Chapter 11: Determination and Lily’s Question


I slowly walk closer to my bed, sitting down on it.   

So many thoughts are rushing inside my head that it feels like my mind will explode into pieces. But one thought dominates all… 

Why? Why the fuck are these things happening to me?  

Wasn’t getting kidnapped and raping Lily enough, that my fate decided to throw me in front of a Mafia King?    

And what are these squad leaders even thinking? Are they going mad or something? Who in their right mind asks a high school student to act as a gang leader?  

Ahhh… These fuckers! They have decided to fuck me over, even my own fate has decided to fuck me over…  

But you know what? I am not fucking give in! I am going to get out of this shit and show you, bastards! 

A lot of emotions are rising inside me right now:  anger, frustration, confusion. All of them together are making my blood boil.  

No, I need to concentrate right now…  

I have to suppress these emotions and think about this situation, seriously and objectively. Only then will there be any possibility of a solution.  

Taking long breaths, I try to calm myself down. 

Though this already sounds very dangerous, still, I have one thing favorable left for me at the moment, that is time. The meeting is on Sunday and today is Thursday. This gives me two full days to prepare for it.   

But for that, I need to know everything I can…  

I rest my elbows on my knees and start thinking over what Emily just told me. The more I think about it, the more I start to see the flaws in the plan and some questions also start to arise in my mind.  

I look up to Emily and see her standing beside my study table silently, waiting for me to speak.  

“You said, that you guys can handle a gang like The Black Cross but you still lost because of its leader, right? Why is that? Why couldn’t you guys, who boast to be from an international crime organization, handle a single guy?” I ask.  

Why am I asking this specific question? Simple, I need to know about the capabilities of the person whom I am going to meet, the person who, according to Emily, is the sole reason foreign gangs are kept at the bay… The person who might also become …the reason for my death.  

Emily ponders over it for a few seconds before speaking.  

“Hmm, they didn’t exactly talk about it, but from what I already know; Maxim Bosi is famous in the underworld for being a really a clever man and a much greater tactician than anyone else.   

“In our last confrontation, he saw through all the plans of the squad leaders previously deployed in Yreles and executed his own plans against them such efficiency and brutality that they couldn’t even run away from him when he came after.  

“In the end, there were so many casualties and the results were so small, that the higher-ups finally decided to withdraw from here.” Emily answers.  

I feel my hands shaking a bit hearing about this Maxim Bosi 

Fuck! I am losing my calm again! But seriously, this guy sounds exactly like some evil genius Mafia leader.   

I took some deep breaths to focus myself again.  

“You said that he knows about your existence, but the identity is still unknown, right?” I ask.  

“Yup,” Emily answers.  

“Then why don’t you guys just go into hiding, huh? I don’t see the need to actually go meet this king. If you guys already know about his potential, isn’t it the better course of action to just run away as fast as possible, before he finds out?” I ask.  

“Hmm… about why we are not going into hiding… Well, as you know, he has already discovered Abigale’s base, so, his lookouts are monitoring their every activity. Abigale even had to order her squad members to not go outside without permission due to the fear of information leakage. So, you see, hiding is already out of the question.  

“Even today, when she was coming to the meeting, they were tailing her. Through luckily, with much difficulty, she managed to throw them off,” Emily answers.  

Okay, so, running away is not possible, huh?  

I start thinking about any other way for some time, but I couldn’t see how to escape this situation without actually meeting this King.  

I need to convince him that we are just another small local gang doing our small business… but how?  

I know just from hearing about him, that he will see through that I am just a high school kid at once… I will need a plan…  


Suddenly, a heavy thing falls onto me.   

My face gets covered with something really soft and squishy, making it hard for me to breath.

There is also something small and hard poking on my lips…

I move my hand and grabs onto something, which is again so soft and plump that my fingers get dig inside.  

What is this soft and heavy thing?  

In the next moment, a realization comes…  

So, you took the chance when I was thinking to attack me, huh, Emily? I see… 

You know what? Fuck you!  

And this plump and soft thing I am grabbing onto… clothes are not this smooth…  

Shit! she’s naked! And it’s her butt I am grabbing onto!  

When the fuck did she got naked?  

I hastily remove my hands, not wanting to touch her naked body directly.  

If I go by logic, the thing my face is being squashed against…They are her breasts!  

And why the hell are your nipples already erect, Emily? Move them away from my lips!   

You clever bitch! You saw me distracted and took advantage of that.  

“Hahaha, I already knew you were lying about letting me do whatever I want. So, I took my chance the moment I saw you looking down,” Emily says while laughing gleefully.  

I try to open my mouth to retort, but her nipple got inside instead.  

“Ahaan…” Emily leaks out a moan.  

“Already trying to suck on my nipple? You are naughtier than I thought, Caiden.” Emily says, making a sexy voice.  

Hey, who are you calling naughty!? And also, speak properly!  

I need to get her off of me and call my mom. I move my right knees upwards to knock her off but it hit somewhere, again, really soft.  

“Aaahn… there… you are moving too fast Caiden,” Emily tells me while leaking out another sexy moan.  

Shit! My knee accidentally hit Emily’s “that place”.  

I try to lower my knee but her soft thighs are clenching it tightly in-between them, stopping its motion.  

Let it go, you lustful beast! Let it go!  

Emily starts to leak out more lewd moans as my knee continues to rub against her pussy due to the struggle.  

Fuck! I am starting to get ere— no, suffocated…  

I have to do something… There is no other way…   

I move my hands and grab her bare waist.  

Damn! Why is it so soft and smooth everywhere?  

Putting some force into my hand, I push Emily’s body sideways. 

“Iyaaaaan,” Emily gives a startled scream.  

Yes, I can finally see her face and yeah, her butt naked body too. The nipple on her left breast is a little red from being inside my mouth but never mind I have another…  

Shit! This is a really bad position!  

Right now, I am on top of Emily’s body. My right knee is still stuck between Emily’s thighs, rubbing against her pussy. Both my hands have moved from her waist and are now holding her hands in place to stop her from taking over again. Even my face is just inches away from hers.  

We both look into each other’s eyes for a few seconds.   

Slowly, Emily’s cheeks start to blush. Her body also starts to shake a bit under me. Then, suddenly, she turns her face to the right with delicate motion, to look away from me.  

“T-This is my first time. P-Please be gentle,” she says shyly.  

I feel my face getting hot too.   

Damn! Why are you being so cute, Emily?  

And there is no way I am going to be gen— I mean, do it with you.  


The sound of the door opening comes and a voice spoke,  

“I know, I told you guys that I won’t disturb you bu—”  

The voice stops suddenly.  

Me and Emily both look back at the door with a jerk.  

There she is, my mother, standing with one of her hand on the doorknob and the other hand holding a tray with glasses filled with juice.  


The tray falls down and the glasses shatter; the juice dirties the whole floor.  

“Sorry to disturb,” My mother says softly while closing the door shut.  

I cannot think anything. My mind has seriously lost the ability to think anymore.  

I slowly release my body from Emily’s and got up from the bed. She too didn’t resist me this time.  

Even Emily is looking down, in embarrassment and, I hope, shame.  

She then silently picks up her bra and panty lying in the corner of the room to cover her bare breast and crotch.  

“L-Let’s continue later, okay?” Emily says when fully dressed again.  

She moves out of the room in a hurry; her face still looking bright red from embarrassment.  

I am still standing here, alone in my room, not moving at all.  

Then, the door of my room opens again.  

Standing there is my mother, with death-like pale face and the creepiest smile I have ever seen in my life.  

“Caiden, we need to have a little talk, can you come down for a moment?” she asks me, her smile further increasing.  

Someone, please, throw me in front of that mafia king instead!  






Right now, I am going towards my school while somehow dragging my feet forward. My one hand is holding the strap of my bag and the other one has a half-eaten sandwich in it.  

I looked at the mirror in the morning and saw a person who seems dead inside looking back.  

Heck! Who the hell gives such a long lecture?  

My mother started on me the moment I entered the living room downstairs and she went on till freaking midnight.  

She came to the final conclusion, that it was I, who finally lost control of his sexual desires, and tried to attack an innocent Emily when I saw her vulnerably teaching me.  

I looked at my mom in shock and tried to tell her the truth but still, she won’t listen to anything I say. Why? Because of the position, my mother saw us in; me on top of Emily’s fully naked body, holding her arms in place and my knee on her crotch.  

Yeah… I so couldn’t make her believe me…  

My mother then goes on telling me, how she is ashamed of me and how she couldn’t even look into Emily’s eyes and also that it should not come as a surprise if Emily reports me to the police.  

That almost made me laugh… almost.  

Hearing my stomach making groaning sounds from hunger, she finally says before getting out of the room,  

“No food for you tonight. Your stomach should already be filled with your overflowing sexual desires, right?”   

So, I didn’t even bother asking for breakfast this morning and walked out early to get myself a sandwich from a 24-hour-store.  

Haaa… I am seriously tired of all this!  

I walk a bit more before the school starts to get visible. I can see no one around the school gate and the building also looks empty from afar.  

Ah, I got out of the house a bit too early! Well, it’s kind of lucky, let’s just sleep a bit in the classroom…  

I walk inside the gate and try to get inside the school building when a hand suddenly grabs mine from behind…  

Ah, Pig again? Now?  

I turn my head back on reflex, preparing myself to attack, but instead, my eyes get open wide in shock.  

There she is, standing behind me in her school dress, her face looking unreadable like yesterday; Lily.  

Before even giving me any time to fully understand what is happening, she starts walking towards the school grounds; dragging me along with her.  

I just keep trying to match with her pace, not being able to say anything from this sudden turn of event.   

Man, my guess was right. She did come to the school yesterday to meet me.  

I can feel my hands getting cold remembering my own speculations.  

We walk across the ground and to the P.E. storage room there.  

Once both of us got inside, she let go of my hand and close the door shut; locking it.  

It’s a bit dark in here so I am having a bit difficulty seeing Lily properly, but still, I can at least make out her form.  

She moves closer to me until standing right in front of me.

I can finally see her face…  

Her blue eyes are red, tears running down from them in streams. Her then expressionless face is now twisted as if she’s in great pain.  

My heart feels like someone is squeezing it tightly, seeing Lily like this…  

Does she… knows?  

I feel my body starting to shake a bit under Lily’s eyes.  

No, this is not the time to think of that! I just need to tell her the truth as fast as possible.  

“Lily, I—” I begin.  

But Lily stops me, covering my mouth with her hand.  

Her face is now just inches away from mine.  

“Caiden,” she speaks in a whisper to me, her voice heavy with emotions,  

“… do you love me?” 


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