Yandere Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Confirmation of memories

「Nee-chan, just when……」
Does Nozomu’s voice enter her ears? His sister keeps muttering while staring at the writing paper.
「Good grief, when it comes to the young ones these days…… How shameless……」
「Giving Nozomu a love letter without my consent…… I can’t believe it……」
「Umm, Nee-chan?」
「What’s with this?  This childish writing. She won’t pass university with this……」1
Though the one who wrote that was a second year middle school student.

「Hey, Nee-chan!」
「Eh? Ah, Nozomu…… 」
It seems she’s finally come to her senses.
「Since when have you been there?」
「Just a while ago. From around when that little girl ran away」
「Ran away you say……」

「Nozomu. Didn’t I tell you? The number of women who will draw closer to you will increase rapidly from now on. My prediction became true」
「Besides, who have you come in contact?」
「Did anyone else also contacted you beside that little girl today?」

「With smell」
「It’s a woman’s intuitive sense of smell. Hurry up. Who?」
「If it’s about contacting. Watashihara Mima came to talk at lunch break but」
「Mima did!?」
「That’s right, Mima did」
「What is the meaning of this? You’re not even classmate」
「Tomorrow, that girl, seems to be going to Chouginryuu district, I was asked to come along」

「I can’t believe it……. You, don’t tell me that you’re going?」2
「I’ll go but. What is the problem?」
His sister’s face gradually distorted, it became a crying face.
「Eh, eh? Why」

「Even though I advised you that much……」
「Etto. What advice is it again?」3
「Ignore that girl so as to not create any misunderstanding. Didn’t I say it last night?」
「I said, it’s impossible to ignore her now. It’s too unnatural」
「Isn’t it also for that girl? If she was made to expect and then get disappointed, isn’t that pitiful?」
「Pitiful you say……」

「Ahー! Or perhaps it’s because I’m going to a date with Imade-kun tomorrow, insinuation? 」
「So it’s insinuation? If that’s so, you should have said not go to the date from the start. Cruel! You’re the worst!」
Tears overflowed from his sister’s eyes.

As expected, it’s certain that she received an immeasurable impact in her heart from her mother’s sex friend’s sexual abuse. His sister seems to have not recovered yet.
It might be not a kind of things that recovers in one day. Well, by chance, there is a possibility that she received a mental trauma that can’t be recovered for the rest of her life.
In any case, his sister’s speech and behavior is in disorder.

For now, he’ll apologize and flatter her.
「Nee-chan, I’m sorry」
「Nozomu no baka……」
「Let’s hurry up and go home」
They began to walk while he urged his sister.

As they approached the house, his sister’s mood gradually restored.
「Nozomu. What time will you go out tomorrow?」
「If I need to arrive in front of station’s ticket gate at 11 o’clock. Then, I need to go out around 10:40 」
「Is that so……」
「How about Nee-chan? What time will you go out?」

「Pfft! 6:30!? Are you serious? You’re going out earlier than weekdays?」
「That’s right. It’s too early after all, right……. Because that person, he’s serious」
「Where are you going?」
「That’s somehow. The same as you, Chouginryuu District」
「Ha? The shop that open in Chouginryuu District at such time is……」

「Toy zansho」4
「Eh? Wasn’t the opening at 10 o’clock?」
「I’ll line up」
「Line up?」
「Since the Yokai Card will be released tomorrow. It seems that I will line up from 7 o’clock」
「Imade-kun says that he will arrive before 10 o’clock. Imade-kun seems to be paying. I was said to go there and line up ahead of time」5
His tears have fallen. His sister has become an errand runner of a young man of a wealthy family…….

「I wonder if it’s that good, the Yokai Card」
「Nee-chan. Cancel tomorrow」
「Eh? The date with Imade-kun? Do you want me to cancel it?」
His sister’s face began to shine.
「Yeah. I can’t stand this. Cancel it」
「Okay! If you the family head say so…… However, I’ll cancel next time, It’s already too late for tomorrow」
「No, it’s fine. If you want, I’ll do the talking.」

「You care for me that much……. I’m happy」
「heck, that isn’t even a date……」
「If I decline now, I think Imade-kun will cry because of anger. That is why, tomorrow is the last time」
They arrived at their house before he found a word to say.

The two goes up to the second floor in row.
「Nozomu. Can I come hang out in your room after I put my bag away?」
「It’s okay but」
「Then, just wait for a moment. I’ll also bring tea」
「Ahh, thanks」

This is a large two-storied wooden building of an old family. There are also four rooms on the second floor. In addition, there’s even a toilet and bathroom. His sister’s room is diagonally opposite to Nozomu’s room.

He sits at his desk, waiting for a bit.
Before long, his sister entered the room still in her uniform. Placing 2 coffee cups on the tray, she holds it carefully with both hands.
「Thanks for waiting. I made some coffee. Black coffee for you as always right?」
「Yeah. Thanks」

His sister puts the tray on the desk and sat on the bed.
A short silence. A somewhat awkward mood spread. He wondered how to attend her.

Half a day ago, he embraced his sister naked and had sex intensely many times.  To such intersexual relationship, it has for moment interrupted his school life during the day, so he’s having this half-ass feelings of wondering if he should reset it or not.

They stare at each other as if probing.
「Nee, Nozomu」
「What is it?」
「Come here. Sit next to me」
「Y, Yeah……」
He sits next to his sister.

「Do you know why I’m wearing uniform?」
「No, I don’t know……」
Isn’t it because it’s troublesome to change clothes?

「I remembered yesterday around this time」
「About that huh……」
「Exactly this time yesterday, when I came back home, that man was in the living room. Because there is something he wanted to show me, he told me to go to the bedroom for a bit」
「The two of us entered the bedroom and were chattering like this for a while. We sat down on the bed side-by-side. Though I said that, the distance was more apart. I was still in uniform」
「Is that so」

「Because that man was just chatting idly, I tried to ask, 『What is the thing you wanted to show?』」
「Then that man stood up and suddenly lowered the zipper of his pants.」

「He took out a dirty thing which looked like a sausage」
「Holy shit……」6
「When I instinctively thought that “This is dangerous” and stood up, trying to walk out of the room. And then」
「And then?」
「Suddenly, that man, embraced me from the back and pinned my arms behind my back」

「From behind, that man licked my nape and face. He rubbed my oppai too」
「After that, I was pulled down to the floor and he mounted me」
「Blazer, ribbon tie, blouse, skirt, one-piece spats, knee socks. He took them off violently in a blink of an eye」
「That’s pitiable……」
「Since it was slightly cold yesterday, I wore a chemise. Looking at me like that, he seemed to got really excited」

「He mounted me and began to stroke the sausage with his hand. He faced me」 7
「I was taken aback, my body froze when I looked at that situation for a while」
「That’s too cruel……」
「From the tip of the sausage, I saw a transparent liquid like meat juice oozing out, then I came to my senses and pushed aside that man and escaped to the living room while screaming 」
「And then, I heard the sound of you running down from the second floor」
「That was close……」
It was a blessing in disguise that it was before that man ejaculated.

「That man put away his sausage into his pants and came into the living room as if nothing happened」
「Then I came running」
「That’s right……」
「You went through some serious shit, Nee-chan」

His sister is pitiful. He held her shoulder unconsciously. She leaned against him.
He felt his sister’s sighs. From evening until this morning, this is the smell that he’s smelled the whole time.
Their lips overlapped.
Gradually, they deeply kissed each other. They twined tongues and exchanged saliva.
The taste of his sister’s saliva. The sweet memories of half a day ago were revived.

Their mouths separated.
「Nee, Nozomu」
「What is it?」
「I want to confirm」
「Confirm what?」
「The memory of being done by that man, no matter how I tried, somehow, I couldn’t feel the sense of reality from that」
「That’s probably so……」
「My feelings are not settling in any way. I want to properly confirm the things that I experienced」
「Confirm you say……」

「The same thing as that, I want to do it」
「Violate me」
「Attack me, push me down, strip my clothes, rape me」
「Please. Start violating me the same way with what I said, do it all the way」

His sister’s eyes were serious.
His sister separated her body and slowly stood up, she turned around, facing her back this way.
「Hurry up……. Start from pinning my arms behind my back」


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