or rather, can we do it one more time?」
「One more time? Now?」
「I’m still having a hard erection. Is it okay to continue like this?」
「Ahaha. It’s okay. Do it」

His cock continued to be in full erection even after he finished ejaculating, it remained pierced into his sister’s crotch as is.
Since he already did it once, his reluctance towards sexual intercourse with his sister disappeared. At least now, he can have sex with his sister without any hesitation.

Suddenly remembering something, he raised his body and looked at the joined part of their crotch.
「What’s wrong, Nozomu?」
「Blood, there’s blood……」

An unexpectedly large amount of blood poured out from his sister’s crotch, the bath towel was dyed red. In the dim light of the night-light, he can see the blood in black luster.
He slightly pulled out his cock from his sister’s vagina. It’s bloodstained as expected.

His sister leaned on her elbows, raised his upper body and also looked at her own crotch.
「Oh, it’s true. Blood is coming out」
「D-Does it hurt?」
「It hurts a little bit…… But, it’s okay」
「Yeah. Now then, let’s continue」

His sister bleeds massively during her menstruation every four weeks. Perhaps this degree of bleeding doesn’t surprise her at all.
Nozomu was quite used to see men bleeding from their head because of pro-wrestling and brawling. But, he doesn’t know how to react when it comes to bleeding from a woman’s crotch.

Was it because he sees blood that at first, he does the piston-ing timidly.
「It’s alright even if you do it more intensely」
As told by his sister, the movements of his body gradually became intense.
His semen was exhausted when he cum once a short while ago. There should be a considerable amount of time until the next ejaculation. He’ll fully indulge in his sister.

Shaking his waist in missionary position, he licked the lips of his sister who stuck out her tongue.
His sister whispered while being licked.
「Nee. Do you want to embrace each other while sitting?」
「I’ll sit on Nozomu’s knees and we’ll embrace each other face to face」
「Ah, Okay」
She probably meant taimenza1 position.

He lifted his sister while staying deeply connected with her at the crotch. His sister coiled both legs around his waist, both arms around his neck and clung to him.
They got in taimenza2 position. They kissed each other’s lips intensely, drinking each other’s saliva. His sister’s oppai were pressed on his chest, they were squashed and bulged out sideways. His sister is swayed her hips back and forth in a hula dance-like way of shaking.

For some considerable time, they made love to each other in that taimenza position.
After that, his body is pushed down facing up, they naturally shifted into cowgirl position. His sister who’s connected with him at their crotch, straightened up her upper body and mounted him. She continued shaking and swinging her hips.
「Ahh. It feels good……. Nozomu……」
「Me too, it feels real good……」

The trembling naked body of his sister is beautiful.
The big hemispherical and well-shaped oppai shook slightly according to the movements of her waist.  From the way they shook, it’s well understood that they’ll stretch. The size of her areola is also just right. Her small lovely nipples stood innocently.

He stares at his sister, who’s in cowgirl position. His sister while shaking her waist, gradually leaned her upper body forward. She put both her hands on Nozomu’s chest and looked fondly at him in ecstasy.  Her long hair hung and shook.
「Nozomu, what should I do…… I’m feeling so amazing」
「Me too, Nee-chan」

His sister leaned further forward. Her oppai drooped right under and shook bewitchingly. Her long hair shook while hanging, the tip of the hair tickled his chest.

Finally, his sister’s nipples began to tickle his chest. The thread of saliva stretched from her mouth, it shook and swayed bewitchingly. Eventually, the thread landed on the side of Nozomu’s collar bone, it fell from the lips of his sister.

「Aaah! Nozomu! I’m、I can’t endure anymore! Cummiiiing!」
His sister suddenly collapsed onto him with her waist convulsing and twitching.
「Nee-chan! Are you alright!?」
He doesn’t know how to handle such reactions coming from a woman.
His sister was exhausted while wrapping his upper body like that.
「Nozomu…… Nozomu……」
She continued to whisper some incoherent murmuring.

Their skin was connected with moistened sweats. Their sweat mixed with saliva emitted a unique sexy smell.
「Nee-chan…… Me too、gonna cum! Aaah!」

Embracing his sister, he rolled over and pinned his sister down under his body.
Raising his upper body, he held his sister’s both legs with his hands, he spread them in M shape.
He put in all of his body weight while covering his sister, it was a position where she’s bent to do it deeply. Being young, her body is flexible, it was bended beautifully, her knee touched her shoulders.

While changing the position, he removed his endurance on ejaculation.
Dobyubyu! Dobyubyu! Dobyubyu! Dobyubyu!
Though it wasn’t on the level of his first time, still a large amount of semen was poured deep inside the body of his sister.

After cumming, he let his sister use his arm-pillow and embraced her. They look at each other with their body close, this time they relaxed and had a pillow talk.
They kissed each other lightly every second. Inside the room, sounds of kisses continued to resound like parrots chirps.
Sometimes they interrupted the kisses and whispered various things to each other.

「Deep kiss is good too, but I also like this kind of light kiss……」
「Me too……」
「From now on, let’s kiss a lot, Nozomu」
「Eh? Yeah……」
It seems like his sister will continue sexual relation with her younger brother from now on too.
(Well, it’s fine. Since Nee-chan is a good woman. As long as she doesn’t get pregnant, I probably won’t mind)
They kissed again for while.

「Nee…… Nozomu, didn’t you gave a girlfriend?」
「I dont」
「Lies. Didn’t you have a cute girl who you sometimes went to school together?」
「Ahh…… You mean Watashihara Mima?」
「That’s right. That Mima girl. Isn’t she’s your classmate?」
「It’s when we were second year. She’s in the neighboring class now」

「Is that so…… You’re not going out with her?」
「We’re not. That girl and Nee-chan are both honor-student. She’s not interested in men」
「What are you talking about. Even honor-students fall in love and want to have sex too」
「Well, that’s probably true but」
「That girl has feelings for you」3
「Is that so?」
「That’s right. It’s obvious. Really obvious」

If that was the case it should be good news. Actually, Nozomu is also interested in Mima.
「Then, next would be asking the person in question」
「Ask what?」
「Are you interested in me, or so」

「If you do such a thing, that girl, won’t she misunderstand it!」
「With what?」
「That girl’s also interested in you right?」
「Is that so?」
「Isn’t is pitiable, if you make such an innocent girl misunderstand」
That goes without doubt.

「When, what should I do?」
「Don’t make her raise her hopes strangely, ignoring her is the best」
「Ignoring you say…… it’s unnatural isn’t it」
「You, since you’re a good man and also have good lineage, there should be a lot of women who are aiming for you」
「Aiming you say……」

「You, aren’t you 15 years old now?」
「That’s right but」
「In the past, this is already enough to be in manhood. The women who will draw closer to you should increase rapidly from now on」
「Coming of age you say……」

「You have to take care」
「Of what?」
「In order not to be cheated by women who will draw closer to you, you have to be careful. Since there’s no doubt that all of them will aim for your assets」
「No, that’s impossible. Heck, are we even that wealthy?」
「It’s not only about money. The fact that you’re a nice man in itself、it’s the most precious moral asset」


  1. Literal: Facing-seat position
  2. Facing-seat position