Bonded Goddess – Chapter 10

Hi. It’s been a month since last update. Well, sorry, I got so many activities.

Well, thanks for patience, since patience is very important.

But just like certain man with a shield says, sometimes patience is the key to victory. Sometimes it leads to very little; seems like it’s not worth it. And you wonder… why you waited so long for something so disappointing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alright, before we get started, there is one question I want to ask…

Have you ever been in jail, or should I call it a prison?

Well, I have, I’ve been there once for beating my ex-wife and her lover. I never regretted it. Rather, I felt proud of it. At least I had earned my place with every punch in that asshole’s face, especially after I made his face unrecognizable. But now, can I say the same thing in this situation? In this creepy room?

What was the point of a prison anyway? Typically, it was a place where criminals were locked up to atone for their sins and crime. Yeah, to atone their sins and crimes… but what was my sin? My crime? For me to be locked in this underground jail just sitting there like an idiot… no, jail is not the correct word. Let’s use the word “Dungeon”.

Why use the word dungeon? I was in a dungeon, duh! Not a jail or a prison… a dungeon! A freaking dungeon!

You don’t know what a dungeon is? Use Mr. Google to save your sorry ass or read some Isekai novel. How about you play Dungeon Siege, that’s my favorite game… too bad I lost my save data.

Anyway, my previous “dungeon” could be considered a luxury compared to this place. At least they provided me with food, linen, and a basic clean room. Hell, we could even watch TV. That wouldn’t leave me bored, at least.

But here, this “cell” of mine was very dirty. The smell of rotten corpses made this a very creepy place. I had to sleep on the dirty floor and I’m pretty sure the people who sent me here won’t provide me food. But you could find a skeleton here easily, so that’s cool! Hey, look over there, there are a bunch of skeletons in that room! Hell, I even can see one of their fresh rotting arms from here.

That’s great, right!? That can be considered a luxury, right?! In certain meaning, that can be luxury.

Hahahaha… that’s funny, right?


Like hell it is! It’s not funny! It’s scary! This place is so fucking scary!

As a former soldier, this place shouldn’t shake me as I’m used to seeing corpses and I have witnessed many torture scenes. A few times back, I faced torture myself. I’m not scared to this “room” or that “room” over there, but what I was scared of was this…I was alone here… and this place was… very unhealthy and disgusting…

Come on, if you’re going to torture people, can you not leave the torture room in plain sight? At least clean the blood off the equipment! That’s just simply unhygienic! Especially the rotten smell is very strong… I don’t want to catch a strange disease in this dungeon.

And of course, the floor is made of mud… oh god, I hoped it was mud. I wouldn’t put it past this place if the floor was composed of the leftovers from the previous inhabitants. I’m not just talking about their waste here, I’m talking about what’s left of the inhabitants too when they inevitably died!

I have been here for days already and I haven’t seen a meal since I had been in this place. Did they expect me to eat the rats? Don’t answer that, I already know the answer, and I wish I didn’t know the answer. Thank god, I can endure the hunger but if I can’t… Fuck! Just imagining it already made me want to vomit.

Why did this happen to me? How did I end up in a dungeon with a life sentence and no chance of parole? Ah, I guess it began when I had the stupid, stupid idea to return to this world in the first place.


We teleported back to Evelyn’s world.

The whole process took barely fifteen seconds. In those fifteen seconds, I went from in front of my dining room table only to suddenly find myself in another familiar place. This place was the exact place I had teleported to before. Directly under the massive giant tree, the Tree of Life. That’s where we were.

“Ah!” The seat Evelyn had been sitting on no longer was there and thus she fell back on to her butt.

Evelyn looked around as she was seemingly stunned, and the pair of us could only stare at each other in silence, Evelyn on the ground and me on one knee kneeling before her, my hand still held out.

I looked at the giant tree…

So, we’re back here, huh…

She had called it the Lieben Forest. Looking at this forest it kind of took me back to when I first came to this world. It was only three weeks since then. My first meeting with Evelyn. The time when she had trying to kill me for seeing her naked and when we were chased by Cylopeses.


Cylopeses? Wait, if we returned here, that would mean… that monster would still be around. My first instinct was to look for the Cyclopses that I had blinded. However, I didn’t find it. The monster had disappeared, removed in the intervening time we’d been gone.

Was it still there somewhere? I hoped not. We would be killed for real this time if we met that thing again. Since we come back just like before, I came here completely unprepared, no weapon or armor. How are we supposed to defeat it? With the power of plot armor? I don’t have such a thing.

While thinking that, Evelyn removed her hand then stood. She just stood there with a shocked look on her face. Her mouth was open and she was trying to speak, but no words seemed to escape her mouth.

Her eyes darted around as if she was hoping we weren’t back to her world. Once she was sure that we were… Her face immediately turned dreadful. She turned to me and gave a wide-eyed look as she came to this realization.

“Wh-what is it?” I asked, confused by the complicated look she was giving me.

She shook her head in fright, as if she was trying to deny reality, but couldn’t.

We stared at each other in silence.

It was Evelyn that broke the silence as she finally opened her mouth.

“Kyou…” Evelyn started.


Soon her ruby eyes turned moist and tears soon rolled down her cheeks as her voice became weak. Wait, she was crying? Why was she suddenly crying?! I was surprised because I never saw her crying like this. It was in sharp contrast to her usual strong, composed and dignified behavior.

“We shouldn’t be here… Kyou.” Evelyn shook her head. “Please, can you take us back home?”

“You want to go back to my house, but we just got here…”

“Please, Kyou… just take us back, now!” Evelyn moved forward and grabbed my shirt, her eyes looking somewhat scary.

“I-I don’t know how?

“I told you this is a bad idea… now… you have to try. Kyou, just clear your mind, and imagine home. Bring us home.” Her strange attitude confused me, but the desperation in her voice moved me to act.

I closed my eyes immediately, clearing out my mind. I tried to remember what I was thinking when it suddenly send us here. I was desperate. I really wanted to be productive. I thought about this world. I thought about taking Evelyn here. Now… reverse it! I want to go home. No, remembering Evelyn’s sad eyes, I NEED to go home!

“D-did it work?” I opened one eye, and then the other.

Evelyn was looking up at me, her entire body starting to shake as tears fell down her eyes. “No… no… no… try again. I’m sorry… Kyou, try again. We don’t have much time!”

“What do you mean? And why are you apologize and crying like that?”

“You have to get us out of here. Please. This isn’t my world anymore! You have to!” Evelyn early shouted, her hands hitting my chest a few times as if I was a machine that would spring to action with a little push.

“Evelyn, I can’t… I can’t do it!” I said, my expression tense. “Maybe there is a cooldown or something, I don’t know.”

Evelyn broke down, her cries turning into sobs. I continued to try to think of home, but no matter what, it didn’t happen. Seeing Evelyn crying silently like that made me wonder. She has always been cool and calm… now, she cried like a little girl. I tried to understand her through our bond, but I only felt her emotions being shaken greatly.

There must be a reason why she didn’t want to come back here. Hmmm… now, if I think about it, a few days ago, I asked her about whether she wanted to return here and she immediately rejected it. She said she didn’t want to come back here and gave a vague reason. Of course, I wanted her to tell me the reason, but I was too busy with job hunting so I just let it go and forgot.

But a reason, huh? I was curious; I knew I was not in a position to say that, but… This piqued my curiosity…

“…Is there something you kept from me?” I finally asked her, my voice low.

Hearing that question, she pulled her hands of my chest and covered her mouth. Her shoulders were shaking. Her body shuddered as if I was asking something taboo from her. I could feel her emotion shake more, more than before. No, there was something about these turbulent emotions… what is this? What is with this reaction? You know, I asked this question in a playful tone… but I didn’t expect her reaction would be so severe. She was not hiding something from me, right? She slowly shook her head as if she denied my question.

After seeing her breakdown like that, I knew I did something terrible…But, it was too late. The damage was already done and I couldn’t take it back.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Evelyn continued to apologize to me.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Over and over again, Evelyn kept apologizing in a sobbing voice while crying.

I quickly held her shoulder and directed her eyes to me. “I don’t know what you’re going through in this world. I know it isn’t easy… but you can’t cry like this without telling me anything. Please tell me…”

Evelyn who looked me in the eyes slowly broke her eye contact and shook her head while crying…!

“Shh. Don’t cry. It’s not that I don’t believe you or trust you. I want things to be as good as possible. If I can do something better, that’s all I want.”

That didn’t help, and she curled up, crying harder than ever.

“I…I…can’t,” she mumbled I lifted her chin more and re-established eye contact.

“Yes, you can; you must; something is eating away at you.”

“NO! You will hate me! …and just thinking that it would kill me,” she said before she broke down in tears again.

When she finally regained her composure I again made eye contact and said in a stern voice “I will NOT HATE you. Now, tell me.”

She still remained silent, shaking her head as if she was a child that was being scolded by her parents. Well, since I have been taking care of her for a whole 3 weeks, I was basically like her parent, and I’m 20 years older than her and that makes me her father or her guardian? Wait, if I saw myself as her father, then we had an incestuous relationship? HELL NO! I don’t commit such taboo, disgusting and forbidden relationship!

OH MY GOD! Now, I saw Kirino’s naked body in my mind! I can imagine her developed body slowly turned into a sexy girl! No! GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY MIND, MY FORBIDDEN LUST! YOU ARE UNNEEDED! I take that back! I’m not her father! I am her lover!! No, that sounds misleading and it will cause misunderstanding! Evelyn is my lover! I’m talking about Evelyn, okay! Not Kirino!

Sigh… What the hell am I doing thinking something stupid like that while hugging Evelyn? Let’s just put that aside… I should try to figure out the situation, this situation looks like a cheap drama… trust me, I hate drama. And I never had been in a situation like this, with Grace or Yuriko. I was still feeling annoyed with Evelyn as I could tell she was hiding something from me, but by looking at Evelyn’s current condition, I guess she wouldn’t talk anytime soon unless I could make her confess when I brought up something related to what she hid from me.

But since Evelyn still wouldn’t answer and respond to me, let’s bait her then. For the past three weeks, this is the only way to agitate her and to defeat her in an argument. It 100% works and was basically cheating.

“Evelyn, my dear.” Evelyn looked up while still sobbing.

I asked, “Don’t you love me?”

Evelyn’s lip started to quiver, but it was clear that she was cried out.

“I love you more than life itself,” she mumbled.

Yup, her usual answer. And I can sense, she started calming down a little. Let’s tease her little.

“What? I don’t think I heard it?” I asked mischievously with a smirk on my face.

“You know I do!” she said louder, more exasperated.

“And I love you too.” I held my arms out to her, and she came to me. I held her as she cried on my chest.

Yes, I do love her… these three weeks were heaven to someone like me. We had a great relationship, one of deep love and complete trust thanks to our bonds. Because of our bond, I thought I knew everything about her. What she’s like, her favorite foods and etc? But now, seeing her like this, I realized that I really didn’t know anything about her… Yes, we may be lovers with an Eternal Bond that binds our souls… but in the end, we’re still just acquaintances that have only known each other for three weeks. Yeah, I thought about it, but I didn’t really know Evelyn from this world. I loved her and got on well with her, but I didn’t feel like she really opened up to me beside opening her legs. She never really spoke about herself or her past in this world and I also didn’t ask about it because I wanted her to tell me about herself on her own.

…. Damn, just stating this fact already made me sad. So, I tightly embraced Evelyn as I could only hear sobbing and the wind blowing by. Also why did our conversation shift so much? From job hunting talk to this sort of drama?

She sniffed a few times before finally stopping. Tears continued to roll down unconsciously from her eyes her face still wrought with some measure of fear.

“……” She looked at my face but still wouldn’t say anything. No, she opened her mouth and tried to say something but still couldn’t.

“Please, Evelyn… Tell me,” I begged her sincerely. “Was this about me or what I did?”

“It wasn’t like that!” She stomped her feet in aggravation. Wow, that’s quite a change. Her voice didn’t carry sadness like before.

“Just tell me then! Your silence is killing me, you’re trying to hide something from me?” I growled.

Ah, dammit, I almost did it again… Two years ago, I let my anger get the better of me and it ruined me, although I don’t regret beating the bastard. I have to be patient and not let my anger control me.

Her eyes teared up again “It wasn’t about you, Kyou. I swear you’re all I’ve ever wanted. You are a wonderful lover. Don’t ever think it was about you! Spending eternity with you in your world is the best thing to happen to me!” She gripped me fiercely, sobbing.

There was a very pregnant pause between us, which eventually I broke, “Look, Evelyn, I don’t know why you can’t just talk to me. Would it help if I told you I can guess what you’re thinking?”

Her eyes still filled with tears and kept silent, I guessed she was worried about what was coming next. However, Evelyn responded with a single nod.

Whatever she hid from me, I really had a bad feeling about it and I didn’t like it… No, she told me about her family wouldn’t accept our relationship just a moment ago. That’s normal and I understood that. A divorcee especially 42 years old like me is not fit for her. But with that reason alone? That seems completely strange to me. Is that even the reason? It’s not like her parents owned this world… unless… Shit, some guess come into my mind and I already hate it. Even I shuddered with the thought.

When I about asked the question…

At almost the same time, an Adamline stone on the necklace she gave to me suddenly burst into a bright light. Wait, I brought it here? It should be on the table.

It started bursting light out in a strange wave pattern. Evelyn watches it in horror face. Then as the light settle down, we heard loud shout, a voice shouted from very far distance.

“Ohhhh, I finally found you, my dear Evelyn!”

A man’s voice boomed so loud that it caused the birds to fly out of the canopies in a panic. Are you some kind of beast? Wait… What did he just say? It just a glimpse but I was sure that I saw Evelyn’s body twitch after she heard that voice.

I glanced in the direction of the voice. There was a man sitting on a steed a bit of a distance from us. He was a handsome man with golden haired wearing silver armor. He sat upon a massive white horse while his white cape blew with the wind leading the group of knights looking people behind him. He looked to be the very definition of a white knight. He was surrounded by a grouping of soldiers, although none of them were dressed as fine as he was.

“Who the hell is this clown?” I asked Evelyn, not able to keep the irritation from my voice.

“…….” Evelyn looked up at me briefly and shook her head.

“Run, Kyou…” Evelyn said in hurry

“Run? Why? Is this guy your brother or something?” I replied, then my eyes narrowed. ”A siscon?”

Evelyn’s eyes were big and her mouth had started to quiver as she watched me. “This is not time for this! I’m telling you to run! Before it’s too late! Before he’s here!”

“And where am I supposed to run!?”

“ANYWHERE! JUST GO! USE YOUR POWER OR JUST RUN FROM HERE!” shouted Evelyn, her voice getting louder.

“Is he-” I began, but I was cut off by the noise of galloping horses. I glanced and saw a cloud of dust rising from distance.

“….no…no” Evelyn said in despair.

The riders pulled into the forest, sending up clouds of dust with their arrival. While I watched, stunned, the men reached us. There appeared to be quite a few more than I originally expected. The first wave appeared to be ordinary soldiers, but behind them were the better dressed knights, including the white knight himself. When he saw the pair of us, the man showed extremely happiness on his face. What? He was happy? No, his eyes are not directed on us but… on her. His eyes were filled with passion and longing for her.

“EVELYN!” the man shouted again. “You’re alright, thank the merciful creator!”

“Evelyn, seriously, who is this guy?” I demanded, cursing out of the side of my mouth.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” She murmured. “I didn’t want things to turn out this way. I didn’t want you to find out this way.”

“Find out?” My insecurities, my previous wife cheating on me, all of it flashed through me in a heartbeat.

For just a brief second, I felt white hot rage, but I instantly put it under control. Evelyn looked hurt, but I could feel understanding through her bond, along with waves of remorse. I calmed down, but unfortunately, I couldn’t stop an ugly look from forming on my face. The man noticed my expression and immediately lept from his horse, pulling his sword.

“Stand back, ruffian.” The man said. “You’re surrounded. If you even think of hurting my Evelyn, I will make you suffer a thousand deaths.”

“Seriously, who is he!” I demanded one last time, finding myself at the end of half a dozen spears aimed at my neck as I tried to step forward.

“Don’t hurt him!” Evelyn cried out, although it looked like the white knight was content having me an inch away from being a pin cushion. “Kyou… this is… my childhood friend.”

As Evelyn said that, her expression lowered and she grabbed her arm, seeming to hug herself like she was trying to escape this situation.


Childhood friend!? That’s a lot worse than ex-boyfriend! This dude got more chance! Especially they grow up together. He knows Evelyn better than me! Dammit! I suddenly felt bad premonition is welling inside me again. It seemed so inevitable that it could be the end of whatever it was we had going.

“Please, Evelyn, don’t feel embarrassed. My name is Leonardo Taebutopia Rey.  Commander of the Holy Vaerian Kingdom’s 101st garrison. I am also Evelyn’s fiancée.” The man, Leonardo declared proudly.

Ohh, this handsome hero looking dude is the so called childhood friend sweetheart. Wait, what, fiancée? I must be misheard him. Just seeing him already pissed me off. I looked at Evelyn who was obviously terrified. She starts crying again. She said nothing but her teary eyes still told me that I needed to run, even if the act was futile. Furthermore, her tears didn’t seem to stop coming, more and more of them as the golden-haired man continued to approach us with his sword drawn.

The man parted from the rest of the group, his look reserved and cautious. Yay me, it’s great he didn’t gaze at me with a look of passion. It would freak me out if he did so. Rather, his look at me was blank until he noticed Evelyn who still sobbed silently. Meanwhile, it looked like there was a muddy patch where Evelyn had fallen. Her butt was covered in dirt, as were the hands she fell on. She went to wipe her tears away, accidently smearing some dirt on her face. He gave a stunned look, and then his expression grew harder, his eyes narrowing on me. I had a feeling this dude misunderstanding the situations.

Seeing that man getting closer, Evelyn turned to face me. “Kyou, please run…”

“To where? I have a dozen spears at my neck if you haven’t noticed.”

Yeah, we were completely surrounded. The knights that lead by that golden headed childhood friend now surrounded us.

“I’m here to find Evelyn, who has been missing for three weeks. Come, my love, step away from this vagrant.”

Evelyn looked at his hand, but refused to take it. After an awkward moment, he pulled it back and gave a gentle laugh.

“Of course, you’re dirty. How rude of me.” He turned to glare at me. “You, man over there, what are your intentions here? Why are you in possession of my fiancée?”

His fiancée… yeah… I had to hear it a second time for it to really sink in.


I was caught off-guard and paused for a moment. What the Fuck! Excuse me. Ahem, what did he just say? I was utterly stunned. He said twice and took me awhile to process those words….

With this revelation, I felt as though I had been punched in the stomach. I was so shocked. I very nearly shouted at her. Even I expected to lose it, but thank god I didn’t. After wallowing in my shock, I started to come to my senses and glaring at the golden haired bastard.

Then through our bond, a wave of sadness and regret hit me. With that feeling alone, I can guess, she understood that hiding this from me was bad.

By Evelyn’s apologetic looks, I was getting the idea. This guy was her childhood friend and fiancée. When she came to my world and we had sex, I must have ruined those plans. That’s why she didn’t want to come back. She didn’t want me to find out about it. I felt angry that she didn’t tell me, but my emotions were more complicated than that. I mean, she didn’t even know me when she was engaged with this guy. If you thought up about it, aren’t I the other guy.

But her fiancée, huh? Just thinking that already made me want to beat him to a pulp… Wait a minute, this situation almost similar to Yuriko’s case! I am not going to be NTR-ed again, right? RIGHT?! Shit, I said it! Is this flag?! No! I still believe I am trusting, romantic, and loving lover! There is no way! But I shuddered at the thought of being cuckolded again…. Ah, Evelyn…

Still, the way this guy looked at me and the newness of this information were too much to handle. I was growing really angry really quick.

“Then perhaps I should tell you what i think?” Leonardo continued to speak after my icy silence. “She’s dirtied. No man with good intentions would have allowed my beautiful fiancée to come to such a state. Her tears speak words that your lying mouth never could. I suspect you are the man who kidnapped her. I don’t know how you alluded our magic for the last three weeks, but the gig is up. You there, admit your crimes and I will offer you a swift death.”

“No!” Evelyn cried out.

“Yeah. I kidnapped her.” I responded casually, causing several of the spearmen to tighten their grips on the spears. Geez, don’t glare me with that eyes, people.

Evelyn stared at me, her eyes bulging, but unable to say any more. She must unable to cope with what I just did.

“So, you confess?”

“Oh, yeah. Totally. I remember it like it was three weeks ago. I was out for a stroll when I saw this little strumpet bathing naked. Naturally, after soiling her with my eyes, I knew my only choice was to have her.”

“Have her?” Leonardo took a step back, his gaze aghast. His body was trembling. Hah! I love that reaction!

“Oh, yeah.” I said darkly, my rage nearly bursting while Evelyn shook her head in helpless disbelief. “She got really beaten up, so I took her to my home and I pushed her down. Damn man, she felt so good.”

“You…” he lifted his sword as if fighting the urge to strike me down on the spot. “Your lies… they won’t…”

“Huh? Lies? What lies? If I haven’t enjoyed every little part of Evelyn, how would I know she has a small birthmark on the back of her knee, and if you touch her there she grows so wet she practically gushes.”

“Kyou… stop…” Evelyn said mournfully.

“I-is this true?” Leonardo turned to Evelyn. His voice was quivers

Evelyn grew flushed, turning away. “N-none of your business.”

“No that, that he… had you?” Leonardo seemed to be having trouble wrapping his head around those words. “That he raped my fiancée after kidnapping her?

Evelyn turned back. “No, it’s not what you th-”

“Oh, I totally raped her. But it wasn’t once. It was over, and over again.” I growled. “God, I took her so many ways over the last three weeks…”

I knew my words were mean. I knew that I was destroying everything. I knew that my life was in danger. However, I couldn’t stop. I was so angry that I couldn’t stop venting, even if it killed me in the process.

“I’ll kill you!” Leonardo finally said, taking step forward.

“Killing an unarmed man? Doesn’t that just make you a coward?”

“You dare… a rapist like you…”

“I dare a lot of things!” I snarled back. “If you’re so convinced I’m a rapist, why don’t you ask Evelyn what she thinks?”

“Why would I need to? Your guilt is already as clear as that criminal slouch you have.”

“You bastard…” I growled, but was unable to move. “You can talk a big talk when you’ve got me surrounded by soldiers.”

“You think you could survive a second against me in a real fight?” Leonardo sniffed.

“Both of you. Stop!” Evelyn shouted.

“Evelyn! A fiancée!” I shot her a look, causing her to wince back.

“It wasn’t my choice… I…” Evelyn’ voice growing choked and she switched what she was going to say. “I love you… I do. Please believe that.”

“Evelyn?” Leonardo blinked. “Don’t tell me; what this man says is true?”

Evelyn looked away from Leonardo’s innocent gaze. “You should realize that our marriage was decided by my family, Leonardo”

The anger I felt a moment before started to diminish. She… she really did love me. This was before. This was in her past, a past she had left behind. In my anger, I was focusing on the wrong things. I always let my anger get the better of me, and this time it almost cost me the best thing to ever happen to me. I filled my mind with the love and affection I felt for Evelyn, and her eyes looked to me, tears starting to form in them.

The look, complete with our bond, said more than words ever could. Evelyn felt remorse and regret. She didn’t want to lie to me, but our whirlwind romance happened so fast that there was never an opportune time to tell me the truth. We literally lived in another world, so she probably thought she had the rest of our existence to come to terms with it. In a way, Evelyn had already shown her devotion to me. She gave me everything. Her very soul was handed to me. I almost forgot that.

Leonardo took a few steps towards Evelyn, who used all of her strength to look him in the eyes, her resolve clear on her face. I started to tense, wondering what this man would do. If he hurt Evelyn, I would absolutely kill him, even if my death followed immediately after. He reached out, but then lightly patted Evelyn on the head, wearing a smile.

“Pre-marriage jitters. Your mother told me she had those as well. Do not fear, I will not rush you. The fact that you are my fiancée is enough for our love to endure.”

Evelyn’s lips tightened in exasperation. “You don’t understand! I did it. I did the ceremony. He is mine, and I’m his.”

For a second, Leonardo looked like he had been struck, but then he shook his head. “He… he coerced you to do this.”

“No… it was my choice. I want to be with him.”

“Wi-with a rapist!?” Leonardo had a confused expression, seemingly unable to wrap his mind around this.

“He’s… he’s special!” She declared, her bond slowly building in strength. “I love him!”

Leonardo looked down sadly at Evelyn, but he showed no anger or disgust. If he did, this would have been easy. Instead, his expression still only held love and affection. I hated seeing my woman being looked at that way by another man.

“Whatever spell this man has put on you, rest assured, our family will stop at nothing to free you from his trickery. I will stand by your side, my Evelyn.”

“No… you’re not listening. You never listen!” Evelyn was shaking her head, even going so far as to hit Leonardo’s chest with her fist, which bounced harmlessly off his armor.

He reached forward and gently removed her wrist from his chest. “I always listen, my love. But you know as well as I that this was wrong. Do not worry. We will fix this. I promise.”

“St-stop…” Evelyn said, tearfully.

Leonardo turned away, his eyes shooting back to me. “Arrest him.”

“What for?” I snapped.

“For kidnapping the princess, of course. I don’t know how much I believe about your other attempts to soil the princess, but you’ve already admitted your guilt, so there is no need for pretense.”

A second knight approached through the break in the spearman, reaching his hands towards me. I realized he had chains, readying them to clasp me in irons. The spears pushed forward until they were nearly choking me, and I had no direction to flee. I suddenly understood why she wanted me to run. I guess she knew this was always going to happen regardless of what she said. Damn it, I was in trouble now. Why did I have to open my big mouth?  Wait… She is PRINCESS?!! Well, it’s not really important.

“No!” Evelyn cried out, reaching up as a glowing light suddenly burst from her hand.

Leonardo spun back, but he didn’t have time. She slammed the ground, and there was a sudden burst of bright light, followed by a shockwave. The guards didn’t expect it, and several of them ended up dropping their spears as the stumbled to the ground. The bond gave me some warning, but I also was a soldier. Flash bombs and the concussion of explosions were not something I was unused to. Perhaps in this world, that kind of stuff was outside the norm for a normal swordsman, but for me, I immediately dived.

The chances of escape were slim. However, perhaps I could teleport back to my world. I could get some weapons or something. I didn’t really know, but I knew the value of a tactical retreat as it’s much better than forcing myself act an idiot and only end up getting killed. I wouldn’t abandon Evelyn forever. We always had the bond. However, her family wasn’t going to hurt her. I just needed to regroup and then come back. However, I barely came out of a roll, diving into a spin as my brain desperately tried to recall what triggered our coming in the first place.

Then, standing right in front of me, was a tall woman. She was an immaculate beauty, the likes I had only seen once before, on Evelyn herself. She had golden hair that reached her shoulders, and a mature experience. Her skin was smooth and beautiful, but her eyes seemed to hold an age to them that Evelyn did not. Is she…?

“What you’ve done to my sister, I will never forgive.” her eyes turned dark in a moment.

A threat then. Still, the knights were behind me and she was in front of me. I immediately reached out to grab her. If I could use her as a human shield, perhaps I could gain a few precious seconds to escape. As my hands reached out, she didn’t show any fear in her expressions. Rather, all she showed was disdain. My hands barely made it to her skin when another flash exploded out. This time, I could feel my body flying back. I thought I might have heard Evelyn screaming. As for my body, it felt like I had been struck by lightning. No, scratch that. I was struck by lightning.

The last thing I remembered as smoke seemed to rise from my chest was a group of people standing over me. Soldiers, the white knight, Evelyn… as I slipped into unconsciousness, I could no longer tell the difference.


There you go, I was knocked unconscious and I ended up waking in this cage, alone. I found myself here without a single chance to defend. Which brought me to my current situation, so how was that recap?

I woke when a dull, aching pain assaulted my mind, only allowing me to elicit a groan. That spell really knocked people out. I blinked, my vision very blurry, and when I tried to sit I found my hands and feet were locked by some kind of iron shackles, as if the cage wasn’t enough. By looking at the materials. These were not normal iron shackles.

There were no windows in this place, or sources of light at all for that matter. I estimated I had been here for three or four days. My captors had never returned to check on me. Obviously they had little concern for my status, because no food or drink had been delivered. No, I wouldn’t eat rats. I’d rather starve to death. Sure, I can find them so easily here… but no means no. I have been going through a lot worst situations back in my days in the army.

But thanks to that, now I feel so weak….

All I did was sleep and think. My whole body felt so sore I couldn’t move for days.

I always wondered why I ended up in this situation.

Sure, I came here for easy money. Just by finding some Adamline, I could get some easy money so I didn’t need to do a dirty job. But my greatest desire, I wanted Evelyn to reunite with her family, so she didn’t have to regret for eternity not seeing them. But now, was it worth it? I definitely didn’t know whether it was or it wasn’t… Maybe this is the situations where I have to say “I reap what I sow”

I also wondered what Evelyn was doing right now or where the hell she was? She was princess, right? She should have some kind authority to release me, but with current situations, I guess her father, the king wouldn’t let it happen… Maybe she attended a big party with her so-called fiancée to celebrate the princess of this kingdom returning.

Did I get NTR-ed again? That was a hard question, I didn’t even know the answer. Hell, I didn’t even slightly feel Evelyn’s emotion through our bond anymore. Perhaps it had been broken. Did this dungeon have some kind of barrier to prevent that? I didn’t know. Did her parents break the Eternal Pacts. Now, she could bond with her so-called fiancée…

When I thought that, I felt my anger returning. I had gotten madder and madder but I tried to control it. I took a deep breath and managed to calm myself. It’s not like I could vent it here, locked in the cell as I was.

I needed to meet with Evelyn and confront her. Oh yeah, I definitely needed some payback as well.

But first, what I needed to do was escape from here.

Inside the dark and cold cell…

There were no signs that anyone other than me had occupied this space for days. I looked forlornly towards the entrance to my cell only to see the door remain still and shut like it had been for quite some time. There was no guard in this area but beyond that door, I was sure there were guards.

I had looked around the small area for the nth time. I was in one of about five cells that were set in this poorly lit dungeon including one torture room right in front of my cell. Geez, why did they place me here anyway? Just put me in the corner cell so I didn’t have to see people’s remains.

Man, I was getting really alone here… Sighing once more I let go of the bars, shut my eyes, and shook my head. “I’m going insane sitting here so long in the silence,” I whispered to myself.

Ok… now what should I do…? I’m sure I could I run from this dungeon with my power by teleporting back to my world, but I was quickly reminded that meant I would have to leave Evelyn behind with HIM. Just thinking that already made it hard to breath.

Let’s forget about that stuff… I needed to find a way to open this lock first. Yeah, that’s what I’d like to say. Because I don’t know how to lock pick this shackle. Why? How could I lock pick this when there is no hole? Geez, are these shackles locked with magic?

Yeah, welcome to a real fantasy world. This was a place where everything was about magic. FUCK off, magic! I might have escaped if it wasn’t for you.

I tried to break it with my enhanced strength but it was futile.

Guess, I really needed to teleport back to my world…? Would the chains join me? Would someone from my world even be able to cut them off?

I tried the same way I came here.


It was not working…I started to think that’s not really my power.

Was my method wrong? Or there was really cool down? But when I come to this world, I use the teleport twice, the first one when I come here for the first time and the second one when I return to my world carrying injured Evelyn.

Or this is the way of God of this world messing with me, they trying to make me believe this power was mine but in fact, it wasn’t. Or they just wanted to make my life more miserable… if so, fuck them.

Well, it’s not like thinking all of that would help…

With an exhale of breath, I lay down on my back and closed my eyes for a moment, trying to work out some sort of plan.

With my whole body aching, I couldn’t help but feel tired. I soon found myself feel sleepy.

Ahh, let’s just sleep… as I closed my eyes. I heard the prison door creak open.

I opened my eyes and looked back up. When I turned my head towards the noise I saw three heavily armored men enter, I can’t see their face as their face as they wearing helmet. The two burley men walked up to my cell and starting undoing the lock.

“Um,” I whispered, “Am I getting to leave?”

One of the three looked at me unkindly informed me, “No, but there is someone want to see you.”

Someone want to see me? Who? Evelyn? One of them unlocked the door and pulled it open.

“Get out, you piece of filth, and make your peace with whichever black deity you pray to. It is time to face your sins and crimes,” The guard said. “Or I shall come in there and get you. If I do, you will come out in pieces.”

My sins and crimes? What was that? Can I eat it? Was my sins and crime fucking Evelyn or coming to this world?

As I stared up in wonder, I was dragged out of my cell and pushed onwards. I cursed at them, but all I got in return was a hard smack on the back of the head. Not sensing that the moment to act had arrived, I clenched my fist and ate the insult. Another shove and I moved forwards.

The guards grabbed me by the arms and spun me around. Grasping me tightly and keeping their, the two guard began to half-push, half-drag me toward the entrance of the Abyss.

I tried feebly to resist by dragging my feet but the guards were much stronger than me and they simply pulled him along. Dammit, were they using magic or something?

“Keep moving, dog!” One of the guards behind me pushed me forward with such might that I bumped into the guard in front of me. The other two at my sides grabbed my arms and rushed me to the unlocked door. After glaring at the guard that pushed me, I walked on my own.

When we passed the door, we entered some kind of the entrance to the Abyss looked like a gigantic temple. It was ancient, being covered in cracks, vine, and moss.

There are so many guards in every corner, and what make it worst, there were guards at every possible escape route. Shit, this is gonna be hard, at this point, I couldn’t do anything without a weapon of some kind, especially with my hands and feet being restrained like this.

What should I do? At this rate, I can’t escape from here! As I began to worry myself, I was dragged again by the guard.

We moved toward a certain door.

I turned to the guards and whispered, “Just a little question. Can you tell me, is this place some kind of religious or cult related? Am I going to be executed here? ”

“Be quiet,” The guard on my right side growled, tightening his grip on my arms. “You should have thought about where your crimes could lead you before you committed them. Plead for mercy as long as you like. We will give you none.”

“Fuck you, then… ” I cursed.

Damn, they are real professional guards. They are not letting their guard down.

Ahhhhh, guess am I going to die here?

The guard looked at the great yawning stone of the entrance’s door as we git closer. It looked almost alive and seemed eager to swallow me whole.


Oh shit, is that confession room, interrogation room or just another torture rooms? They sure have weird hobbies if they have two torture rooms.

The guards pulled me in front of the door, pushing me up on my feet. I stood in front, facing the giant, ancient steel door. I could see a huge lock on the door, very well crafted.

The guard front of me took a key from his belt. He approached the door cautiously and fiddled with the lock. While the guard on my left touch the shackles on my feet and it was removed. Fuck, it’s really has magic function.

As he did, the guard turned around and faced me, drew his sword and pointed it at my chest.

I sharpened my eyes and became ready for the worst.

“You will meet someone who is very special and important, if you try something funny… I will kill you!”

I knew this guard would follow through on his threats.

“Alright, if I managed to please this very important and special, return me to my cell or just release me,” I reply him with smirk.

“You will face your punishment, Dog, and you will pay for what you have done, “The guard answered with a snort.

“Hahaha, that’s really funny because I don’t know what I have done, Dog!”

Then, there was a horrible click. I saw the guard in front was removing the lock.

The guard pushed open the doors. They opened with a loud creak, dust spraying from their edges and falling to the ground.

The door opened to reveal nothing but darkness.


I stared down into the blackness.

“Erm… Is the person who wanted to meet me inside this dark room?”

The guard said nothing and just shoved me forward. I tumbled and fell into the darkness through the open door and landed hard on the other side against something cold.

The guards both grabbed the door and pushed them. As they did, the second guard smiled at me and said, “I hope you suffer.”

The doors then slammed shut and everything went dark.

Ok, now where was this person who wants to meet me.


I sensed another two people in front of me and more behind me.

The dark room suddenly became bright.

I found a beautiful girl around thirteen sitting at a desk with pair of blue eyes looking down at my face. She very much resembled someone I know… she must be…

“Hello, Mr. Criminal, nice to meet you, I am Emilia Reteliwyra Sapphire. Evelyn nee-sama’s little sister” she said, with a raised eyebrow. Once again, I was speechless.

Yup, she was Evelyn’s little sister, I totally expected it.

What made me speechless is why she want to meet me in this place? Should I say the Shimaidon flag was triggered in the wrong way?



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Bonded Goddess – Chapter 9

In my childhood, I used to be lazy… Hell, I could even put Nobita-kun to shame.

Instead of collecting beetles or visiting to sea with my friends during the summer holiday… I preferred to stay home, doing nothing and watching anime.

My laziness gave my parents a headache… especially my late father. Well, my mother didn’t really mind it as I’m sure she preferred me to stay home with her.

This continued until I entered middle high. It wasn’t a cat-robot from the future that fixed my laziness; rather, my old man lost his patience and finally took charge. He kindly advised me to get off my ass through the use of various “slaps of love”. This got him a slap of love from my mother… wonderful family, right?

While rubbing his cheeks, he told me to get a job! He wouldn’t tolerate lazy bums in his house, then he forced me to work at my uncle’s ramen restaurant as a part-timer. The young me was opposed to the idea, because “Someone who has to work has already lost! Only losers work! I am the great Kyo-sama who won’t work!”. You could thank my chuuni side for that…

This made my parents speechless; I still remembered their face that time. The 13-year-old me knew I was fucked up as this made me earn another slap of love from him and even mom joined him this time. Then he told me to work hard if I wanted an allowance. If I didn’t, I definitely would work for free… Thus, I started learning how to hard work… to gain my allowance.

So, what is the definition of working hard? I don’t know… maybe Mr. Google can help you?

Anyway, as I started learning how hard it was to earn money, I finally understood that life didn’t work like how I thought.

One day, my father told me a certain quotes to motivate the lazy me.

Success is no accident. It takes hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, the greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.

I didn’t really know where that came from but it really resonated with me, like something imprinting inside me and changing me…  I guess talking no jutsu can work in real life too. I believed those quotes so much even though I was sure he ripped those quotes off from somewhere.

Since then, I started getting serious about working hard. I had the integrity and ability to work. I kept telling myself that I could achieve anything if I worked hard enough! Without hard work, I gained nothing. So, I always worked like I didn’t need money.  Well, money was important though. I had money. There was quite a large savings. That savings was enough to make it so I didn’t need to work for a decade as long as I wasn’t being wasteful. However, the money wasn’t infinite and wouldn’t last forever.

So, I needed more. I had to work to earn my keep. To work meant I had to find a job.
Yes, finding a job was very important. Especially now that I had someone who was willing to spend eternity with me.

I could take my time to find one, but I desperately searched like a madman… I guess I am a workaholic, huh?

It’s your fault for making me this way, old-man!


Two weeks passed since I sent a ton of resumes to several local companies and I finally got a response two days ago.

The interview day came quickly.

Seriously, finding a decent job was hard, especially with a criminal record. I’d been out every day, beating the bushes, checking every Internet job search site I could locate and I even went to the classified ads in the newspaper. It was near the end of the day and I was tired and frustrated. The last guy I’d called had left it with “… don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

But I never really got a proper response until yesterday. I wondered why? Was it really just my criminal record? Tsk!

Anyway, since today was my job interview, I had to prepared myself and even cut my hair to make my looks proper and clean. When I saw myself on the mirror, I saw a confident handsome man in my late twenties! Yup, this looked like me during my golden age! I was back to what I used to be! That was good sign! I even had to get my suit dry and cleaned. It smelled a bit. Well, that was because the other day Evelyn saw me in it and well… She asked me for “exercise”, so… Let’s just say thanks to a little “exercise”, it smelled like sex, cough… I mean it smelled funny. The dry cleaners gave a disapproving stare as they returned the suit. That was mortifying, but I made sure to keep it clean for this day. And keep Evelyn from asking for more “exercise”.

Evelyn cooked me a delicious breakfast and before I left, she gave me a kiss of encouragement. I was in heaven. Of course, I went to the company for my first interview with a burning spirit.
Also, while it was unexpected, Evelyn kept my house clean. She cooked for me and did my laundry. One could call her a goddess in all respects. I definitely wouldn’t let her down. She basically acted like my housewife, so it was imperative that I provide for her.

This company paid a little less than what I had been making in my first job, but it was far more than that construction job. That wasn’t unexpected. It had a lot of travel requirements, even more than I had from my first job. Right now, that was actually a benefit as far as I was concerned. I could take Evelyn during travel as I wanted to show her my world. So, it was not really a problem.

I entered the building with great confidence; I wasn’t the kind of guy who got nervous easily. The location was very clean and the receptionist was friendly. I also didn’t see any other applicants sitting in the lobby, so I was getting more excited that this would go well.


This was when I felt something tingling at the back of my neck.  It came from my experience back in the army. It was akin to feeling killing intent. It was like someone was looking at me while filled with malice and hatred. This instinctually caused me to look back behind me. That was when I saw him. It was a man in a suit. He immediately turned away and ducked into a side room. I had only seen him for a second, but I had a sense of familiarity or rather he looked very familiar… Where had I met that man before? Hmmmmm…..

“Mr. Ogawa, we’re ready to take you right now,” a woman spoke up.

I didn’t have time to think about the strange scene, so I turned away and stood up, putting my best face on as I nodded to the woman.

I followed her as she lead me to a small conference room. There was a tidy guy sitting there, he had dark eyes and short black hair. He was much younger than I was; however, given how my own appearance had changed recently, the difference between our ages wasn’t as obvious as it might have once been. I saw his name and his position on the name tag. Tanaka Akifumi, Manager.

“Mr. Ogawa, please sit down,” Tanaka suggested without standing to meet me.

Already nervous, I didn’t mind it as I sat down and tried to exude as much confidence as I could.

“So, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?” He offered, un-smilingly.

“Yes, well, I used to work for the FK Group.”

“You haven’t been working there for the last 2 years, yes? Instead, I see you’ve been working in construction.” The man eyed some papers on his desk.

“Yes, I’ve been working on construction since… well, my relationship with my wife ended, and I needed a few years to find myself. However, I’m ready to return and-”

“Find yourself? That’s very interesting, Mr. Ogawa,” Tanaka cut me off. “But didn’t you end up going to jail for that?”

I frowned, a little unhappy especially how he put it. I had expected I’d need to answer for that eventually. I had just hoped I could push forward my own strengths a bit before he brought it up.

“Yes… well, I caught my wife in bed with another man. It was a messy situation. However, I’m confident now that I-”

“How did it feel?”

“Uh… what? I’m sorry?”

“How did it feel when you caught your wife on top of some strange man?” Tanaka’s question was spoken so matter of factly that my mouth simply fell open in surprise.

“Naturally, I was angry. However, I served my time.” I calmly spoke while I suppressed my irritation toward this rude man.

“Do you really think if you couldn’t control your anger then, that we can expect you to control your anger in our workplace?”

“I’m sorry, but that was in the past, and an extremely emotional event. I’m sure you understand, had you caught your own wife-”

Tanaka let out a laugh. “Of course, I’d never be stupid enough to not know my wife was cheating on me for years before hand.”

“I-” I shook my head, anger rising inside me.

What was this guy’s aim? Is he trying to piss me off? Is this a test to see if I could keep my anger? If this was, it was a cruel one. I knew I had anger issues that made me blame anyone who made me angry but it already started to mellow thanks to my previous Evelyn’s presence. So, I swallowed my anger the best I could. This was my chance at a job, i couldn’t just give up. Wait… I just thought of something wrong with what he said.

That skank cheating on me for years? Yeah, I knew that. That was old news, but…

“How do you know my wife cheated on me for years?” I asked darkly.

Is that information on my resumes? Hell no! It’ll be bad for my job prospects!

“Hah… isn’t that always how it goes?” The man looks away, but I saw a flash of something in his eyes that told me he was lying. “Either way, I ask the questions in this interview. Are you still in love with your ex-wife? Are you here because you found some other woman to abuse? So, now you feel like you deserve to make mo- ahhhh!”

I immediately stood up and grabbed the man, pulling him towards me and slamming him down on the table. Ahhh, I fucked up… but I felt better as I vented my anger.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”  I viciously asked him.

“You-! Se-seee! You’re just some angry criminal. What company would ever hire you? The fact you even had the gall to apply to this position when you ex is married to the CEO of a major company?”

“I’m asking what the fuck my ex-bitch and her husband have to do with any of this?” I shouted.

“Fuck yo-” I slugged his face, giving him a bloody lip as he gawked at me in surprise.

“I’ve already been to prison. You said so yourself. I am an angry criminal! Do you want to die?” I threatened him as I spoke in a low voice.

“You— s-securi-” I slugged him in the face again.


“Ah! Okay… okay… you… bastard… you don’t even know this company is a subsidiary of Furukawa Kenji?”

“Furukawa?” the name came crashing home. “That man…”

The man sneered at me, his teeth bloody. Furukawa Kenji… that was a name I never wanted to hear again. It was a name I only became familiar with because it was the name of the man I assaulted, the new CEO of FK Group two years ago. It was the name of the man who put me in jail. It was this bastard who had fucked my ex-wife, took everything from me and ruined my life. I had only seen him once or twice before. And at that time, I had messed his face quite badly, so I didn’t recognize him by sight, but now I realized it was the same man who had hidden when I glanced at him outside.

“You get it? You never fucking had a chance at this job!” Tanaka, the man who interviewed me was likely one of Furukawa’s yesmen, and he had been put up to insulting me in this interview, because at his heart, Furukawa was a coward who didn’t fight for himself.

“Fuck you!” I cursed. “I don’t need your fucking job. I’ll just get another-”

“You don’t fucking get it!” He spat. “You beat up the wrong fucking guy. Furukawa Kenji may be a fresh upstart CEO, but he has influences everywhere! You’ve been blacklisted. There isn’t a single company in Japan that’d dare hire you!”

WHAT THE FUCK!? That man actually had that big of an influence?

“Fuck!” I cursed, tossing the man off the table.

That’s why I was having so much trouble? It wasn’t just that I had a criminal record, but Furukawa had fucked me over throughout the entire business industry. I ignored the laughing man behind me and shoved my way out the door. I was actually planning on tracking down that asshole and beating the shit out of him again, but a part of me stopped it…as much I want to beat him to pulp, I had Evelyn waiting for me at home.

As soon as the door opened, I found it surrounded by six security guards.

“Mr. Ogawa, we’re here to escort you out of the building.” The head security guard declared, holding something in his hand that looked like a taser. “Mr. Tanaka, are you alright?”

“He fell and hurt his face.” I declared, shooting back a glare.

The glare was directed only at Tanaka who was hidden behind me. He was standing there with a bloody face. It looked like he was about to start some trouble, perhaps trying to get me arrested for assault. However, I watched him with killing intent, like a predator eyeing his prey. For a man who used to be in the army, I could exude a killing intent that most normal people couldn’t tolerate. His entire body shivered as he suddenly felt the sensation of a knife pressed to the edge of his throat. He rubbed his neck nervously. Even sucking up to his boss wasn’t worth his life.

“Uh… yes, I fell. Just escort him out of this building.” Tanaka, looked away unable to meet anyone’s eyes.

The security looked confused. Clearly, they had all been planning to set me up and send me away in cuffs. However, Tanaka couldn’t describe the feeling of certain death that shot through him from my look. Since he didn’t admit I hit him, there was nothing illegal I had technically done. The security guards were helpless as they brought me to the lobby and let me go. As I walked out of the lobby unharmed, I felt those same hateful eyes. Furukawa himself was likely looking at me, hidden behind a corner, like the scared little coward he was.

I didn’t look back, walking out of the enemy base with my back held high and my knuckles covered in blood. The whole interview had been a long set up by that wimp Furukawa. Even though Furukawa had caught me in his trap, I walked out of it feeling like a winner.

However, there was one thing I knew for certain. I wasn’t going to be able to get a job in my old field of engineering. For someone with a master’s degree, the degree had essentially become useless. Twenty years ago, I worked my ass to get that degree back in college to find a dream job. I wanted to work for a large company that had a big government contract to develop devices that would help wounded soldiers become completely mobile despite spinal cord and other serious injuries. Then I finally hired by one of the big company. But that bitch and her husband ruined it for me… Fuck them!

Guess my degree can’t be used anymore?

However, I really needed a job, a decent job with good payment. Should I return to that old fat bastard? The answer was no. That old fart was a demanding, arrogant bastard. He wouldn’t hire me back anyway after how I quit. Also, I was looking for a long-term job, not a laborer on a construction site.

Now, what should I do? I’d always thought that I had pretty good luck. But that’s not the case, I guess. I stopped believing in luck since that day.

I still don’t have a job, I really felt ashamed… Especially, I didn’t know how to face Evelyn. Evelyn maybe would just shrug it off and smile saying “Tough luck” then start comforting me by putting my head in her soft huge boobs. She had been doing that when I felt down or depressed. While it was very comfortable, I couldn’t let myself dwell on it. It would make me spoiled.

I sat in the car, about ready to head home while thinking about my next plan to find a job while knowing every opportunity to find one was very hard or I should say impossible.
While thinking that, I browsed my phone contact before starting the engine. Maybe some old-friends could help me but most of them drop me after the divorce. At least, I still have few true friends that still remained loyal to me.

I kept browsing until I stopped at on certain number.

“………” I just keep looking at that specific number with a hard look.

[Grace: xxx-xxx-xxxx]

I know her number is still working.

Shall I call her? She’s the only person I can ask on this matter. Who the hell was Grace? She was my colleague back in military and my so called ex-girlfriend for two years. Grace was a Korean-Japanese woman. You could say she was very beautiful if we didn’t compare her with Evelyn. While she was very strict and disciplined, she was very gentle and kind.

Why contact her? Ahhh, I did mention I had military experience, right? I could get a job easily through her. She had contacts and connection with foreign armies. You could say, she did dirty jobs. She trusted me enough to tell me about this as we had a history together.  Of course, I would take her secrets until I died… Well, it was not like I could die now… I would keep her secrets for eternity.

She could give me a job with a big payment and to be honest, I didn’t really care about if the job was dirty. Especially now, after what just happened.

During my high-school years, I’d go out looking for trouble and I did a lot of things that broke the law during those days which resulted in a lot of bad memories. I was a stupid teenager back then which caused my late father headache. After I graduated from high school, my father used his influence to enlist me in the military to make me a better person.

At first, I hated it as why would I need to do this but as I spent my time in the military, I grew to like it and start reflecting on my stupidity. Of course, I worked hard since I would die in battlefield if I slacked off.  How do you think I could survive a war if I sucked? Luck saved my ass? Well, take that luck and shove it in you hairy ass and thanks me for my hard work. Later I enlisted to a certain special squad and there I met Grace. We spent time together until we had a relationship. Of course, that included sexual relations before we start dating.

We fought together in a few campaigns in Africa, Eastern Asia and Central Europe.

Did I kill people? The answer is yes and no… Yes, I kill, a lot of soldiers, but no, I never killed civilians. Even if I did, I won’t regret it… I think we’re getting kind of off topic… don’t look at me like that.

Okay, I was in this dilemma, should I call her? But what I can say? I never talked to her since my wedding. After retired from army and went to college, we remained in a relationship during that time, but finally decided to break up because we didn’t have the time to meet up anymore, especially since she traveled to other countries for missions.

The break-up was painful but we separated on good term but we know lost something important.
Over the next several months, we tried to avoid running into each other even the chance are very low then I meet that Yuriko, the Bitch. I started dating her as my relationship with Grace grew more distant. When I married, I did invited Grace to my wedding, but she’s didn’t come. Guess she did not really want to see me. But I kept her number. It never changed anyway. She once told me those digits were lucky. So I added her phone number to my phone, even I never really planned to call her. I also put it in my address books in case, I lost my phone.

It has been 21 years since I talked to her…  Guess, I decided to make a phone call after all.
After few rings… she picked up.


“Hello. It’s been awhile, Grace, it’s me.”


Silence, but I knew she’d speak soon.

“After 21 years, here you called me… What do you want from me, Kyou?”

“Nothing… I just want to speak to an old friend.”

“Old friend?”

“Yes, it’s been quite a long time since we talked, I just want to speak to you.“

“Cut the crap, Kyou. You must be need “something” to have called me.” She spoke with a  snarl.
Her voice didn’t really change but her words sounded very cold and sharp. I couldn’t help it, dammit! I didn’t know what to say… it had been 21 years since we talked.

“No… I..” I stuttered.

“I said cut the crap….”

“Erm… it’s kinda hard… to tell you… but…”.

“But what?”

“I need a job.”


Silence again. I didn’t know what reaction she wore right now, but she seemed quite surprised. After a while, she spoke again.

“Job? If you called me… you know what kind of job you will get, right? ”

“Yes, I know but I already don’t care if it’s dirty… ”

“What happened to your job? If I remember correctly, after you graduated from college, you were hired by the FK Group, and started working on their Engineering Division…”

“Yes, but I was fired two years ago…”


“I caught Yuriko cheating on me, and her lover happened to be the new CEO, Furukawa Kenji…”


Again with silence, geez… then she screamed loudly, almost breaking my eardrum.

“YOU BASTARD! Didn’t I tell you to stay away from that woman! I told you, she was a parasite! This wouldn’t have happened to you if you did not retire from the army!” Grace furiously scolded me.

Yes, Grace had met Yuriko once. She immediately told me to break up with Yuriko after a single glance, telling me Yuriko was a parasite. Back then, I didn’t know why she hated Yuriko so much to the point calling her “parasite” but I could understand now…

“I’m sorry for disappointing you, Grace.”

Grace gave a sigh, ”So, you must be very desperate to call me.”

“Not really… Ah, I mean, yes, I’m really desperate here… I need a job.”

Yes, I really needed a job especially after that shitty farce…

Silence again but this time, I was sure she was thinking about my offer.

“……Please?” I said in most pleaful voice.

“Hah, a week from now. Meet me in Luben Club. You know where it is, right?”

The Luben Club? That recent nightclub that was just opened a few days ago? Well, It didn’t matter. I’d find it.

“Ah, yes, I know but next week? Can’t we meet right now?”

“We can’t. Currently, I’m spending my vacation in France with my daughter.”

For some reason, I felt hurt when she mentioned she had a daughter. Of course, she’d have a daughter. It has been 21 years. It was not weird for her to marry someone… then I remembered Evelyn’s smiling face which snapped me back to reality.

“Oh, ok… I’m sorry for bothering you and your daughter…”

“….It’s okay… I’m also sorry for yelling.”

“Nah, It’s my fault for being unreasonable and asking favors out of nowhere. Sorry.”

“Kyou…” she whispered.

“Yes, what is it, Grace?”

“I’m so sorry. And it’s been awhile,” she murmured. “I should have made an effort to be in your life.”

“Yeah, I’m just as responsible, I’m sorry for everything. And yes, it’s been while,” I replied.

“”……”” Both of us fell silent as there was nothing else to say.

“Well, okay…I guess that’s all for now, let’s meet up next week,” I told her.

“Yes, I’ll call you back when I return to japan,” she added.

“Goodbye,” I whispered.

“Yes, goodbye,” she responded in a soft voice as she disconnected the call.

Hah… Grace had a daughter, huh… I wondered what kind of beauty she was. She must be beautiful like her mother. But who was the lucky guy? Well, I could ask her when we met.

A few minutes after Grace hung up; I pulled out of the parking lot, and began driving my way back home. On the way home, I still didn’t know how to explain this to Evelyn. Let’s explain this later after dinner.

And with that thought… I reached my home.

As I entered the house, Evelyn was there wearing an apron and welcoming me with her lovely smile. This instantly made my stress go away.

“Welcome back, how was it?” she asked.

“Long and tiring. And…I failed…” I wryly said that.

“Ohhh…,” She put apologetic face when she heard that.

She pulled me onto her arm, wrapping them around me and embracing me. I returned the favor.

“It’s okay,” she said. “You have been doing this for two weeks now. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

“You deserve it. You’re a very special person.” I kissed her cheek before moving to kiss her lips. She kissed me back, with our mouths pressed tightly together and our tongues being used in the same way.She abruptly broke the passionate kiss and said, “I was preparing dinner”

“What’s for dinner?” I asked as I saddled up behind her and reached both arms around her waist.

I kissed her on her neck and snuggled up to her affectionately.

“Mnn…Fried chicken, burger and Salad. I just have to finish cutting up these vegetables.” She said as she held her naughty voice.

I released her, “All right, I’m gonna change. You can keep going.”

“Okay.” She return to the kitchen while I went to my room, changing out of my suit.

I took off my underwear as well. Then I put on a plain white t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. I could feel more comfortable this way.I headed to the kitchen as I couldn’t wait to eat her cooking anymore with the smell of her delicious meal permeating the house.

“Ah, there you are. Here.”

Evelyn looked up at me as she put a plate on the table. She cooked quite a lot but I could eat it all. She sat in front of me. I stared down at fried chicken, burger and salad and then started eating it slowly.

Evelyn took a bite of the burger and swallowed, then looked at me slow movements with her ruby eyes.

“…. Not good?”

“Yes, sorry.”

“I meant the food…” She pouted.

“Ah, It’s great… very delicious, sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Evelyn assured me as she chewed another bite.

I rolled my eyes, “I still failed you though…”

“Kyou, you don’t need to beat yourself over failing once.”

“I know… still, I’m sorry,” I sighed. “It feels like a worthless apology… I’m showing you my pathetic side…”

She put down her burger and sighed as she looked me in the eye. “You’re not pathetic, Kyou… I know we just met and have barely spent three weeks together and I still could barely be considered as an acquaintance, but I know you are great man and I love you.”

I felt embarrassed when she told me that.

“Beside, you have more than enough money, right? I think you should stop looking for a job.”

“No,” I immediately rejected that.

“Why?” She ask while glaring me, wait…Is she mad? Why would she be angry?

“So, I can show you my worth! Not by using the money I have.”

Sure, I have money. My savings is more than enough to keep both of us alive for 10 years at most if were careful. But it didn’t mean I didn’t need work. Like I said, the money eventually would be used up and gone. So, I needed to work. I know it’s just me, but I’m so desperate looking for job I even went as far as asking Grace to give me a job, thanks to the shitty couple.

Evelyn’s look softens as she feels my emotion and desperation through our bonds.

“You really are a troublesome workaholic man…normally when someone has money, they tend to spend their money.”

“Well, we do have money, but I won’t spend it all…”
Well, I said that… but in the truth, I was spending more than enough, like buying Evelyn lots of clothes, make-up and etc. Evelyn looked more troubled than happy.

Evelyn silence looked like she was thinking about something for a second.

“I see… money is quite a problem in this world, huh… then let me help…”

She slightly lifted her hand and pulled out something from her Dimensional Storage. What appeared on her hand were two pieces of jewelry. It was a beautiful expensive looking necklace and ring.

Evelyn handed them to me and I took them.

“Why are you giving me this?” I looked at Evelyn before examining the jewelry; they looked so damn expensive. If that bitch saw them, she definitely would try to steal them.

“Insurance,” Evelyn responded.

“Yes, if you can’t find a job. You should sell them, I’m sure you can get quite a lot of money from them. Enough to make it so you don’t need to work for quite a long time and more than enough to cover our life expense.”

Was it just me or did she actually not want me to find a job?

“….Sell these? But…they looks important?”

Yeah, this set of jewelry looked too important. Just looking at the designs and the gems decorating them, they were very beautiful. Was this a gift or a family heirloom?

“Not really…” She shrugged.

“Is this not really important to you?”

“No, they are not. I don’t care if you sell them now.”


“Well, I don’t want become your burden.”

Burden? Really? She actually thought I would treat her as a burden?

“You’re not a burden, Evelyn,” I reprimanded her.

“I know… I just don’t want to see those again…” Evelyn looks at the jewelry with contempt.

“You hate these?” I asked as I look at the jewelry again.

“Not really…”

She seems very uncomfortable with this conversation. I changed the subject.

“What are those? I never seen such beautiful gem”

“Those are called Adamline, one of the most expensive gems in my world”

Most expensive gem!!!? She was actually giving me this!?

“….You sure were giving me this?”


“Are those gem hard to get?”

“No, you can find those gems easily in the Lieben forest.”

“Lieben forest??”

“The forest where we met.”

Ahhh, it had been three weeks since we met, but how nostalgic… So, the forest where I had that fateful meeting with Evelyn was called Lieben Forest. A forest where a Tree of Life was located. But seriously, the most expensive gem was easy to find… What kind of setting was this?
Evelyn seemed to notice my questioning look.

“I said easy to find, not easy to get….”

Ohh… This gem was the “easy to find but hard to get” type…

“You can find them in a specific location, see them but to get them, it is very hard?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Where is this mine located?”

“Close to the Tree of Life, we kind of passed it when we ran from the Cyclopes.”


Ahh, I wanted to see this Gem’s mine now…  Then it suddenly struck me. Wait a minute, I had been wondering about this for awhile… what was she doing in that forest, the Lieben Forest, that late at night, anyway?

“Evelyn, can I asked you about something?”

“Hmmm, yes?”

“What were you doing in that forest?”

She fell silent as I asked that. I supposed this was another uncomfortable conversation for her but I pushed forward anyway.

“I mean, you took a bath in the river late at night, wasn’t that very dangerous? Especially with the Cyclopes coming out of nowhere.”

“….For a ritual…” she murmured.

“Ritual? What ritual?”

“Cleansing soul ritual… My kind believes if we take a bath under the full moon, our soul and body will be pure. It’s very important for my kind… Especially for a 22 years old lady like me.”

“I see…. Wait… 22?”

Did I mishear what she just said?

“I’m sorry, what did you just say? 22?”

“What? Are you having a problem with that?” Evelyn looked irritated.

22? She was 22 years old!! She was actually 20 years younger than me! Geez, I thought she was a Baba in an 18 years old body! To think she was that young!

“No, I just thought you were an over 200 years old baba with an 18 years old appearance,” I bluntly responded.


“YOU WHAT?!” She yelled as she stood, slamming her hand on the table.“YOU BASTARD! YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT I WAS OVER 200 YEARS OLD?!!?”

Her face went red as she made an outburst. If this was a cartoon, her face would be the sort that let steam out the ears and looked ready to explode any time. While this situation was kind of funny, I decided to calm her before she actually attacked me.

“Sorry, I just under impression that you are older than me.”


“When you explain about our Eternal Pact…”

“WHAT?!!! THAT’S 3 WEEKS AGO! SO, ALL THIS TIME, YOU BELIEVED I WAS OLDER THAN YOU!! HOW DARE YOU!” she grabbed my collar and then started shaking me…

“I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! But won’t you be just as beautiful at 200 hundred as you are now? Doesn’t that mean I love you no matter what?”

“Ah!” Those words seemed to catch Evelyn off guard, breaking her anger. “That is… never mind that, what exactly happen with your interview?”
She quickly changed the conversation and finally used my moment of weakness to ask about this.

“Well, I-”

“Actually, stop right there… let’s finish our dinner first.”   Evelyn interrupted me as I was about to open my mouth.


We ate our dinner silently.


Right after finishing dinner, the silver haired woman was sitting across from me while wearing a serious face.

“Now, tell me what happen,” Evelyn demand while glaring at me.

Could you please not glaring me like that? You’re making me nervous. I know you’re still mad about me mistaking your age. Geez, women are really sensitive to their age.

“This is really hard to explain.”

“Well, I am a little confused, which is why I want you to explain it to me.”

Her eyes focused on me, expecting me to start.

I looked down and thought quickly. Did I want to make something up, tell her the whole truth or just tell her part of the truth? But could I even do that? Our bond connection was basically a lie detector… Also why would I need to do that? So, I avoided lying to Evelyn as much as humanly possible. I’ve always felt that trust between lovers must be rooted in honesty regarding all things, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. Some things, however, are best left unsaid. Like considering taking a dirty job or Grace… Evelyn will definately be mad at me if I took on a dirty job.
I took a deep breath and decided to face this.

“Well,” I began “The whole thing was just one big setup.”

She glanced up at me with her red eyes as she listened.

“What do you mean?”

“The interview was just a farce set by my ex-wife’s husband to humiliate me. Hell, I’m pretty sure that woman also involved with this. Will those two give it a rest already!!” I said vehemently.

“Kyou, calm down. I know you are angry… but can you tell me the whole story?” Evelyn spoke while handing me a glass of water.

I drank the water and took a deep breath and started explaining from beginning. Evelyn just sat and listened.

I talked about what happened, about the interview, how I let my anger get the better of me, beat my interviewer up and learned all of that was just a farce to trap me. As I continued to speak, I started insulting and blaming the bitch and her husband for my predicament.

“So… in short, all the resumes you sent were rejected because of the man called Furukawa Kenji’s influence? Then the man himself set the interview using his influence to trap and frame you?” she inquired.

I nodded at her question, causing Evelyn to sigh.

“I really think you should stop looking for a job,” Evelyn said as she took a sip of water.

“…You know, for the past two weeks since I started job hunting, I had a feeling you were against it.”

She smiled and ran her fingers through my hair all the while looking me in the eye. “I’m not. I know you’re doing this for us, but to be honest, I’d prefer if you stayed with me.”

“I see…”

So, Evelyn was a lonely type girl that loved being spoiled by her beloved. Damn… now I was in a dilemma…

“Well, what I am supposed to do now? Now, I know I can’t find a job… Should I go to your world and become a merchant or adventurer?” I jokily said, but it actually gave me an idea.

That brought her up short and gave her a moment of pause.  “You want to go to my world?”

“Yes, is there problem?”

“No… there…is no problem… But why?”

“I just got the idea…Well, just few second ago, how about selling some of the magical items for profit so I can open my own business. People in this world will pay millions on useless magnets. Imagine selling them a bracelet that ACTUALLY increased their vitality. Well, I wouldn’t want anything that miraculous, it might get me in trouble, but I’m sure there are things in your world that my world doesn’t have.”

Yup, for example, this Adamline… I’m sure I could earn more than a million dollars if I sold this for few grams of it. With that I could live comfortably with Evelyn.

Evelyn put on a complicated face, “Why can’t you just open up a business here?”

“I feel I can gain more there? I don’t have trading skills but maybe buying stuff over there and selling them here will give more profit. I’m not confident I can sell things on my own. In the past, a lot of profits came from transporting things from one part of our world to another, such as the spice trade. I have the ability to literally cross worlds, though I still don’t know how to use it. Isn’t this just taking advantage of my innate abilities?”

I have been thinking about why I can go to Evelyn’s world… I’m not summoned like novel clichés. I’m going there and I can return here on my own. I came to the conclusion that this was my power. No, it was definitely my power. But why did it activate after all these years? What was the trigger? Then again, how to activate it was still a mystery.

Of course, opening a business was still just talk. I didn’t even know how to use this power. Before going there, what I needed to do was learn about this ability of mine.

While I thinking that, I didn’t realize Evelyn had put on a difficult face.


“Evelyn?” Evelyn glanced at me while wearing a serious look.

“Kyou, I don’t know how to tell you this…” Evelyn spoke with uncertainty, “Returning to my home world is a bad idea. Under no circumstances are we to go back.”

“Why, what’s wrong with your world?” I asked, as Evelyn had suggested it was a bad idea.

“It’s just, my family… they wouldn’t understand.”

“Your family? Like your father?”

“My parents… and my sisters…” Evelyn sighed.

“You have a sisters?” I didn’t mean to sound so excited, it’s not like I was into that kind of thing, I swear!

“Mm…” Evelyn lowered her head sadly.

I could feel some fear and apprehension through the bond. This wasn’t something Evelyn wanted to talk about. I wasn’t really one to want to push her, however, this was her family.

I wasn’t surprised that the family might take some issue with me. Evelyn was way outside my own class. Putting aside species, just her beauty alone made me unworthy of her in any sense of the word. My own ex-wife’s family actually got along with me at first. However, as we drifted apart, they became more hostile. After I had caught her cheating, her mom and dad had decided I was the scum of the earth.

They made no attempt to hide their dislike when I saw them in court. Both they and her old friends always felt she was too good for me and wondered why she would marry beneath herself. I was a ‘good-looking trash’ according to her father. Seriously, where did the people I used to respect go? Why did everyone take her side? Is she actually using some kind of charm magic or hypnosis app like in ero doujinshi?

Those were latent thoughts from a different me. This time, I had a goddess, and our bond told me how she truly loved me. To be honest, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t feel it myself. It doesn’t really make sense to me how she could look at me and feel affection. Perhaps years of abuse had made me begin to think I truly didn’t deserve it. In that respect, Evelyn was the perfect girl for me.

“Evelyn…” I spoke, moving down to one knee in front of Evelyn and putting on a serious look.

“Eh? Eh! Eh!” Evelyn began to grow flustered as I kneeled in front of her and grabbed her hand.

Wait, isn’t this kind of position suggestive of something? I mean, she’s sitting down, so it’s not quite the same thing, but suddenly this situation looks like I’m about to make a life decision here. Well, I feel this is a bit of a life decision, but perhaps it isn’t on that actual level. I really wanted to go to her world. I needed to find out more about the woman I would spend the rest of eternity with.

Staying here with her was wonderful, but there was something missing. What is that word? What is that missing thing I feel I need before I could our tail to rest? Ah, that’s right, closure! I need closure. I need to meet Evelyn’s family. I need her to be able to see her home and then choose to come back to this world with me. Last time we left, it wasn’t really her choice or rather I kidnap her from her world.

Going to her world wasn’t just about a job. I wanted to take Evelyn back to her world. In a way, I never finished saving her those weeks ago until I finally brought her back. That was the simple truth of it.

“Evelyn, I want you…” Before I could finish the words, there was a growing light.

My body started to tingle and I felt a floaty feeling. The world turned to white. This was a familiar feeling, one I’ve already done twice before. I had merely held her hand and wished for her world, and it activated. Was my desire and intent all that was needed? There had to be some kind of cooldown right? I don’t know, the only thing I know is that we’re teleporting again.

With that, I went to Evelyn’s world again…


Had I known what would happen after this… I definitely wouldn’t have returned to Evelyn’s world.  Just like she said, it was a bad idea, a very bad idea… especially when I saw Evelyn’s tears…


Evelyn’s ARC START

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Bonded Goddess – Chapter 8.5 : Interlude

My name is Ogawa, no, Furukawa Kirino. Currently, I accompany my mother to SPA & Salon…

“Thanks for coming out with mommy sweetie, I’ve just been having the worst day!” Mom said with a sigh, sinking in the chair while her feet soaked in the footbath underneath. “Are you sure you don’t want a full pedicure too? Your father is always tight with money, but I swiped his card so it’s on me.”

“Kenji-san’s not my da- uh…” I quickly changed what I was going to say as Mom’s look darkened. “It’s fine, Mom, just enjoy yourself.”

Mom’s expression put my slip past her and she just settled down in her chair, even more, letting out a sigh as a lady came up to pull out and dry one of her feet. It had been a week since I had seen that wretched man at the mall, and I still just couldn’t get the sight out of my mind. Why was he with that girl? Who is she? Who is that super beautiful girl?! She was practically my age or maybe little order by two or three years! I knew fa-err… that man was a despicable and violent person, but to think he prays on young women.

Were girls my age his type? No, that wasn’t the right question. Who was she anyway? She must have been one of those escorts! That’s right. That’s the kind of man he was, he’d be the kind of man who’d hire escorts. That’s what mom said he used to do while they were married. He used to cheat on my poor mother horribly. He’d sleep with prostitutes and other women and then come home to mom. If she didn’t cater to everything he wanted, he’d hit her.

Fath-I mean, that man was horribly nefarious. He never let me, his daughter, see his true side. He always hid that in the dark as he beat mom in ways I never saw. She once even showed me bruises he had left on her butt. She said he had spanked her on the butt one day when she talked back to him! Had I not come over to see what he had done to mom and Kenji, I might have doubted mom’s words, but the truth was clear to see!

“Honey, your face is all crinkled, it’s going to give you ugly wrinkles. Why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind? Mommy makes everything better.” Mom smiled.

Mom always liked it when I had problems. Rather, I should say that mom liked to help me out. She was never happier than when I was at my most miserable. No, that makes it sound negative. I was always there for mom. She was such a beautiful and gentle woman, that’s why she needed her daughter’s love. I had loved both of my parents, but as mom explained, sometimes a parent just isn’t worthy of your love, and my fathe- that man is one of them! Damn him! Why was he even out in public? And with such a beautiful girl! What’s she got that I don’t have! No, what’s with that thought, just to hell with th-tha-

“Kyou.” The name slipped out of my mouth before I could help it.

Immediately, I felt the frosty chill of my mother. Any pleasantness she showed me died the second I mentioned his name. There was a time I remembered still calling him father, but mom told me I had a new dad now.

I vaguely recall a time I wanted to get dad’s side of the story, but mom said, “Do you hate your mother so much that you’d go behind her back and talk to that man. Would you really betray your own mother? Just stab a knife in my back right now!”

I also remember her not giving me food for two days because I once said mom should forgive dad. She said I was getting fat and needed the diet anyway. It just… grew into a habit after that. Dad was a taboo subject that you couldn’t bring up unless she brought it up. If mom brought it up, only completely agreeing with her would get me through the conversation unscathed. However, this was all okay, I understood that dad was a touchy subject. He was a bastard who beat mom regularly, so she had every right to despise him. It was really my fault for trying to hold on to the good memories I had of him. Those memories were a twisted lie, after all.

“What of that man?” Mom demanded curtly.

I had already said too much, so I had no choice but to talk now. Mom wouldn’t let me keep any secrets. Since those secrets were about him, that was even more true. She loved any dirt on him she could find. It had grown into an almost unhealthy obsession. That was exactly why I had kept it from her to this point. It wasn’t good for mom’s heart to get so worked up over that man.

“Uh… it’s just… da-uh… that man… he-” I grimaced, not sure how to word things that wouldn’t make mom upset.

“What did he do?” Mom demanded darkly.

“N-nothing big! I-I just happened to see him the other day at the mall. H-he was eating with a woman. It looked kind of l-like a date?”

“What?” Mom stood up in the slamming her feet in the water and splashing the person who was lotioning her feet. “How dare that bastard get with other women!”

“Mo–mom?” I asked, a little confused by her question, what did it matter to mom if Dad dated? They are divorce.

“Ma’am, you can’t stand in the water… bath…” The woman who had been splashed tried to encourage mom to sit back down, nearly in tears.

Mom thumped back into her seat with a snort, “What I mean, honey, is that he’ll likely do the same thing he did to that girl as he did to your mother. I’m only worried that he’s still out there victimizing women. He’s truly the worst kind of man, I would have never married him if he didn’t have such a large di- ahem… I mean, I regret ever marrying him.”

“Hm?” I cocked my head to my side, not sure what mom was trying to say.

What did dad have that mom married him for? It was the first time since the divorce I had ever seen mom say anything close to a compliment about him. Did he have something even mom found enviable? Mom had already moved on though. She had learned her head back and was forcing the made to restart with drying and lotioning her feet again.

“It doesn’t matter anyway.” Mom sniffed. “A girl interested in that man is probably some ugly cow. It’s what that man deserves.”

“Hmm…” I looked away from mom, giving a non-committal comment.

If the woman had looked average, perhaps even I wouldn’t have cared. However, she was so beautiful that it caught every eye. My friends wouldn’t stop talking about that beauty they saw. When they realized the person with her was my- that man, they kept pestering me for details, of which I had none. If she wasn’t ugly, I wouldn’t be that upset, but dad was with a woman more attractive than me and about my age. It was really aggravating. I felt so jealous! No, that’s not the right word. I’m not jealous, why would I be jealous? Jealous because she’s so beautiful? Even if she’s beautiful, she’s with him, why does that piss me off so much!

“Honey, she is a hag, right?” I immediately felt like I had been goosed when mom spoke up. “What does she look like?”

Mom was looking at me now, and it looks like she had noticed that my answer was nonspecific. Furthermore, she had noticed the complex emotions on my face. In essence, I realized I couldn’t keep anything back from her now. However, I wasn’t going to tell her that woman was beautiful. If mom heard that assessment from me directly, she might cut off my allowance or something.

So, instead, I brought out my smartphone. One of my friends had actually snapped a picture of her at the mall, because she wanted to have her hair done up in a similar way. Naturally, I demanded to send me the picture. As to why I received the picture, it wasn’t because he was in it! I didn’t have any pictures of him, but he was sitting there next to her. He even seemed happy. The rare times I’d seen dad, he never looked happy. I swore he had grey hairs and was out of shape, but he looked really good. Why did he have to become so handsome?! It’d be easier if Dad was ugly!

I brought up that image and handed it to mom, who took the phone. No sooner did she see the image than her draw jobbed. Her body stiffened and it was as if she was a statue for nearly fifteen seconds. I was just starting to worry that I had broken mom when her face suddenly twisted angrily! The snarl-like look on her face was a pure rage.

Mom didn’t use to be so angry. I think I remembered a time before mom left dad that she had been a kind and gentle woman. However, at some point, she grew really spoiled and viscous. However, that had to be because dad used to beat her, right? Naturally, her nasty behavior was his fault. It only made me hate him more! Mom’s hand tightened on the phone and then she chucked it down harshly.

“My phone!” I gave a cry as it hit the floor.

Mom didn’t pay attention, standing up once again and ripping her foot away from the service woman just as she was bringing out the polish.

“M-ma’am, this is inappropriate!” The woman cried out.

“Oh, shut up! You were doing a losey job anyway!” Mom kicked the tub of water, causing it to till and spill all over the floor, soaking the pants of the woman sitting on her knees.

I barely managed to snatch up my phone before a wave of water swept over it. The screen was cracked, but the phone was still operational. I breathed a little easier. I still had that picture. No! Why would I care about that picture? It was my $300 phone that i cared about!”

Mom grabbed my wrist and started walking out of the store, a furious look painted on her face.

“Ma’am… you need to pay!”

“Pay? For what, I didn’t even get the pedi… and your service was awful. I’m not paying for that!” Mom snapped, walking out of the store with me in tow, my head lowered in embarrassment.

Fortunately, the woman didn’t chase us, too put off and afraid to escalate the situation any greater. As mom pulled me away with heavy stomps as she put on her sandals and left, I could only feel regret that I had told mom. No, this wasn’t mom’s fault. This was that man’s fault! He was the reason mom was angry! He was the one who thought he could date beautiful women my age. Was his own daughter not good enough! I hate him! I hate him! Soon, my face was just as stormy as my mothers.


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Bonded Goddess – Chapter 8

You know, after losing my virginity to a certain lonely neighbor’s wife when I was 16 years old, I learned that I was a sex addict with a very insane sex drive. The size of my penis drove women crazy, and I grew a little addicted to it. It started back then. I remembered I was told by my mother that our neighbor needed help with something while her husband was out, so I just started out helping her. But that became my turning point.

Yes, that was the event that caused me to lose my virginity.

I didn’t really remember exactly how it started but I think I remembered getting an erection while helping her hold up a ladder and accidentally getting a look up her dress. When she came back down, she noticed my erection… and she noticed the size. In short order, I was naked and she ended up giving me my first blowjob. It was in sheer pleasure that this gorgeous MILF engulfed my hard cock in her mouth. Her deep throat was awesome. The MILF told me that my dick was so much bigger than her husband and that it was very rare for Japanese like us.

I gasped as she sucked so hard that the nerve endings in my cock went insane. It was like my body’s main purpose was to experience sexual pleasure. When I had my first cum, the shot exploded all over her face. Perhaps it’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I had never even masturbated up until that point. If you could imagine sixteen years of built up cum exploding from a horny teenager who never masturbated in his life, perhaps you could imagine what she looked like after it was done. No sooner had I finished than I felt my balls contract again as the insane feeling overtook my legs and my crotch, and I came again… the seed erupting into her open mouth in a double cumshot. I fell in love with that sensation.

After that, she just rode me and kept orgasming and squirting. When she grew tired, it was the cue for my turn. I rammed away, making her cum many times again in a big, crazed, sweaty, lusty, hot frenzy that finally left her completely wasted. I was surprised at myself for how long I could last. I had long lost count of how many times I could cum. I never reached the max, I was a beast! I absolutely screamed in ecstasy and laughed and grinned as I cummed. I loved how much volume I produced, it was truly never-ending.


Since that day, I became a sex addict. I started sleeping around with beauties. Hell, I even slept with my cousins, both of them. They are both happily married and have a good family now. Women are drawn to me; my life was a never-ending wave of sex where everything just happened to go my way. Then, I was stupid and got married.

After I married Yuriko, the bitch, my sexual drive started to calm down a bit. Part of it was because I had to. When she got pregnant, it became more difficult having sex. She often used the baby as an excuse to avoid sex. After our daughter was born, it became even harder to find time to enjoy each other. I told myself that it was normal for the sex to decrease. So, I had to endure until our daughter was big enough to sleep alone inside her own room.

Once Kirino grew enough, we finally resumed our daily sex life. It was good enough until my wife started saying ‘no’ to sex more often than ‘yes’. Four years ago, I treated it like an inevitable cost of growing up. I convinced myself I couldn’t act the way I did as a teenager. I had more responsibility now. I had a wife and a child.

Of course, I still actively craved sex daily. Even when she didn’t deny me sex, my wife became less and less responsive. Half the time, she’d just roll over, tell me to get it over with, and then roll back, never even bothering to kiss me or move her hips in the slightest. Well, of course, this pissed me off, so I decided to go all out, and left her wrecked after receiving a few big orgasms. I convinced myself this was normal. I forcibly suppressed all sexual desire until I probably could have become a monk. That time, I also thought she had just gone into early menopause.

Then, when I caught that bitch cheating on me, my self-confidence as a man started to crumble. A man like me was cuckolded by a man who has a smaller penis? Were the orgasms that I give to the girls I slept with a lie? Was I actually really bad at sex? I kept repeating those questions to myself when I was in jail.  After the divorce finalized, I lost interest in sex as my sexual drive finally died. I wouldn’t even masturbate or go to a brothel to relief myself. With such a successful history as a bachelor, I considered those kinds of things to be beneath me. I was too proud to relieve myself nor resort to a hooker.

Even working every day put unimaginable stress on me… I wouldn’t do it. No matter what! As the days passed, my stress, frustration, and anger made my life become a living hell…. Until now, until after I met Evelyn, the girl from another world.

Meeting her was something I could call a miracle…

By meeting Evelyn, not only did I regain my desire to live but I also never would have imagined that I would revive my sexual drive. My body felt more vigorous than it had in ages. I felt like a teenager again. I regained my old stamina, no, maybe I gained more. A beautiful woman like Evelyn was into me, and no matter how much I teased her, she begged me for more. Seemed like I was really as great at sex as I thought and my bond with Evelyn proved to me that I was indeed a stud in her eyes… Come on, I had an 11-inch dick. I was natural born Stud!! There was no way any women could hate it.

That bitch who cheated on me was an idiot for leaving me. I don’t care whether she truly fell in love with this other guy or just wanted his money. I don’t care what she after. It didn’t matter, she could go to hell and rot there.

Evelyn and I never separated from sex to the point that occurred almost unceasingly. Everywhere and constantly. We tried every position, every room, and every available space that could support her weight, which was pretty light. I had to admit I thought she’d break that one shelf when she sat on it with her leg on my shoulder, but it managed to survive.

A week had already passed by, and we had a marathon of sex thanks to my old sexual drive that was revived. The good news was that we were very compatible with each other. Both in normal daily life and sexually.

Since we were compatible, we were unable to keep our hands off each other and we were fucking like animals. As to how many times a day we fuck… it’d be easier to measure it by how many times an hour. The answer was many. We fucked many times every hour. We couldn’t control ourselves.

After waking up in the morning, we immediately started fucking. After we’re done, she’d go to the kitchen. I’d follow her and end up fucking her over the counter. She ended up having to cook while I plowed her from behind. When she finally finished the meal, I’d take her on the breakfast table. We hastily sucked the food down, so we could get back to fucking. At that point, we’d make it to the shower, where we’d fuck in the shower. By lunch, we’d fuck again. If we had an argument, it quickly turned to sex. If we made up, we rewarded ourselves with sex. If she got dressed, I’d tear it off of her. She long stopped bothering to wear clothing, because half of her panties had already been torn off of her. I fucked her on the bed, the couch, the toilet, the floor, the counters, the ceiling (don’t ask), and the walls. So, everything we did in last week amounted to just fucking, fucking, and more fucking.

Because of our marathon sex, all the rooms in the house now completely reeked of sex smells. The floor was stickier than a movie theater. The sheets of my bed looked like that girl’s hair from “There is something about Mary”. The only thing more shocking than how often we had sex, was how into it my beautiful Evelyn was.

Once again, I realized that Evelyn was a real pervert. It was hard to believe a girl who lost her virginity a week ago could be this perverted. She loved riding me as she looked on me so lustfully. She loved being on top, riding it for hours. Of course, she also loved being fucked from behind as hard as I could until her moans were loud enough to be heard outside. We only had the police called on us for noises once. After seeing me naked, and the goddess beauty wrapped in a sheet behind me, they immediately understood, even though their gasped silence. They could only stare on jealously with envious looks toward me. They reminded me to keep it moderate since it disturbed people in a certain meaning but at the same time gave me a thumbs up for keeping the dream alive. That’d be the dream of banging a hot girl half my age all day and all night.

And today, in the living room, a refreshing rainy-day breeze was coming through my partially opened window and a naked Evelyn that was covered with dried sperm was kneeling down in front of me while I sat on the couch.

“Muhccch…gguck..guh…,” She sucked my dick like a vacuum as if her life depended on it, and I threw my head back and gasped in pleasure.

She was really eager to suck my big dick as her head bobbed up and down while her eyes gazed up at me lovingly. You know she surprisingly had talent sucking cock, I was shocked when she suddenly gave me a blowjob for the first time after a rough fucking session two days ago.

And here, she really was giving me a REALLY SUPERB blowjob as she actually was engulfing my whole 11 inches dick inside her mouth as she let the spongy head push into her throat with only minimal resistance, before backing up once again, the way she sucked like she had grown up as an experienced, enthusiastic cock sucker!  Evelyn hummed around the shaft, gaining louder groans, she tongued my cock with every pressure combination possible to stimulate my senses. She rolled my balls around in her mouth while stroking it with her hands and at long last; I tensed up, hollering in anticipation, and felt my cum rise and shoot out of my cock and down her throat. I groaned in pleasure. I completely aroused by the sight of Evelyn’s cheeks bulging as she devoured as much of my hard meat as she could handle.

Is this the same girl that I met in the forest a week ago?

The answer is unknown…. I mean, look at her, she sucking my dick happily while looking me right in the eyes, directly in the eye with a taunting gaze. I gritted my own teeth as I looked down at her face. She was having fun sucking me.

“Suck harder, Evelyn,” I ordered her.

And she did, I groaned as I stroked her silver hair, enjoying the sensation of her tongue swirling around my cock.

“Mugcck…gguck…uggh…,” Evelyn made it all the way to the base while making a sucking sound.

Evelyn’s pale cheeks hollowed applying suction to my hard dick as she withdrew, and her lips trailed a shiny sheen of saliva on its flushed skin.

Sometimes, Evelyn would draw deep breaths, and a slight glimmer of a smile broke on her face expressing a warped pride in her accomplishment. Really, are you really that desperate to suck a cock?

“OHHHHH…UUHHHH…,” I gasped.

“MMUMGG…UGCKK…UMPH…,” Evelyn choked as my dick went into her throat again.

“Yeah! Deepthroat me…keep sucking me like that!”

“HHHUUAHHH…,” Evelyn didn’t stay down long, gasping for air after drawing up the shaft deliberately to the tip.

“Mmmph…mmmh…slmphhh…,” She hummed and slurped on the veined thickness of my slobbery shaft, returning, again and again, to energetically swallow my pole in an increasing pace.

“HUHHH…UHH…HUUUH…,” my breathing deepened and my thighs quivered with stress. Evelyn progressively dominated my dick as it pulsated in Evelyn’s mouth, she alternately applied suction and then her teasing tongue in equal measure and at just the right moment.

It was clear Evelyn knew what she was doing. Evelyn continuously devoured my pulsating dick.

“Uooooo….Shit!” I wailed, nearing the breaking point and ready to explode.

Evelyn’s lips stretched around the impressive girth of my throbbing cock as she drove down one last time, taking the fullness of my huge pole until it again pressed against her windpipe.

“Mmmph…slup…mmm…,” Evelyn slurped down the rigid pole with increasing fervor, trailing the flat of her tongue purposefully along the base and applying a generous suction with her vacuum tight puffy lips seeking to coax the desperately needed cum

With her straining lips drawn and cheeks hollowed, Evelyn’s delightfully playful tongue trailed along the sensitive underside, before she immediately plunged down again to begin a rhythmic bobbing intended to bring me to the mind-blowing climax.

“Gonna cum!” I groaned as a warning to her.

I unleashed my sperm inside her mouth as she drank it all down.

My hands tightened in her hair. “Take it, Evelyn! Drink every, last drop!”

I can see white semen leaking from her lips.

Sperm kept squirting into her mouth. I could feel her delight as she swallowed it. It reached her swelling passion. Her orgasm burst forth. Waves of pleasure slammed through her.

Is my cum really so tasty?

Well, I wouldn’t have thought that cum was appealing, I guess that’s depending. My previous ex-girlfriend loved sucking my semen like Evelyn here but my ex-wife was the kind of woman who would make ugly faces if I came in her mouth. Evelyn just kept drinking my semen as if it was a wonderful concoction that she enjoyed greatly. She scooped the droplets of semen attached to her lips with her index fingers and stared at it carefully. Evelyn licked my semen off from her fingertips like she couldn’t stand to miss a single drop.

Suffice it to say that it was very erotic watching her savor my cum. It only made me want to deliver more of it into her luscious lips. If my sweet goddess loved cum so much, I’d give her all the cum that she could want.

“Ready for another ride?” Evelyn asked me with provoking eyes, seeming to read my mind in that instant.

I gave her a smile as I stared at her lovely pale face. Even though her lips were swollen and pink, her face looked so beautiful and gentle. You could never imagine from this image that she had just deeply sucked on my cock and drank down my entire load unabashedly. My member grew back to full master once again just looking at this beautiful little finks.

“Show me, then.”

“Hmpph!” Evelyn snorted cockily as if this was a given.

She straddles me, gripped my erection in her hand and guided it to her vagina entrance, and then she began to sit down on it, promptly dropped onto my dick to envelop it completely with her wet vagina. She sat very still and bent forward a little so that I could fondle her huge boobs.


Evelyn holds her moan as she slipped my dick easily into her welcoming fuck hole. I could feel her clutching me tightly as I entered her, a sensation that was overwhelming.

Settling her meaty ass on my thighs, she began to move up and down, very, very slowly while I used my thumb to stimulate her clitoris and my other hand to caress her breast. Because of the tightness of her vagina and maybe even because of the emotions I felt I came quite quickly, releasing deep inside her

“Ahn….Mnn… Yes!”

She heaved wildly up and down, screaming each time I slid into her. I began to thrust upward to meet her downward movements, which only drove her wilder. I couldn’t be more aroused.

Especially her huge boobs were bouncing freely as she bouncing up and down on me. I reached for her huge boobs, she cried out “NNMM” as I squeezed her breasts at the same time we crashed together, plunging me deeper into her.

She threw her head back in the air and began to thrust herself harder and she looked at me and bent down to kiss me, while I moved my hands around her firm round ass. My hands gripped her ass harder and began to slam myself up harder to meet her thrusts. Harder and harder he pounded into her as she used her full weight to slam to me.

As she bounced harder, she put her hands on my shoulders and put her nipple in my face and said, “suck and bite it.”

Who was I to disobey such a sexy young woman, so I did? I just gave it a little nip first, then she started grinding her pussy up and down my cock.

Slender arms wrapped around his head and secured him in her generous bosom. “Yes! Suck my breast! They need to be sucked on!” Evelyn yelled out happily as my tongue lashed out and bathed her pink nipple in saliva.

With a deftness that surprised me, she slipped my cock into her pussy and started moving her ass back and forth.  I nipped harder and when one wasn’t in my mouth I pinched and twisted the other.

With all of this stimulation, I couldn’t stand it and feel my orgasm building as Evelyn quickly started the bounce harder with the intent on fulfilling her lust on me as she satisfying her own need. She clenched her muscles tight around my shaft and then I began to move to fuck her like a man possessed. The white heat of total lust just consumed me and I rammed my cock deep into her cunt as hard as I could. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and her mouth was open as she almost shouted, over and over, then she spoke to me very softly, “Fuck me, Kyou. Fuck me, harder! Harder than this!”

With that, I held her ass cheeks in my hands and began thrusting into Evelyn’s pussy then rapidly pumping her to hit her G-spot on many strokes.

She also started moving faster and then I felt her stiffen and let out a moan then she got chicken skin all over. I could feel her pussy get so sloppy wet, I knew she was cumming and hard.


Everything was exactly as it had been in my imagination and this time, as then, it had to end. Her face, neck, and chest became all flushed and she started to throw her head from side to side. At the same time, I felt my own orgasm grip me and, as I plunged in and out.

I began to ejaculate, spurting my semen into her. She trembled violently and went totally rigid before collapsing into the almost unconscious state. I collapsed on top and to the side of her holding her to me as tight as I could, never going to let go. We remained like that for quite some time, our bodies collapsed in a sweaty heap of lust. I had long decided that I never wanted to leave this state. If I could be like this with Evelyn forever, I would be very happy.  And Evelyn’s love for me has grown stronger, she had been happy the last few days. In fact, she could say she had been happier in the last few days that she had ever been in her life.

No matter how I look at it, It’s still hard to believe this girl actually fell in love with me.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

While we were lying in a sexual nirvana, the door was suddenly knocked fairly loudly. Someone was outside the front door. I looked over at the clock, angry that someone would come knocking this late. What time is it anyway?

“4 pm…” I mutter as I finally look at the clock.

What day of the week was it again? Man… forget about it. I’ll just go back to sleep and then fuck Evelyn some more. Ah, see, my dick’s getting hard again. Even though Evelyn is lying there with her eyes closed like an angel, she loves it when I stick it in when she’s sleeping. She loves waking up to a hard cock working her between the legs. It always makes her cum quickly.

Knock. Knock. Knock!

This time the noises caused Evelyn’s eyes to flicker open, and I glare hatefully at the door that ruined my attempt at more fornication. Doesn’t this asshole have any manners? I get up, feeling a little dizzy. Had I eaten or drunk anything in a while? My mouth tasted like ass. Well, Evelyn’s ass, to be specific, which tasted quite yummy, but that was beside the point. I stumbled towards the door, and unlocked the screen, pulling it open.

“What do you want!?” I said, looking out.

“You… what the hell is this?” A group man said.

I found myself looking up to see a Yakuza-looking fucker who had me by like a foot. He was wearing a nice suite, and he was right next to a second man that might as well have been his twin since they had the same clothing and body build. Meanwhile, I was standing in the middle of the doorway naked with my penis half-cocked. The steamy smell of sex wafted from the room to the point that these guys could only take a step back. Their expressions started with being appalled, but as they saw Evelyn, who thankfully had covered herself with a sheet, they drop their jaw as their eyes turned to envy and jealousy. I could only stand there naked with my arms crossed. No matter who these guys were, I was fucking that piece of ass behind me. If it was a competition on manliness, I won by default.

One of Yakuza looking fucker regained his composure as he opened his mouth.

“You, you owe our boss money. You took a loan out, $10,000.”

…Loan?? The hell this guy talking about? Also $10,000? That’s quite a lot.

“I took out no such loan.” I snorted.

“Heh… that’s what they all say. It was made by… let’s see… you wife, Ogawa Yuriko. Says she was going to buy a new car for the love of her life. I don’t see a $10,000 car in your driveway, so I’m going to say it wasn’t you.”

THAT BITCH!? She did this?! Fuck! Is she trying to pick a fight with me?! Guess, five slaps enough for her.

As my anger start to surface I took a breath.

I gave a sigh and shook my head. “Well, we’re divorced now, so why don’t you go bug her or her new husband for that money. Her husband is very rich. I’m sure, he would give you $100,000 like nothing. Also, don’t call her Ogawa, she is Furukawa now.”

I tried to close the door on them, but the man pushed his way in, preventing me from shutting it. “You see… my boss isn’t all that concerned where the money comes from, as long as he gets paid. She made this loan before your papers were signed, as it were, so this is your debt. Isn’t this your signature?”

He held up something a showed me. It was indeed my signature, giving her permission to take out this loan. That fucking bitch! Was this a forgery? Or did I accidentally get that paper signed while I was running through the divorce papers? My lawyer sent me so many, all she’d have to do is slide one into my mailbox and I likely would have signed it without even looking. I was so tired and despondent back then, that I wasn’t really paying much attention.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble, but I’m not paying,” I said, pushing the paper backed at the man, who gave a dark smile in return.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the money. I had actually put a lot of money away. It was stored up half as part of my retirement funds and partially as a wedding gift for my daughter’s future. That was back when I had an awesome job and a family I thought I’d be supporting for my life. That money ended up shoved into an account and has just been collecting interest ever since.

Actually, I lucked out with that money, taking some advice of a business partner I had gone out drinking sake with. He had told me to save the money in an overseas account. He even helped me set it up. It seemed like something shady, but he said all the rich guys were doing it. This ended up working in my favor, since this money is all off the radar, and thus I was able to hide it from Yuriko when the divorce happened. As to why I didn’t pull the money out and live largely, well, I was afraid of my ex-wife’s retaliation if I suddenly appeared with a large sum of money so shortly after our divorce. It was more trouble than it was worth.

The short of it was that I had the money, but I wasn’t going to pay this goon. This was a problem started by my ex-wife, and I wanted nothing to do with it.

“Well, if you don’t want to pay up what you owe, I’m just going to have to take it out of you.” The man cracked his knuckles. “Although, I might consider giving you an extension if that pretty girl behind has to work hard for you.”

At that point, I realized that Evelyn had run off to the bedroom and gotten dressed.  She was wearing sweatshirts and jean pants. It was actually strange seeing her in clothing after so long. She had walked up and was standing a bit behind me. However, the fact I was standing there naked didn’t seem to faze her at all. She’d become so used to my naked body that it probably didn’t even occur to her to be shy, even with company around. Although, this company seemed to have overstayed their welcome.

“Yeah, you’re not touching my woman.” I declared.

“Who’s whose woman?” Evelyn sniffed, “You’re my man. That’s the way this goes.”

Despite her tough sounded voice, I could feel the spike of happiness in our bond. She was truly elated that I claimed such ownership on her. In fact, she was thinking I was looking pretty manly right now. Or was I thinking that myself? Ah well, either way, screw these guys.

“You think you’re tough, why don’t you stop me.” The man finally pushed forward and raised his fist.

A second later his hand started to approach me. I could only look on in confusion. What the heck is this guy doing? His hand was moving like a turtle. Was he trying to bop me on the nose? It was only when I moved my head to the side and watched as his fist passed where my head was supposed to be that I realized he wasn’t moving really slow. I was moving really fast! Like, this guy’s movement speed was pathetic!

I could have beat up these goons given my own previous combat experience before I met Evelyn. However, since I’d bonded her, my own strength and endurance has been exploding. Now, I realized that this went far deeper. I was truly becoming overpowered, like really. Was this a result of the bond? Or perhaps this was part of the gifts I gained by traveling to another world? Either way, now that I was faster and stronger, these guys didn’t even have a chance.

I’m pretty sure can take on Captain America or Batman…

“Guh!” The guy could only let out a single sound as I hit him right in the gut.

The guy behind him didn’t seem to understand why he was just standing there, but a moment later the goon let out a long wheezing breath and collapsed to his knees. I pushed his head, causing him to fall back onto the ground. Despite seeing this, the second goon decided to lunge at me as well. Like before, he moved like he was in molasses, and in short order, I sent him to the ground as well. With that, both men shuddering and moaning on the floor.

“Well, thank for the service” I mocked them then closed the door.

“What was that about?” Evelyn asked.

“Ah, some goons trying to scam me out of money,” I replied simply.

“That’s right! I didn’t ask before you bought me all these things. Will money be an issue?”

“Naw…” I gave a shrug, but then I turned back and looked at the door thoughtfully. “However, maybe I should start looking for a new job.”

“Before that, we should clean the house,” Evelyn suggested.

“You’re right.”

This house really needed to be cleaned as it was really messed up.


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Bonded Goddess – Chapter 7

The bathroom attached to my room was a medium-sized western-style affair. I had no bathtub, but a walk-in shower with a glass slide door. There was a sink, and then a toilet at the end. As far as bathrooms go it was unremarkable, but slightly roomier than a bathroom attached to a master bedroom typically would be. I had never really liked the cramped bathrooms and always searched for a lot of room. Taking care of personal hygiene was something I didn’t want to do it a tight little space.

Of course, back in the good-old-days before my ex-wife left, the bathroom had been for two. My ex-wife used to leave all kinds of makeup and crap on the counter. The bathroom always looked like a cluttered mess. Nowadays, it almost felt baron, with only a handful of things I needed in only one of the drawers.

Looking at the shower, I gave a slight shiver and anger surfaced… After the divorce, I rarely use this bathroom since it would make me remember the past and fuel my rage and hatred toward my ex-wife. I typically used the hallways bathroom to take care of my needs unless I was drunk or in a hurry to go. The reason for that was simple, this bathroom gave me bad memories.

During the divorce, my wife had been particularly nasty during our settlement meetings. In one such meeting, she had ‘let slip’ that she had frequently engaged in intercourse in this shower with that man. This was the bathroom where, upon committing infidelities, she’d scoop out the semen and wash it down the drain so that I never smelled another man on her. That was when she didn’t have the man himself plow her with her tits pressed up against the glass.

The image immediately caused me to grimace, and through my bond, Evelyn could feel my trepidation. She put her face on my chest comfortingly, looking up at me with worried eyes. Given the story I had already told her, she probably had put two and two together and at least understood part of what I was feeling here.

“It’s okay.” I smiled, looking down at her and savoring her naked body with my eyes.

Evelyn was truly disheveled. Her silver-long hair was a bit of a mess. She had patches of red skin amongst her pale beautiful skin which had become stained by my greedy hands and the roughness of our lust. Her thighs had a moist, salty look to them, and a liquid ran down her legs all the way to the ankles. Her pussy was red and engorged, still wet and bruised from our previous intercourse. She smelled strongly of sex and my cum. She looked truly damaged, the signs of what I had done to her marring the natural perfection of her body.

However, despite all that, she looked more beautiful than ever. It was within her dirtied state that one could truly see her perfection. I immediately started to grow hard again just looking at her. The girl herself, seeing my aroused state, looked away shyly, her breath catching seductively. This innocent act made it even more engorged.

That’s right, things were different now. My ex-wife didn’t live here anymore. This was my house, I buy it with my own money, the house is under my name and I lived here. I realized now that was because I was approaching it wrong, I was under the impression that no matter how many times I washed that shower, I could never bath in it again because it made me unclean. But the sins of my ex-wife weren’t something I should wash away since It’s wasn’t my responsibility to clean up her mess. Instead, what I needed to do was cover it up. Abandon it. Smother it. My skanky ex-wife’s adulterous sins would become but a drop compared to the lust I’d share with this woman. We would smear our sex all over this house until there wasn’t a single drop of my ex left.

I look at Evelyn’s seductive appearance after the last sex.

Both Evelyn and I were both a sticky mess after our fuck session.

My heart begins to pound and I shiver. I can’t resist her like this with her completely slippery from the nude Goddess in front of me and very inviting.

“Ah!” Evelyn let out a cute scream as I grabbed her body and tossed her into the shower.

I was pushing her against the shower wall before I had even touched the shower nozzle. My hands attacked her body, and my lips ravished her own.

“Mnnhh….mha… cu…ha”

Evelyn reacted by showing her affection for me as she wraps her arms around my neck and kissed me back.

We kiss slowly and deeply with passion, we knew we had to have each other. Soon the kisses grew deeper, mouths open, tongues doing an erotic dance with the other as we explore each other’s mouths, hungry for each other.

Her lips were soft succulent lips, warm, and eager always fired me up


The pleasure from the kisses made her embraced me, so tightly enough pressed me against her voluptuous body; I felt my dick poke her flat belly. Her warmth was comforting and her skin was soft and tender.

The heat from her body and the scent from her sweat scent, combined with the vision of her breasts, made my hard dick become harder. Our tongues were playing together and my hands were caressing her fat ass as I give it a smack.

My hands cupped her buttocks, kneading the soft flesh with my fingers as we rubbed our bodies against each other.


She kissed me harder as she moaned and licked my lips languorously, her breathing coming faster as I keep touching her ass.

I can feel my pre-cum all over her stomach, making the grind slipperier and almost difficult to maintain.

My hands that occupied with the ass now started to roam her huge boobs.

“Nhh… ahhhh”

She moaned as I fondled them. Unlike before, I played with them gently. They were sure pretty big and soft. It’s still hard to believe that I actually can fondle this.


I teased her nipple, taking it between my fingers and thumb and twisted and pinched it. Her pink nipples were aroused, stimulated and making them very hard

I can tell she’s enjoying it so much because the more I played, the harder she kissed me.


Our kissing became more intense, more heated as my hands were busy with her boobs and nipples.

I can felt Evelyn breathing heavily, from sheer anticipation and arousal.

We kept kissing passionately until I slowly breaking the kiss then kissing my way down to her neck.

She tilts her neck over as I do that.

“Ahh, Kyou~” She whispers as my lips move around her ample neck area.

Then I move down her neck and over to her breasts, to her nipples then gently biting at them.

“Ooooooohhhhhh…” She moaned

My hands reached to hold the firm globes of her buttocks, holding her still, as I licked and nipped and sucked at the hard nipples I feel her melt in my actions and I can feel her passion and desire radiating to me. Her nipples are pulled deeply into my mouth as I keep teasing them.

Her sensitive nipples stood out like erasers begging for attention. I suckled each one for a few minutes thumbing the one that wasn’t getting attention. “Oh yes…AHHHHH.” She murmured.

Finally, my hands fell to the shower knob and I turned it on.

“Ahh! Cold!” My own inattentiveness led the pair of us to be blasted with cold water.

I immediately hugged Evelyn and turned my back to the water. Using my body, I blocked the cold. I shivered for a moment as I hugged Evelyn tightly, but soon the heat came and the shower finally started to warm up. Evelyn was blushing, me protecting her causing her heart to beat even faster. I had done it on instinct, but it was the kind of gesture that made her feel dizzy and want to snuggle up even closer to me.

Finally, once the shower was hot enough, it was starting to steam, she reached out and grabbed a soap bar, pulling away from me. She gestured in a scrubbing motion, so I turned around. She began washing my back very thoroughly.

And she pressed her huge boobs to my back, its feel so good when I can feel the sensation of softball, then she moved her fingers down to my chest and stomach. Using the soap, she sudden up my entire back. She worked from the shoulders all the way down to my feet.

At one point, she was bent over, and I could feel her growing flustered as she even scrubbed my butt. She even accidentally squeezed one of the cheeks, and I could feel the excitement and embarrassment as she did so.

“T-turn around!” she ordered with a squeak.

I smiled and turned around, allowing the water to hit my back, while I exposed Evelyn to my front. Taking a deep breath, she started scrubbing my shoulders, then my stomach. She worked her hands around my muscular body, massaging the soap over my chest and around my shoulders. Her soft and warm hands feel like a blanket running over me as the soap coats me in a white foams layer.

Finally, she reached my nether regions. However, she didn’t hesitate to dive her hands right in, making sure to get my dick nice and properly clean. Her hands move down over my hard dick. They wrap around my bulging cock. I stare down at her and she begins to stroke it with both of her hands gathering the soap on it. She blushed but didn’t stop, continuing to stroke her hand up and down the shaft of the hard cock. In fact, she probably spent more time on it than necessary. She continued to jerk off my dick, both of her hands wrapped around the big creamy knob. When I was finally covered in bubbles, she lowered down. Her face was only a few inches from my erect, soapy penis, and that proximity was something we both felt, which only enhanced our sexual excitement.

Finally, she stood back up. “Yo-you can wash it off now!”

“Ah, but I got to do you!” I insisted teasingly.

“Y-you can, after… here’s the soap.” While acting shy, Evelyn tried to hand me the soap.

I grabbed it immediately and rub them together as it foams. I then moping her down from her neck, over her shoulders, down her arms. I then move farther down over her breasts as they flop with my hands greasing all over them.

“AHHHH…soap me…not molest me….nhhhh”

I keep rubbing her breasts till it feels so slippery.

I move down her stomach over her belly button and down over her groin. I tease her by slipping a finger inside her pussy.

“HNnnnn, kyou….”

She covered her mouth when I do that. I move down and around her thighs and legs. With her, all soaped up stands there leaving a sexy and clean body standing in front of me as if she was ready to serve.

It blew my last remaining reason.

“Now I will wash you with my body!” I announced then suddenly embracing Evelyn.

“Aiiii! Don’t! I’m still dirty!” She cried as I embraced her.

Dirty? Our bodies were covered with foam? HAH! Nice joke!

No sooner did I embrace her then my entire body started sliding against her own. My penis, properly cleaned by her, slid right between her legs with soapy ease. My chest rubbed up and down her breasts, make it as soapy as me. Evelyn tried to resist my grasp, but soon we were both just too slippery and she couldn’t push me away as my skin rubbed smoothly against her skin. My lips found hers, and I started attacking her lips before she could recover.

“MM! NNnn…Mmmm…” My tongue savored her honey and wrestled her within her own territory.

Meanwhile, her resistance waned, and she was shyly twisting her thighs. Since my dick was pushed firmly between those smooth white thighs, which mean she was rubbing her thighs against my dick, which lubed up with soap, slid smoothly between her legs. The feeling was wonderful against her smooth, warm thighs, but soon I couldn’t resist wanting to penetrate her once again.

“Ah!!!!” Evelyn could help but cry as I spun her around and bent her over.

She couldn’t even elicit a protest before I rinsed off the excess soap and immediately pushed myself into her depths.

“Ahhh! No! Pervert… We just cleaned it!” Evelyn moaned tearfully, looking back at me.

“Is Evelyn saying her pussy is dirty?” I teased her.

“The inside, you haven’t washed it since you dirtied it earlier.” Evelyn shamefully responded.

“Oh, so Evelyn’s pussy is dirty?”

“You…” Evelyn didn’t know how to respond as I looked at her with a mischievous look.

“Just tell me…” I said, rocking my hips, but keeping the cock from moving farther into her, each thrust forward only tempting her with greater penetration while ultimately failing to deliver.

“T-tell you what?” She responded, her own horniness reaching an amount where she just wanted it inside her.

“Tell me what you want me to do with your dirty pussy!” I demanded.

“Eh? Please… s-stick it in me…” her voice lost confidence at the end.

“Huh? You just want it stuck in? Is that all you want? You got to be specific.”

“P-please f-f-fuck…”

“Fuck what~?” I almost sung the words.

Evelyn looked back teary-eyed. “P-please fuck my dirty pussy!”

I laughed and then let the rest of the cock slide inside her with a thrust.

“ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHH” Evelyn screamed as I rammed my 11 inches dick inside her.

Once again, my dick was inside Evelyn’s body. She was so horny that it slid in smoothly. Seriously, her pussy getting tighter after swallows my dick easily as it soaked with love juice.

“Ahhhn, Kyou’s dick….completely inside me…ahhh… goes so deep inside me…ohhh…”

Not wasting time, I began to shake my hips as I became driven by an intense lust. I didn’t do it slowly, I moved fast with strong piston motions.

I fucked Evelyn’s pussy from behind as hot water hit my back and ran down my chest.

“N, Ahaanh…”  She let out sexy moaning sounds while her hands pressed against the shower cubicle.


Due to my strong piston thrusts, her round butt collided against me, making noise echoing through the bathroom.

Evelyn’s vagina is truly superb, I can’t get enough even after last fuck from before and last night, the pleasant feeling of being enveloped in the tender vaginal wall spreads from the tips of the glans head to the root.

It’s truly superb, pleasant, and feels so damn good and feels greater when I move it in and out

“Nh, Aahn……, A, Aahn……, N, Aaan, A, Ahn……” Evelyn moaned in a loud voice.

I rubbed the tip of my glans head against the uterus mouth strongly from the beginning and makes Evelyn moaned loudly each time.

I keep thrusting her as my hip hitting against Evelyn’s big ass.


“Nh… AaNh, N,.., Ahn, Ah, Ahn……”

Her cunt tightened and gripped around my dick as I keep pistoned with great force in and out of Evelyn. I pulled out my dick while scrubbing the tender meat with the glans head, and when I pushed it back, it’s rolling against the countless small folds inside.

“NNh……, Haanh AAhn, Ah, Ahn……”

When I pulled my waist and my dick reveals its appearance from the crack of her pussy, it was wet with a cloudy white juice around the glands neck, and then it was swallowed again by the countless small folds inside.


“NNh……, Haanh, Ahn……, Nh……, It feels, great, Nh……”

My dick kept pounding her hard and deep, my balls swinging and slapping against her vagina. I was forcing my entire dick into her, her huge boobs swung and collided together underneath her, slapping into the glass of the shower, her face was pressed against it.

I then grabbed her boobs shook and quivered as swaying energetically, I fondle it with both of my hands roughly.

“Ahh…mnh..yes…there… ahhh”

I’m watching Evelyn moaning pleasantly as I kept pumping my dick as much of the length as I could fit.

Hmmm? Evelyn seems close to cum


“Evelyn, were you close??” I asked as I just kept thrusting deep inside her.

“Aaanh….., I’m……, Aahn……, not ……, NhAahn….., Aa……” Deny her.

Seeing her like that made me want to tease her.

“Really? How about this?” I gripped tightly around her hips and ramming her hard.



Her love juice is gradually leaking out. The inside of her pussy feels sticky and slippery.


“NNh……, Haanh, Ahn……, AHHHHH.”

She tried to keep her legs straight ongoing orgasm but seems she can’t since her legs were shaking.


Her knees were again growing weak as she trembled. She tried to keep her grip on the glass but her hands kept sliding down.

Normally I should stop but even so, I keep moving my hip.



Seeing her cumming like that made keep thrusting my dick against her vagina, Evelyn is making an amazing moan like an animal in heat.


“-…..Nhaahn…., Nh, OHH……AHHHH”

I sense Evelyn’s excitement as she is shaking her ass to match my movement as I whacking her pussy.


“Ah, Ahn, Aahn…., Aa……”

Each time her round perfect ass met with my hips, the water got trapped between us, and when I pulled away, the water would fall down to the drain below.

The inside of her pussy is convulsing and moving like it was cramping up, and my dick is stirring within it.


“….., A, Anh……, cumming again ……MMMMM”

She gushed and poured her love juices over dick that keep thrusting her.

Eventually, I also reach the limit; I knock my dick deep inside Evelyn’s pussy and released my sperm inside her. Evelyn’s vagina tightened as if it wanted to dry me out…

My ejaculation doesn’t stop easily. It is an incredible amount of ejaculation. What is this? How the fuck I still can produce this much sperm?

“Aiii… Ahnn… c-cumming! I’m cumming too!” Evelyn announced as she shouted to the heavens as she gushed out her female juice.

She reaches her climax while I still ejaculating as I kept still standing while pushing the dick against her uterus until ejaculation was over.

After a while, the long ejaculation finally ended but my dick still big and not showing any sign of withering.

I think it’s normal since I have sex with the most beautiful woman….

So, I restart my piston.


“Ahhhhhn, don’t… move… Nhhn. your dick….! I just.. mNHhh….. NNNHHH.. NO..!”

Evelyn who just cum still sensitive and show a more violent response to my piston.

But I ignore her plea…


“OHHHHHHH CUUMMMINGGG!!!!!!” Evelyn screaming in pleasure.

I had lost track of the number of orgasms that I had given to Evelyn today.  I don’t know… But I can’t stop…all I need is keep ramming my dick deep inside her pussy for over 30 minutes and I still doing her from behind. By the way, I only released my seed twice.

I just need to jam my dick deep against Evelyn’s pussy.

Our desire and lust, the sound of the rushing water, the slapping of our bodies, her moan and my own groan of pleasure, made me keep going.

I can feel her wet pussy getting wetter as I accelerating my piston movement on my waist

Every time, my dick hit her womb, Evelyn always shuddered and have a mini orgasm.


As I continue thrust her, my dick twitching. I finally ready to shot my load.

I then increased my pumping furiously


“Evelyn, I’m gonna’ fill your pussy!” I announced as I’m going coming release inside her.

Hearing that, Evelyn’s tight cunt walls continued to wrap itself around my rumbling dick until it was actually inside her womb. Head flung back, her lustrous silver-hair sticking to her sweat coated body and hot water, giving her an even more delectable appearance, she shouted out her pleasure. “Y-YES! GIVE IT TO MEEEEE!! AHHHHHHHH!”

Evelyn squealed out as her walls twitched around my twitching rod.

“UOOOOOO,” I growl as I reached my limit. I thrust my dick deep inside her and it exploding inside her, filling her womb with sperm, her vagina tightening as it taking every last drop of my sperm.

My cum had set her off, her entire body twitching and her pussy convulsing around my dick. When her pussy started to calm, I pulled out my dick, watching my semen drizzle everywhere. She swiped at her pussy with her hand and grabbed a bunch of cum, then brought it to her mouth and licked it. She repeated this several times until she finished her cum feast, each time caused her face to light up.

Evelyn’s lustful eyes gazed into mine while moaning in release. Shuttering after such an amazing combined climax.

We both panted in that state, unable to move. Evelyn looked up at me with tearing eyes.

“Yo-you made me dirty again…” She pouted.

I let out a laugh as I kissed her gently, the water still falling down on us. It felt like it lasts for an eternity. I don’t want it to ever end. I just want to be with the only person I care for and the only person who cares for me. One moment ago, we made love like we were one and now, our hearts beat as one. We can’t nor do we want to let each other go.

I feel her wet hair run over my shoulder as her face buries into my chest and she clings to me like a child. I can’t help but do the same. Our legs wrapped around each other take the icing on the cake as we share this heat. Finally, I let her wash me properly one more time while she pouts. I also made sure to thoroughly wash her dirty pussy until she was flushed and gasping. By the time the shower was over, I was already starting to grow horny again. Evelyn was truly my kryptonite, a luscious woman that I couldn’t resist.

I leaned in and kissed her hard, letting my hands wander down her smooth back and onto her big ass. I gave her a few firms slaps and then squeezed her butt cheeks, scrapping my fingernails across the tight young buns.

“Ahhhh… baka~” That’s the only word she can give.

We eventually climbed out of the shower and she noticed that my dick was still rock hard and blushed.

“How about I cook something?” Evelyn asked as if she tried to ignore the hardening shaft.

I just nodded as I grew excited for a new reason.

She mentioned about cooking back in the clothing store, she surprisingly can cook! I was under the impression she can’t cook because she gave a Ojou-sama vibe but seeing her confident face made me believed her and receiving a home cooked meal from a woman is something I hadn’t experienced in years.  My ex-wife can cook too but sadly, my cooking is far delicious than her.

Although, as I felt myself and checked myself out in the mirror, all of my guts and wrinkles seemed to have vanished.

The reflection in the mirror showed me the face that belonged to a young adult. My stubble that once had grey hairs was now completely dark and youthful.

My muscles were looking nice and finely toned, or I should say, more toned. I looked like I had spent two-three months hitting the gym and taking proper care of myself. I looked as good as I did in college.

Yes, I look ten years younger now.

While I started shaving, Evelyn took off to the bedroom.

“Kyou, where did my new bags of clothing go?” Evelyn asked embarrassingly from the bedroom.

A dark smile formed on my face which would have given her pause if she saw it.

“I left what you’ll need to cook hanging over the chair in the dining room!” I declared.

I had prepared something for this moment.  You know, Evelyn had taken everything out she bought from her Dimensional Storage. So, after we finished showering together, I secretly hid her bags for this moment when she dried her hair and only left one small bag and run to the bathroom to shave… Huehehehe~.

As to how I had the insight to prepare this little scenario for later after dragging my lover home from the mall? Well, naturally it’s because I’m a genius man!

“Eh… this?” Evelyn had found my present; I know she was blushing even more.

“Yeah, that! Please wear it!”


By the time I was finished shaving and dressed, I headed downstairs and walked into the kitchen where she was cooking.

As entered the room, I can smell a nice scent and saw Evelyn was busy working in the kitchen, seeing how she used the ingredient and kitchen tools like that show she was really good and diligent and didn’t waste any time.

She really knows how to cook. I breathe in relief that Evelyn actually spoke the truth… no, I’m don’t doubt her, I really don’t. But I’m impressed she can actually cook this world’s food and she learned the recipes with just one glance of a cooking recipe book in the bookstore that we passed before we went to the food court.

But the scent of the food really made me drool.

However, there was something more noticeable though.

Yeah, something more important than the foods…  Because Evelyn was now cooking in an apron with nothing obviously underneath either the shorts or the top as everything showed through the thin material.

Hah? You don’t understand?

Evelyn was wearing an apron and her skin was exposed more than it should have been.

Still, don’t understand? Let me explain in a simple way then, Evelyn is wearing nothing but an apron.

I look at the sight of Evelyn uncovered behind, who still cooking while humming happily as she exposed her slender white back, round butt, well-proportioned long white legs and her silver-hair tied in a ponytail still a little wet from the shower. Her front was showing a side of her huge breast as it covered in her current garb, which was simply an apron.

Yes, apron… A naked apron… HADAKA APRON!

You don’t know a naked apron? For the god sakes… use the fucking Google.  Or read some H-doujin.

But seriously, seeing her dressed like that, my dick that should be softening when I’m shaving my beard now ready for another. No, rather than ready, he demanding for more!

Evelyn didn’t notice me come in as she just keeps cooking.

I stopped and admired her figure before letting her know I was here then and went over to the table and sat down on the chair while still gazing at her intensely.

Man, looking at her smoking hot body, I want to do her right now but I decided to do nothing. I just want to enjoy the view of her naked apron and I actually enjoyed watching Evelyn as she cooked. I liked the way she expressed her happiness. She is humming as her ponytail swishing. I admired the creases where her buttocks met her slender thighs and the sexy gap at her crotch.

Yup, she is so sexy… especially after shower sex.  Sex in the shower had been unbelievably superb. Too perfect! I wanted her again. I welcomed the flood of warm desire and tickle of excitement.

But she really becomes an erotic girl… Who the hell told her something like this or made her dressed like this?

Wait? It’s me! Hahaha, funny…

I then look at her again… As I thought the Evelyn’s naked apron is so destructive! There is no way, I can’t endure it!

I sneaking up from behind and wrapping my arms around her and kiss her on the back of her neck and shoulders, then nibbling on her ear.

“Ahhhn” I startled her as she moaned the moment I bit her ear then buried my face into her nape I inhaled in a lot of her scent.

“I’m horny …Let’s do it!”  I whispered to her while licking her white neck. “Hmmm, you smell so good, Evelyn,” I added.

Her body shivered, Evelyn’s eyes opened wide as she can feel her round butt was against my erection.

Our bodies still damp, fresh from the shower increased my excitement.

“Again? We just did it in the shower!!”

“Yeah, but it’s your fault for dressing like that,” I respond.

“You are the one made dressed like this!”

“Really?” I asked as my hands trace the outline of huge breasts beneath the apron.

I pull Evelyn closer to feel my excitement at being near her.

“Ahhhh, mmm… Kyou, wait… let’s eat first then!” Evelyn tried appalled.

“I can’t! My hands are sinking in and glued to this!” I grinned causing her blushed

“Idiot, nnnn”  She tried to dart away from my groping on her sweet ass, but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, drawing her against me.

“Mmmm, Stop…or I won’t let you,” Evelyn warned.

“Won’t let? But my hand move to you on his own,” I tried to defend myself.

“You’re groping of my butt is totally automatic?” Evelyn asked, with an irritated voice yet, her eyes spoke of her pleasure, of being desired.

I grinned sheepishly as I slap her round ass.

“Oooh!” Evelyn gasped.

I gave her another slap on the ass then slide my middle finger into her cunt.


I look at her round butt, the love juice dripping on her thigh as it falls on the floor, creating a small pool.

“MNn…. Nnmmmnn”

Her legs were trembling as she firmly grasping the edge of the sink to support her body.

I move my fingers roughly inside her cunt.

“Noo.. stop.. ahhh…you…ca— AHHHHH”

She shaking as she let another squirt as the clear drops reach the floor from her vagina, then after panting for a while, instead of continuing to cook, she pressed her big ass into my cock and held it there. “… Haa… Haa… Haa…” Evelyn’s cheeks flushed, hot breaths leaked from her mouth erotically.

I pressed back. I was totally rock hard now, and grabbing her hips, I ground my cock against the crack of her ass. She worked herself against me, going with my movements.

“Haa… Haa… Haa… Haa…” Gradually, her voice grew louder and she was panting faster. We were both breathing heavily and couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

Her breathing was rapid and her face was blood red then she sighed as leaning into me. “You bastard… Now, I feel weird down there….”

Finally! Now, we are talking! “Great!!” I smirked.

She turned off the burner and set down her knife before I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the table.

“Bend over it.”

She moved slowly, sashaying her way to the table and bent over it.

“Like this?” she asked with a red face. But I can see her eyes sparkling.

Her whole body lurched against the table she was bent over, causing her breasts to slide over the smooth table top with a squeak. Evelyn gripped the edge of the desk with her hands.

“GOOD~,” I said as I removed my pants. The moment both pants and underwear slid down, my shaft popped out and stood at attention. Evelyn’s body trembled in excitement as she saw my hard dick. My hard dick is ready for another round.

I look at her and she nodded. I put my hips stuck all the way to the deep inside Evelyn’s wet cunt. She was still deliciously tight but I was able to force my way in without any problems.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaanh!” Evelyn moaning in delight.

“Geez, you really wet… I can insert it without a problem.”

While holding Evelyn’s waist, I started a piston movement vigorously.

Evelyn also actively shaking herself to match the movement of my waist.  Her pussy is full her love juice, every time I go in and out, it makes a dirty sound.


“Oh, this… .. AHh…Mnnn…. Oh, Kyou, more, more …!” she said.

Her eyes were closed and her nostrils flared again.

“Mnn…Ahmm,” she murmured, her eyes still closed and a dreamy look on her face.

She lay on her back on the table, knees in the air held wide apart for me. Her prone body moving up and down on the leather in time to my thrusts.


“Iyaaa~! Ah! Ah! Ahn! Mn! Ah!”  Loud moans escaped from her lips every time I held her hips and pulled her against me as I fucked her.

“Damn…” I groaned and grunted with pleasure, feeling the rippling flesh of Evelyn’s tight, young pussy squeeze and clutch my dick as I enjoyed the view of her incredible ass and narrow waist and the table shook each time I thrust hip against her.

I watched her huge breast, moving with the increasing rhythm, the nipples bobbing up and down. I reached out and caressed them, lifting them from the sides of her ribcage, pressing the huge mounds of soft flesh inward almost making a cleavage. I pressed them outward again, then up, pressing the nipples into my palms. I let go and they flopped back down, the boobs bouncing. I ran my fingertips sideways across her nipples and the flesh of her breasts rippled slightly, and then I held them between my middle fingers and lifted the nipples away making little pointy mountains on her chest.

She moaned and started to pant. “Pull them again, pull them hard, PULL THEM!!!”

I did as she asked, gripping the nipples firmly between thumb and forefinger, squeezing gently and tugging at them. I felt them harden between my fingertips and twisted them as I pulled, squeezing harder.


“AHHHHM…. There!” She moaned again and I could feel her cunt spasm around me, not so violently this time.

“I’m coming!” she gasped, “keep pulling, pinch me.”

I pinched them as hard as I dare and she gave a strangled cry.

“OOOOnhh..” She started to howling like an animal again. I gripped them again and pulled really hard, stretching the flesh tightly away from her rib cage.


“MNnnhhh…oooh…ahhh” She gasped again and her eyes flew open, staring straight into mine. Then she lifted her head away from the table and looked down at herself.


“YESSS!! Keep doing it, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

She was still watching herself as I let go of the nipples and used my fingertips like claws on the flesh around them.

I squeezed and pulled her huge boobs upwards, then released her again and gripped each one between the sides of my middle fingers and forefingers; I squeezed like a pair of scissors and was rewarded with a swelling of flesh above my fingers, like air in a soft balloon, the nipples swollen and prominent at the tips.


“That’s it, that’s it! Oh God, I’m coming.” Now she looked straight at me, head still lifted off the table, lips clamped shut, nostrils flaring breath coming and I pinched her nipples again and pulled so hard I was afraid I would tear them away from her breasts.


“Ah! Again! Ah! Ah! AHHHHHHHHH~!!!!” she screamed as she came.

She arched upwards so she was resting only on the back of her head and her heels near the edge of my desk. She gripped my arms and heaved her body down the table into me, gripping me tightly as I continued to pull at her nipples.

“AAh.. Mn…Ahn!” Her eyes and mouth were squeezed shut and she was making that mewling sound again through tightly compressed lips.

I waited, embedded in her as her orgasm began to subside then I released her pink nipples and she let go of my arms and lay back again then propped herself up on her elbows, her breathing ragged now, still hissing in and out of those flaring nostrils then I started to fuck her again.


My own orgasm not too far away as I felt the pressure building up so I accelerate the piston movement and knock down the dumplings.

“AH~! AH~! AHN~! AH~! YES~! IT FEELS SO GOOD~! I thrust my hard followed by even noisier moans.

Her eyes that widened for a moment from the sudden thrusting soon went back to being completely foggy and entranced.


“AAAAAHHHHNNN~!!!” She screamed as I thrust it into her lower mouth greedily swallowed my dick to her deepest part.



I slam down on her hard. Eventually, I release my seed as she felt a torrent of hot fluid being shot inside of her.



My sperm violated her tight and wet tunnel, painting it white. She tightened up even more instinctively to wring out every last drop.  The obscene pleasure that she felt caused her mouth to slacken and a slovenly smile to appear.

Through our bond, Evelyn was experiencing supreme bliss as the man she loved released his seed inside of her.

As the proof, her cunt was still squeezing me hard.

“Hah…hah…” we panted as sweat poured from our bodies. Evelyn was staring at her dazed and lascivious expression.

“Ahhh~… So much… Inside… More… Mooore~…”  Said, Evelyn, as she tried to prop herself up to look over her shoulder with her pupils almost turning to heart shape, I feeling both impatient and horny from her.

Seems I flip Evelyn’s strange switch. Her noble appearance and dignified aura were utterly gone as she moaned while drooling and sticking her tongue out…Ahegao, she really was turning to erotic girl.

What a nice character development!

Well, my dick was still hard and erect and Evelyn’s was demanding for more.  Since neither of us was satisfied yet, so I resumed my piston movement, impaling my dick on her vagina while Evelyn lustfully moaning.



Hearing her plea, I pump her so intensely with my raging dick that still didn’t want to go down at.


I kept persistently impaling her as Evelyn desperately moved her hips rapidly. Our mixed fluid was being scraped out every time her vagina received my shaft as deep as it could.


“AHHNNN!! MNN….YES! MORE! MORE! KYOUUUU!” She moaning lascivious voice.

Without taking a break, I roughly slamming my hips against her, making her scream with pleasure.


“Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes! MnnAAAAAH! AHN~! AH~! FUCK ME HARDER~! YES~! YES~! YES~!”

Evelyn who stabbed with piston-pumped by me, let out a mewling voice that showing her enjoyment.


The tighter she got, the wetter her pussy is. It so wet that it easily slid in and every movement made obscene noises. Coupled with her moans that leaked from her wide open mouth,

-pan—pan—pan-  -pan—pan—pan-

“AH~! YES~! THAT’S IIIITT~!AHHH! ” Evelyn squealed in pleasurable distress as I relentlessly pounded her from behind.

Her silver shook her head as I pummelled her.


“Ughh….Dammit…it so good!” I cried out, fucking faster and harder.

“AHHH…YES! IT SOO GOOD! HHHHNMM!!!” Evelyn moaned in agreement as I made thorough use of her.

Her body moved back to slam into mine as my hips moved faster and faster as the slapping sound getting louder when our bodies slammed together.

-pan—pan—pan-  -pan—pan—pan-

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Evelyn squealed as her eyes tightened into lustful slits. I knew she was climaxing just from her expression and her squeal for me to fuck her hard.

As we kept going, I could feel that she was about to reach her climax as I was also nearly at my limit. Her body convulsed and began to quiver involuntarily as she rode my throbbing cock through a second intense orgasm.

“My head’s going blaaaaaaank !!! CUM! I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN!!! I!”

“I’m gonna cum too!” I hissed.

“RELEASED IT INSIDE ME!!!!! Please, cum inside! I want it! Inside! Inside! AHHHHH” Her eyes opened wide and her begging turned into a moan as I discharged everything in Evelyn’s pussy and this prompted her to reach her orgasm as well.

“I CUMMIIIIIIINNNGGG~!!!”  She moaned loudly as the hot cum landed on her meat flesh. Then her body twitched while sweating a lot.

I couldn’t stop cumming. More and more cream seemed to pour out of me and into her. The feeling must have been incredible for Evelyn. I could feel her cumming again as more and more of my seed mingled with her pussy juices.

After the spasms stopped, While Evelyn trembled in sweat, there was only a blissful look on her face that was quite erotic because of the hot breaths being released from her mouth, “Its…soo…good….”, the only word she can say.

After for a while, Evelyn begins to wriggle beneath me which prompts me, with little urgency, to raise my chest from over her slender back as my dick takes its slow and reluctant retreat.

As I pulled my penis out and saw sperm spilling out from her vagina.

It so much that you won’t believe that from 42 years old man…

When we were done and spent, Evelyn turned herself around and settled her head against my chest. We kissed while we recovered. Enjoying the post orgasmic glow of being together. I kissed her forehead, not caring that it was sleek with sweat then wrapped my arms around her waist as I brought our mouths together for a hot kiss.

We kissed hard and fast, our tongues swirling and meshing together.

Soon, Evelyn regained control of herself she asked breathlessly, “….So…are you hungry…?”

I nod my head yes enthusiastically.

After that, Evelyn resumes cooking as my sperm dripping on her thighs while she still panting after our sex.

Her cooking is superb and perfectly delicious!


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Anyway, enjoy fap- I mean the chapter.

Bonded Goddess – Chapter 6

No sooner did the car pull up in the driveway than I pulled Evelyn inside with me. She couldn’t help but smile helplessly as she was dragged along on my quest for the bedroom. However, she also didn’t show any resistance to it either. In truth, her heart was beating fast, and while her propriety would prevent her from acting as excitedly as me, she was already becoming quite ‘wet’ by the time I pushed her down on the bed. I could feel her arousal through the bond, which only further excited my own arousal.

This, in turn, excited her arousal, and before long she was panting with a flushed face, looking up at me desperately from the bed, wanting it just as badly as I did. First off, that summer dress…

“Ah!” Evelyn let out a cute little shout as I grabbed it and tore it off of her.

The restraining material that held her breasts in ripped instantly, and those two beautiful, pale moons exploded from the tearing dress. This rest of the dress tore quickly, and I threw the tattered remains to the side, finally sending that dress I once bought for my ex-wife  to hell. I couldn’t help but give a smirk as I consider how my ex would react had she known a dress she once begged me to buy her would help me cloth my new woman, and would ultimately be destroyed as part of my own impatient sexual lust.

Evelyn flushed completely as she noticed me staring at her with a strange smile. She could feel the ‘dark’ feelings inside me rising happily, and misinterpreted them as I gazed longingly at her chest. She seemed to expect I had some incredible naughty and dark plans for her body. This both scared and aroused her at the same time. In truth, she had become scared the moment I ripped off her summer dress. I had feeling she thought something like ‘is my soul bonded with a man who is truly so savage?’ However, as her heart beat faster and faster, she only found it hotter and hotter.

The panties she was wearing were of the simple white variety, part of a pack I insisted she wear and put on before we left the store. However, after my arousal fed into her arousal and back again, Evelyn had unintentionally released lewd liquid like she’d never done before, and the white cotton fabric, drenched in her naughty lust, became completely see through. The pair of us seemed to notice this at the same time, her pussy lips were clearly visible through the near transparent panties, offering no protection from my roaming eyes.

Evelyn’s face turned to horror. To show herself so lewdly in front of this man right now greatly embarrassed her. She moved to cover her parts immediately, abandoning her breasts to at least give her lower region some modesty. As her hands reached her nether region, I was already lunging forward, grabbing both of her tiny wrists with my larger hands. I forcefully pulled her hand away, forcing her to expose these shameful wet panties to me.

“N-no!” Evelyn let out. “Nn… don’t…”

My dark impulses grew even darker, and Evelyn couldn’t help but shudder and grow even more aroused by the intense feelings coming through her bond. I wasn’t disgusted by her lewdness at all, and this confused her slightly. I leaned in, my nose coming close to her crotch and then I made a loud sniff.

“!!” Evelyn’s eyes widened in shock, her embarrassment even growing to another level than she thought possible. “D-d-don’t smell it…”

“It smells like you, so naturally, I love it!” I declared.

“Eh!” Evelyn makes another cute nose.

For some reason, her heart pounded even faster when I said “love”. It stirred something deep inside her which made her even more confused.

I grab Evelyn’s thighs and lift it, grip her white panty then pulling them down on her left ankle. I then spread her legs widely.

Her vagina was wet… so wet…

Her resistance disappeared because I can sense excitement from her, as I was excited too.

“Don’t…. please…..” Evelyn mumbles that with no resistance.

I leaned toward the embarrassed girl’s private part, and entered Evelyn’s vagina with my tongue, as I digs my tongue deeper inside her cunt, my finger busy pleasuring her clit.

In an instant, Evelyn’s body trembled when my tongue came into contact with her labia.


She was exploded on my face as she pulling my face firmly against her vagina, lapping up her juices as she catches her breath.


Really? Just how sensitive you have become?

She actually orgasmed with just that? But It won’t stop from attacking her.


I sucked her vagina intensely as I raised my face to see her lewd face whilst I licked her.

Evelyn had already entered her lewd mode like last night, she fondling her huge breasts herself.

Seeing that, I start licked her clitoris, with my tongue extended, I rolled the small protrusion to left and right. I continue to lick it carefully with constant rhythm.


I sense she has mini orgasm every time I tease her clit, her hot and wet organ slithering and squirming inside her core expertly hitting pleasure points.

I taste her love juice inside my mouth and it’s very delicious.

“Ah… no…stop…it… I’m still….sensitive….”

Then as if to surprise her, I licked the small folds outside. I moved my tongue along the folds and keep licking it stronger and stronger.

When I keep doing it, she has another mind numbing orgasm. But her vagina is really wet, it was drenched in love juice.

“Nh……, Funh……, Nnh…..”

It sounds like the Evelyn covered her mouth with her hand.

I can feel she is close to her climax and won’t be able to hold her voice back otherwise. I extended my tongue and licked the vaginal opening like trying to plug it in.

“N, Nh……, NNNnnh…!”

She squirting as she cum.

“Hn?? Aahhhh, Ahyaaaa!?”

Evelyn is trembling and twitching, and I can hear a muffled moans as her legs would gather together again when she wasn’t able to bear her cum.

Her long white legs still nestled together to each other but they began to automatically spread outwards after she released.

I couldn’t help but feel astonished to Evelyn’s exuded a lovely and bewitching aura, her current appearance directly assaulting my sexual arousal.

“… hah.…hah”

Evelyn heavy panting causing her breast to jiggle as well. There wasn’t a single place left on her body which wasn’t being attacked by pleasure as she groped her own breasts with all her strength.

Seeing that appearance, I couldn’t help but want to “torment” her

I feel Evelyn felt all her nerves go numb as I licked her labia. However, It didn’t stop me, I pressed my finger towards her clit as my tongue rubbing against that flesh bead with circular motions.

“Aaahn…noooo… Aaaahhhh, I’m cumming again!?”

Evelyn once again orgasmed intensely as the unbecomingly drenched cave was sucked.

“Ohhhh… Mmmnn…”

After she finished cumming…

“How was it?” I asked while smirking as I leaned over to her face.

“…Hah..hah…..Amazing…” Evelyn managed a reply followed by a simple kiss.

I returned her kiss with a full-blown smooch, spinning her around and crushing her breast against my chest, as my tongue invaded her mouth and my hands caress her back and butt. I enjoyed the soft, smooth feel of her skin in my hands, taking immense pleasure from her delicate features as I violated them. Evelyn could taste her own lust on my lips, evidence of her own sexual desire, which embaressed her greatly.

“Nn!” Evelyn couldn’t help but moan though our combined mouths as I ravished her body.

My dick was sore with excitement, having been teased long enough. “I want to fuck you!”

Those lewd words came out of my mouth, and Evelyn could only nod while blushing silently. I eagerly sat up on my knees and pulled my pecker out, now at full attention and ready to slide into her lush center. However, just as I was just about to jump on top of Evelyn and have my way with her, she stopped me with a hand.

“W-wait… how about you lie down?”

I was confused for a second, but while she didn’t meet my eyes, the expression on her face showed there was something she wanted to do first. I was a little disappointed. I assumed Evelyn simply wanted to return the favor. I ate her out, so she wanted to suck me off. While the thought of her soft, pink lips wrapping around my member excited me, I had already gone past that point. I was ready to explode, and I wanted to be deep inside Evelyn as I did so.

“I… said I wanted to fuck…” I responded sheepishly, trying to hint that it was her pussy I wanted now.

“I! I… know…” Evelyn looked so cute that I couldn’t respond.

Shyly, Evelyn raised her leg, and to my surprise, moved up on top of me. Despite her shyness, Evelyn was now on top. Her boobs hung down, a victim of gravity, swinging just over my chest as her cheeks flashed with pink and she leaned forward and kissed me. Her knees couldn’t raise up her hips high enough, so as she kissed me, her wet snatch, which was still leaking with saliva and her own lewdness, had no choice but to push against my cock.

“Ah….” She made a cute noise as her wet slit pressed against my shaft.

Without being able to line things up, I wasn’t able to penetrate her. Instead, out parts were merely rubbing against each other. Evelyn was so wet that her pussy was soaking my cock, quickly covering it in her own particular lustful scent. The feeling of her soft wet labia rubbing against the underside of my shaft while our bodies rubbed against each other was amazing!

We continued to kiss, but my sexual drive was going crazy, having already tasted Evelyn and now being forced to feel her hot desire rubbing up against my cock. I started moving my hips, but our sexual organs were just too close together. At best, I could slide my cock up and down her slit, rubbing our parts together, but I was helpless to penetrate, needing her to raise up so I could straighten my cock for plunging into her depths.

The rubbing, however, was working for her greatly, and as her tongue intertwined with mine, she let out soft moaning noises, her small hands squeezing tightly on my biceps. There was a sudden squirt of wetness all over my cock, and I could feel the inside edge of her pussy twitching on the bottom of my shaft. It was almost enough to cause me to cum up onto my stomach, but I resisted the urging, desiring more.

“I want to be inside you!” I broke from her kiss and whispered in her ear, causing Evelyn to shiver in eroticism.

She gave a single nod, using her hands and legs to push her butt up a little higher. My trapped cock was finally freed from under her pelvis. However, it was Evelyn who reached down and grabbed the shaft, making sure to line it up. Even at this point, she still seemed so shy and timid. The gap between this woman lining my cock up with her pussy while on top of me naked from the woman who once tried to murder me for seeing her naked was so great that I hardly could register them as the same person. No, there was a big difference between the two.

“You’re my woman.” I voice the thought out loud unintentionally.

Evelyn stopped for a second, looking up at my eyes in surprise, but then she gave a single affirmative nod and a gorgeous smile, before dropping her pussy down on my cock. In an instant, I pierced deep into her insides. Her smile broke open and her eyes widened as she felt that big thing slide into her.

“Ah! It’s inside…. Mmmmm… so good!” Evelyn moans as her insides are opened to the warm, hard thing filling her womb.

She doesn’t waste any time before she’s bobbing up and down on my cock. She uses her knees to rock my cock under her, sliding it about half way up before dropping down, the cock sliding in wetly from the woman’s numerous previous orgasms. As she bounced up and down, her large boobs also started to flop up and down as well.

Flap. Flap. Flap.

“Nnn… Nnnnsss….mmmmmm….”

All her modesty started to dissipate once my cock pierced into her. The feel of my cock inside her was simply too much, and she began to ride my cock unreservedly, no longer caring about the erotic expression on her face, the sounds and smells she was producing, or the way her boobs flopped down each time she fell.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

It makes me excited and my cock grew even bigger and twitched inside Evelyn’s vagina.

“Nhah……? Nh…… This is……, you pervert. Nh, Fuu……, your thing just got bigger inside me……, Nh, Aahn……”

I can’t hold myself back and began to touch Evelyn’s body lewdly. During times like this, it’s important to follow your instinct and let your hand do the talking.

“N, Aahn……the way you touching, just like an old man who never touch breast……”

Evelyn is looking at me with her lewd eyes.

“Well, I am an Old man…” I answered.

I moved my hands all over her back, ass, thighs, and all other places that I could reach. Evelyn’s skin is so moist and smooth, the softness feels like it’s sucking my fingers in.

“NhFuu……, Pervert …nhhh… ah…Do you like these that much? My breast?”

I can’t hold myself back and voiced out my desire. Evelyn stopped moving when she heard that and grabbed her own breasts with both hands. Then while carrying her breasts in her hands, Evelyn brought her upper body close to my face and shake it up and down.


I groaned pleasantly, I raised my upper body, and bury my face in the cleavage of Evelyn’s breasts. I could hear Evelyn’s chuckle as she moaning, and then her breasts were pressed from both side with her hands. This softness is truly the best. I moved my mouth toward Evelyn’s breasts and sucked her perky pink nipple while making some lewd noises.

“Haah……, Haah……, -chuuu-……slup”

“AHHH, too strong……! Ahn, yes, …, Nhah……, Aaanh.”

I sucked on it roughly and she’s letting out a pleasant voice in response.

The wonderful feeling of my cock plowing into her was the only thing Evelyn cared about. I could feel it through the bond. The only thing on her mind at the moment was the feel of my cock and something else which made her heart beat loudly and her mind feel ecstatic like she was on a drug.  What was that other thing? I felt like I recognized that feeling. Wait, I did recognize that feeling. I had felt it before. It was a feeling I had shared with my ex-wife before we had divorced. Back when I thought she loved me and we were going to be together forever, when I found out she was pregnant with my daughter… I had felt something very close to this feeling bubbling in Evelyn’s heart right now.

“You… love me?” Once again, the words came out from surprise.

How is that even possible? We just met last night… How come she’d fall in love with me… So, there is no way, right? She just confused love with lust, right?

But to my surprise, Evelyn dropped down on my cock with a squish and then stopped. Her eyes looked down on me in surprise, like the words were something she had never considered before. Of course, she was aware of these feelings inside her too. She was really happy. Every time she looked at me, her heart beated faster. Was that…really… love? She loved me? She actually love me?

When Evelyn met my eyes, I could feel something in her heart becoming resolute. “Y-yes… I love you.”

As soon as she said the words, she became certain of this. This was love. Not the sex part, although she enjoyed it greatly. No, it was the person. She loved this man who had saved her life and bonded his soul to hers. Her heart felt like it was surrounded in butterflies. A stress she didn’t even know she had was lifted. She felt light, incredibly light.

“I don’t why…even though we barely know each other… And I’m not sure myself… but… I.. love…you … the more time I spent with you…the more this feeling made happy.… I fell in love with you…” Evelyn confessed.

“…..” I just speechless… don’t know what to say….

Love me? She actually fell in love… with me? To the pathetic man who lost everything? Also is this the so-called “first love”…

No! There is no way! How on earth are you ever going to explain phenomenon known as first love?  The answer is none, I don’t have the answer…

But her feeling that transmitted through our bond is real…. It’s not lie… it’s the truth…

“I-is that okay?” She finally asked, only slightly nervous because she felt my doubt…

“Evelyn…” I gave her a serious look.  “You’re amazing woman. I…love you… and I won’t hesitate to spend the rest of my eternity with you.”

I confess my feeling too, yeah, I know it’s absurd… but that’s the truth…  Yes, I also fell in love with her… This is what certain actor in a certain movie said: “love just happen, it doesn’t need a reason...”

Hearing my honest answer, Evelyn’s face brightened!

For Evelyn, her brain seemed to turn into mush. She no longer could think about the little things. Furthermore, any faults or annoyance she had ever felt for this man was instantly forgotten. All she could think about was how happy she was. All she could fathom was how much she loved this man. Like a light suddenly shining in the darkness, I became everything in her world. The feeling was mutual.

Suddenly, Evelyn started bouncing up and down on my cock, but it felt like any weight to her body was gone. She was floating in heaven, and I was along for the ride. She rode my cock aggressively, and for my credit, I was impressed I had already lasted this long. However, as my cock reached orgasm, so did she. With our bodies linked, so was our orgasms, perfectly complementing each other as I could feel her own pleasure combined with mine.

I started to blow my load deep inside her womb, but even as she was filled up Evelyn refused to stop. She kept riding my cock even as the lewd liquids inside her became murky and white. She kept going unrestrained, even as my cock started to soften. She managed to cum a second time, before I lost too much wood and could no longer maintain my erection. The flesh was willing, but the orgasm was simply too satisfying, and I couldn’t keep up the energy of this rambunctious teenager.

As soon as it fell out of her, Evelyn continued to rub leaking pussy against my cock. “Ahhhh!…. Ah… ah…. Ahh…”

She made cute noises as she desperately rubbed against me, trying to leak out every last inch of sexual pleasure my cock could provide. In the meantime, she made a complete mess of our sexual orgasms. Besides her own honey which flowed out of her freely, she had also mashed up and spread cum and sex all over the pair of us. I was soaked from my balls to my belly-button in sex as she kept rubbing her pussy. She finally forced one more orgasm from my cock, panting wildly as sweat dripped down her breasts and back before she finally collapsed on top of me, exhausted.

I wrapped my arms around her body, which felt very warm and flushed. She had clearly worked out very hard to bring the pair of us pleasure. I patted her head, and after she recovered for a moment she looked up at me with a pleased grin. The pair of us laid in this naked puddle for some time, just kissing and holding each other in relative silence.

That’s when my mind finally started to wander. I thought about how lucky I was to find this woman. With the bond, I knew exactly how she felt about me. I understood that she loved me, and unlike my ex… these were feelings that couldn’t be faked. For an insecure man like me, this bond was the perfect thing for my next relationship. However, as I thought that, I felt a little bad for Evelyn, who likely trusted me either way. It was this trust in me that caused me to open my lips. I had to tell her the truth of my past.

“My ex-wife’s name is …” I began. “We were lover in college, and then we’re married and had a kid together. I was convinced it would last forever… Then, I caught her with another man and I ended up getting arrested for assaulting him. Despite she’s the one who cheating on me, my daughter ultimately sided with her. I lost my job. I lost everything…”

I continued my story while Evelyn sat nearby in silence. I didn’t feel surprised through the bond. However, there was something like sorry and sympathy. Evelyn could hear the hurt in my voice, and feel the pain in my bond. You could say there was no one in the world that would understand me as well as Evelyn did at that moment. However, she didn’t ask questions. She didn’t interrupt or try to give advice. She merely listened as I spoke.

“That was the point I was at when suddenly I ended up in another world. And the first thing I saw… was you.”

That’s how I ended my story. Evelyn still didn’t speak as I looked down at her. She lifted her fingers and wiped a tear that was running down my cheek. I hadn’t even been aware I was crying. Then, she gave me a single gentle smile, and in that second, all of the pain, the hurt, and the petty bullshit just went away. It was that easy. This girl’s smiles could destroy nations, and she gave it only for me. My heart instantly started to heal.

“Y-you made me all sticky.” Evelyn suddenly spoke, looking away.

I let out a laugh, the cutest thing she could say coming at just the right time. My hand grabs her ass and I give it a small smack. Even Evelyn can’t help but bury her head in my shoulder while giggling to herself. After a couple of moments the feel of her naked body starts to arouse me again, and a moment later Evelyn feels something poking her from down below. Her eyes widen in shock.

“A-again?” She cried out. “B-but I’m all dirty!”

“I know,” I smirk. “Let’s go take a shower!”

We went straight for the shower to clean off and other stuff.

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Bonded Goddess – Chapter 5

Evelyn and I kept kissing. We held each other as tightly as possible. Evelyn seemed to want me just as much as I wanted her right now, so I was just about ready to start stripping her body.

Ring Riiiiing

We are interrupted by the dial-tone of my smartphone.


Evelyn and I look at each other, but I decided to ignore it, moving in to resume kissing. The phone keeps ringing persistently as if it won’t stop unless I answer it. I want to ignore this phone so much or just turn it off… but thanks to this interruption, the romantic situations ruined. Even Evelyn returned to her seat and resumed eating her breakfast awkwardly.


Who the fuck dares calling people this early in the morning!

I pick the phone and look at screen. Silence. I went from happy to pissed in an instant. Tsk, this guy…

“Yes, Ogawa here.” I answer in a vexed voice.

“Ogawa-kun, it’s me.”

The moment I heard this old and annoying voice, my mood worsened. Who was that guy? That guy is my boss, but not from my old job. He’s from my current job at the laborer site.

He was old, fat, smelly, very demanding, controlling and a jerk bastard. He was the old man that you can find easily in every Ero-Doujin. But this bastard actually gave good pay for the work of a laborer. Which is what is so frustrating. I mean, if the bastard shut his fucking mouth, I could work for him without problem.

“Why are you not coming to work?”

“I’m sick”

“Sick? I don’t care! You have to come today!”

See? This guy was an ass. He was someone that won’t take no for an answer. Normally, I wouldn’t care about this, but with Evelyn by my side. I suddenly felt that it had to stop.

“Then, I quit.”


“I said, I quit, douchebag.”

“Ohh, so the little wimp finally gained the balls to talk back!”

“Listen well, asshole. I will come to your place and break your nose or your limp dick if you say another word against me.”


“Don’t call me again.” I hung up.

Evelyn who just finished eating was watching my face anxiously.

“Who is that?”

“Not someone important.” I smiled at her.

She just nodded as she understood that I didn’t want to talk about it.

“Well, by the way, Evelyn… Do you have any spare clothes inside that magic storage of yours?”

She took a sword and military-like clothes from out of nowhere before, so it must be magic and It wouldn’t be strange if she had spare clothes inside it.

“Magic storage? You mean my Dimensional Storage? I usually have spare clothes but I didn’t bring it last night… Why?”

“I want to take you out… but with your current appearance…”

Well, her military-like clothing was ruined and she was still wearing my T-shirt. Seeing her in just a T-shirt is too much for me… I mean it! Should I brought her like this? I don’t want some assholes gazing at her! Just because I was cheated on once didn’t mean I was a pushover to guys flirting with my girl. Evelyn is mine! Since I made that decision, I needed to take responsibility and follow through with it. And Evelyn will spend her life with me for eternity. So, of course it’s also necessary to buy her daily necessities.

“I’m sorry…” Evelyn apologized in a cute way that left my heart beating rapidly.

“It’s fine, I’ll think of something.”

That’s how I ended up finding her a summer dress which a dug out of my storage that was saved from my wrath when I destroyed everything related to that bitch and her daughter. Had I run into it even a week ago I would have burned it, but now I was suddenly thankful for being too lazy to dig into the storage. I had bought it for my ex-wife years ago. She had assured me that she could fit in it, but even after proving that it wouldn’t fit after she tried it on in the store using the largest size possible, she had still wanted it claiming she’d lose the two inches needed. Naturally, she never did.

However, that same dress seemed to fit on Evelyn perfectly. Well, not perfectly, it was a little tight in the chest, Evelyn seemed trouble by it. Well, since it does belong to the bitch with a small chest it naturally wouldn’t fit Evelyn’s huge boobs. However, Evelyn looked very sexy in it. In fact, perhaps a little too sexy, knowing that she wasn’t even wearing a bra and her boob could pop out anytime, it made the dress do more damage than the t-shirt. No sooner did she put the dress on then I wanted to tear it off her again. However, it was the only thing we had and I couldn’t afford to ruin it before we bought replacements. Thus, I had no choice but to calm down my arousal and take Evelyn out.

Endure it, me!

Evelyn followed me to the garage, entered my car, and sat on the passenger seat without asking any questions about what it was. I had my suspicion, I guess her world is a modern place just like this world?

“Evelyn, put your seatbelt on,” I said as I started to turn the car on.


I take that back, I guess her world is still in the medieval era.

“Yeah, seatbelt, this thing that is going across my chest and lap. Your side has one to, put it on.”  She stared intently at the strap going across me and then started searching for her own.  It didn’t take long before she found it.

“So, we are going to merchant guild?” She asked as she put on the seatbelt.

Merchant Guild? Is her world a fantasy RPG world?

“No, we are going to the Hyper Mall.”

“Hyper Mall? Is that the name of the shop?” She tilted her head. Damn, that’s really cute.

“Yeah, but it’s a little different from a store, it is bigger with a lot of different shops.”

“What is the difference?”

“You’ll see for yourself in a moment,” I smiled as we drove away.

It only took ten minutes to reach the destination.

As I pulled my car into the parking lot, luckily it didn’t look like there were too many cars there so we could park close and be in and out quickly.  Evelyn’s eyes went wide and she picked up her head and pressed her face up against the window..

“That’s the store?”

“Yup, that’s the store,” I said as I pulled into a parking spot and turned off the car.

“It’s small,” she said as she looked disappointed.



Now I felt defeated and started wondering how big this Merchant Guild was.

I smiled wryly and opened the door.

“Let’s go.” She looked happy for some reason though.

Evelyn attempted to get out as she clicked the button, but her seatbelt stopped her. She wasn’t struggling with the belt because she didn’t know how to release it. Rather, the seatbelt was too tight for her boobs and it wouldn’t release her.

What’s with this strap jacks?

“….” she looks at me quietly with puppy dog eyes… Honestly, how the hell am I supposed to say no to that?

With a sigh I closed my door and walked around to her side. Opening her door, I leaned in over her and reached for the belt’s button.  I could feel the warmth from her skin, the breathe from her mouth on my neck, and I could smell her sweet scent, it almost made me lose it for a second, damn it!

Evelyn is too dangerous for me!

I clicked the seat belt button and it released with a lurch.  Evelyn, who had been tightly bounded by seatbelt, fell into me and knocked me back on the cement of the parking lot, before she tumbled out and landed on top of me.

Aww… that’s hurt.

Evelyn who landed on my chest and looked down at me who lying under her. “Thank you…” she said, her cheeks turning redder.

This girl is really dangerous.

But what with this dangerous pose? She was laying on top me and her chest pressed against my chest. I could feel the softness of her huge breasts.

Before I realized it, I kissed her and she responded happily. I don’t know how long we kissed.

“Mommy, Look! They’re kissing!”

A girl’s voice can be heard and drew the both of us out of our own little world. We quickly separated and stood up right away, and finding a woman staring at us while covering her small girl’s eyes. The girl seems around the age of eight. Her mother quickly pulled her out of sight. For some unknown reason, the woman looked at Evelyn with the hatred, jealousy and even envy. And for other unknown reason, Evelyn looked smug about it.

Women is scary~


I grabbed Evelyn’s hands, walking into the mall, and led her along towards the clothing boutique store.

As we walked in, we really attracted too many people or rather; it was Evelyn who attracted them.

She really caught the eye of everyone present. Yup, I saw this coming. There is no way, someone would ignore her. What kind of idiots would ignore a beautiful girl like Evelyn who captivated whoever set their eyes on her?

Well, today is Saturday… So, no wonder this place quite crowded today. Everyone actually stopped moving just to “glance” at her.

Well, like I mentioned before, she was wearing a cute summer dress. It had a simple white sleeveless top made for a display of her slender arms, and with a short mini skirt made for an even better view of her white thighs. The light reflected off of that perfect skin of hers, and her breasts bounced little with every step, I’m really worried they will pop out and I’m ready to kill anyone who dared looking at her breast. That’s breast are mine!

Basically, Evelyn who continued to walk along the streets with her luscious figure easily bewitched the eyes of onlookers both men and women, some looked on with lust, while others, envy.

Finally, we reached the clothing boutique.

As we entered the store, the employees who should have welcomed us could only look at Evelyn with awe and gasp.

Geez, not again.


“Oh, this is quite nice fabric!” Evelyn looked happy as she examined the clothing fabric as I watched her move from rack to rack. Evelyn tried on different clothes, dancing in front of a full-length mirror as she tested out the various fashions and styles.

Everyone there watched her out of the corner of their eye, it didn’t seem to matter if they were in a relationship or married.

Geez, can you people stop staring at my lover?  Hey, Mr. Boyfriend over here, your girlfriend is leaving you know! Sir, your wife is biting her handkerchief! Hey, Onii-chan?! Your little sister seems trying to do something!!

Then, Evelyn takes few dresses as she immediately goes to the changing room and I followed her.

Then a few minutes later, Evelyn came out wearing a pink skater dress.

“Kyou, do I look good in it?” Evelyn asked me.

Evelyn was wearing this sleeveless pink skater dress with a thigh high skirt showing her smooth white thigh. I really wanted to dive in to those thighs.

“Yes, you look really good in it!” I felt myself blush as I said that.

I could feel Evelyn was really embarrassed but also felt her happiness as I complimented her.

Then, she closed the curtain again.

After another long ten minutes… Geez, why do women always take their time when they are changing clothes? The curtain opened and I was speechless.

“How do I look?”

She wore a silvery white dress that complimented her silver hair, making her look like the moon itself as it shone brightly in the night sky. The dress didn’t reveal much skin and was very modest, but it fit her so well.

My soulmate was a real Goddess! I was certain that the title ‘Goddess of the Moon’ fit her perfectly!!

“You look great,” I answered honestly.

She smiled happily, and then closed the curtain again… You still want to change?

Another long ten minutes passed, she came out again and I instantly held my breath. And for some reason, I heard gulping and gasping sound behind me.

This time, she wore a quite revealing… OH MY GOD!

“How about this?” She asked naughtily.

Wearing a slim fit deep black dress that makes a V-cut revealing the cleavage of her huge breasts, the skirt is shorter than the first dress she tried, as it revealing more of her white long legs. This made her look like a ‘Goddess of the Succubae’ instead ‘Goddess of the Moon’, with golden outlines fitting a royalty.

“It…also…looks…great,” I managed.

“Which do you think is better?”

“Everything looks good on you.”

“Eh…Really?” Evelyn smirked and looked delightful, she was teasing me. Evelyn… you will pay for that.

Evelyn smirked at me as turned away to try out another new piece of clothing.


Evelyn ended up purchasing quite a lot. It’s very costly… Geez, I know I said I will buy everything, but still… Plus, she put everything into the Dimensional storage magic or whatever it was called once we left the store. Man, I wish I had something like that. At least I didn’t need to carry all of her clothes.

I carefully stuck close to Evelyn, hiding any spot that might lead Evelyn to be seen upskirt. She was still absent any underwear. That also meant every outfit she tried on earlier was in the absence of undergarments. It probably wasn’t appropriate to have her wear it like that, but I was too aroused to tell her that! I bought everything she tried on anyway, so it’s fine.

“Over here, Kyou!”

Evelyn took my hand, led me, and I followed her to the second store, surprised when I saw that it was for underwear.

WAIT, how did she know where the underwear store was located?!

I went inside and there were already ten or more other women there, all of them looked at us just as we showed up. And all of them gasped when they saw Evelyn.

Yeah, again…

But it’s an inexpressible feeling. I thought I wouldn’t ever enter this kind of place again… Yet, here I am! This time I’m not accompanying ugly bitches with a bad attitude. I’m with a real woman! A real beautiful woman!

The majority of them in this part of the section were for adults, but there were a few here and there for younger teenagers.

I then look at Evelyn who picked blue striped bra.

“I think you need bigger ones, I don’t think those would fit.” I said with a slight laugh.

“Pervert!” Evelyn blushed as she took another bra, she was holding up all kinds of bras for me to see, some polka dotted, some plain colors even a few that were more in the lingerie category. And she wanted my opinion on each and every one.

“Ah!” Evelyn gave out a happy cry, picking up a set of bra and panties.

I look at the size on the bra, they were the right size… but…

“Bear panties?” I couldn’t help but mumble.

“Aren’t these really cute?” Evelyn asks, putting the pair up, the bra over her breasts and the panties over her bottom.

The set were light blue, with a cartoon bear drawn on the crotch. Isn’t that child panties! What the hell are they doing in the adult section, and in an adult size!? However, with Evelyn holding them up so excitedly, my mouth twitched, unable to inform her that these probably belonged to a very specific kind of fetish.

“Ma’am, those don’t seem to suite you at all. Perhaps you would like to try one of these.” A store clerk, a young female who would have been beautiful if she wasn’t being compared to Evelyn thankfully saved the day.

As she distracted Evelyn away from the bear panties, I let out a breath of relief, that was until I say the stuff she was redirecting Evelyn too. It was the erotic panty section! That were, panties with certain see-through properties! On top of that, these panties cost an arm and a leg. Of course, I wanted to see Evelyn in them. I want! I could afford this even I just quit my job! But it will cost me! A lot!

Evelyn seemed to pick up on the numbers, which seemed to triple from the previous bin to the new ones. “Ah, aren’t these a little much?”

“Not at all!” The clever store clerk responded. “After all, you male… companion here is going to pay. He wouldn’t definitely be happy if you wore this!”

No, bad store clerk! She was completely misunderstanding the situation! She must have the impression that I was a sugar daddy or one of those rich guys taking his mistress out to buy her stuff. In that case, she was trying to make me pay for the sex I was about to receive.

Ah! The clerk just shot me a dark look out of the corner of her eyes. This was personal! I could already tell she was thinking ‘If this ugly guy manages to sleep with a woman this beautiful, he better pay a lot!’.

“Why don’t you try this on, your man will surely love this.”

“C-can I show him?” Evelyn suddenly asks shyly.

“Ehhhh?” The girl looks surprised. “What are you talking about?”

“I want to make sure he likes it, so once I put it on… c-can he see it?” She turns away shyly with a blush, causing even more attention with her own cuteness.

This was unfortunately overheard by everyone in the store, and soon ten women’s eyes turned from her to me. Suddenly, they grew very icy. If Evelyn was a supernatural beauty that caught every eye, I was an unworthy bug who had somehow taken advantage of this perfect Goddess. Some of the girls wore open disgust on their faces that a pervert like me was going to be looking at this perfect beauty with my lecherous eyes.

When every eye on her didn’t seem like a bad thing but now, suddenly, having their eyes locked on me like that, it’s scare me. Just ignore me! Keep ignoring me, everyone! I’m not here!

Not wanting to let a so-called moneymaker go, the store clerk eventually conceded that I could peak into the curtain when she gave the indication that she was ready. However, as she gave that concession, she gave me a look that seemed to bore into my soul.

That left me standing in front of her changing room with three different pairs of panties in my hands. Every few seconds one of the other women would shoot me a hateful look until I felt like hiding.

“I’m ready…” A voice came from the curtain.

My face went white as all of the women glared at me. However, this was my woman and I couldn’t let them bully me. Why does my back feel like it’s getting stabbed by glares as I approach the curtain? It must be my imagination. Yeah, that’s right!

As soon as my eyes peaked over the curtain, my mouth fell open and my thing sprung to full attention.

“S-so what do you think?” Evelyn can’t even look me in the eye as she says that shyly, her head lowered and her cheeks red.

She’s wearing a black number with very fancy thread. The panties are almost a G-string, showing the round cheeks perfectly, while barely just covering her fur patch. Her pink nipples were barely visible through the lining of the bra, just barely obscuring the details enough that I desperately wanted to see more. If seeing her in a stunning dress caused me to gasp, this was a completely KO!

“W-well? She became even shyer under my intense gaze.

“B-b-buy!” Is the only word I got out.

A little bit later I sighed as my card was swept through, wiping out a good chunk of my savings. The store clerk was smiling like a cat that caught a canary, while Evelyn unknowingly bagged three pairs of underwear, with a forth she had managed to slip on so the remainder of our journey was safe. No, it wasn’t one of the sexy pairs! I managed to get her some normal underwear too! There is no way I’d have her walking around in that skirt with that kind of underwear. It did nothing to protect her bits from prying eyes.  And yes, I even picked up the bear underwear. She had been looking at it longingly, and so I went and fetched it. However, the clerk didn’t have to give me such a cold look as I handed it over to her to ring up. Well, at least it made Evelyn happy.

After leaving the underwear store, we were strolling the mall and stopped at another clothing store, I had bought pants, jeans, skirts and dresses for Evelyn’s daily clothes.

“So, what’s next?” Evelyn asked as we walked out of the story.

While I still checking my wallet, it suddenly feeling very light even though I paid with a card. Glad, I’m still having more saving….

“Lunch…I’m hungry.”

As I said that, I heard someone’s stomach growled, I then looked at Evelyn’s slightly flushed face. Since I’m an understanding person, I didn’t say anything.


“Come on, come on. I need a drink, anyway.”

We went to a Starbucks for lunch located on food court with her arms linked with me.

I took Evelyn to an empty table, and sat there.

“How about taste another coffee? The Vanilla Latte here is quite sweet” I said to Evelyn

“Really? This morning coffee is too bitter for me. So, I hope this one quite sweet.”

“Oh, right. Evelyn seems the type to like really sweet things.”

“Yes, I love sweet things… that’s why I never I drink a coffee back in my world. I prefer Milk.”

“Yeah, I notice that. No wonder you grown so big…” I grinned again as I look at her splendid hot body.

“Uh…pervert” Evelyn blushed probably know what I’m talking about.

“Well, if you don’t want any coffee-type drink, then what do you want?”

“Does this place also sell Milk?”

“Well, they do sell it, you sure?”

“Milk,” she repeated incredulously.

I laughed at that.

“I’m sure you want to try Milk Coffee, right.” She nodded at my question.

“…Milk Coffee with lots of milk and sugar.”

“Okay, okay. Watch the table. I’ll go order our drinks.” Evelyn chuckled and nodded.

I then moved to the counter and ordered. I watched Evelyn from the counter and sighed. She was super-attractive, already drawing stares from every customers, whether they are female or male in the food court.

If we follow, otaku’s clichéd, then I was the target of many jealous stares, with the guys muttering how Evelyn was wasted on me, or how they wanted to kill me! But In reality, people couldn’t care less about the guy the beauty was with, and my presence was thankfully completely ignored, rather they treat like me I wasn’t there.

Let’s be honest, the writers use that cliché for self-fantasizing, wish fulfillment purposes, to feel good about having a nameless, faceless mass jealous over his self-insert protagonist. Fortunately, reality didn’t work that way. The guys were too occupied with ogling Evelyn that they didn’t notice my existence at all. They didn’t even bother to realize that I was accompanying her.

But well, I actually agree on that part, she really wasted on someone like me but since she chose to stay with me, then, I will make her happy.

I return to my table and waiting for our orders.

The waitress comes with a tray, trying not to spill the drinks from the two big cups. I quickly rose and helped her set the cups on the table. The cashier gives me the strange look, she must be wondering why someone like Evelyn sat on my table.

Well, Evelyn drew the coffee milk closer to her and drinks it.

And few moments later, the same waitress comes with our food.

We ate lunch while chatting happily as I was looking around the food court casually for a while until I saw her.

 “Ah, shit!” I cursed.

There were a group of high school girls walking by. They were talking loudly and laughing. All of them wore too much makeup and expensive designer clothing. They were actually quite rude, nearly knocking someone over who was too slow to get out of their way. It was the kind of stuff a father would embarrassed to see from their kid in public.

That was exactly why this was the worst situation, because one of those kids I recognized. Rather, one of them was my daughter, Kirino. My little girl used to follow me anywhere I go and always crying when I leave her.

On the one day I brought Evelyn out, why did we have to run into her? As a parent, I still had some conflicted feeling when it came to Kirino, but she’s not had truly taken after her mother but I couldn’t take one look at her without seeing her bitch mother.

But I have to admit, it’s been two years since I’ve seen her. She truly has grown into beautiful girl. She was petite girl with long brown hair tied in pony tail. Unlike her friends, who dressed like cheap street whore, she dressed like normal attractive girl, no too much make-up. She was wearing white sleeveless ruffle and black hot-pants.

Geez, guess calling her ugly pig is too much… how about change from pig to cute kitten?

“What is it?” Evelyn perked up from her drink, looking around, and her eyes passing over the group of kids.

“It’s… my… ahem… my daughter.”

Evelyn almost spit in my face, her eyes widening. “Your daughter!?”

“Shhh! Yes!” I waved my hands at her to calm her quickly. “We’re not on good terms. I haven’t spoke to her since her mother left me.”

“Ah? You… you were abandoned?” I thought Evelyn would be angry, but to my shock she was wearing a sympathetic look.

“My wife cheated on me. It was a few years ago. I don’t like to talk about it. My daughter, well… she chose her mom.”

Evelyn looked at me tearfully, her heart aching. For someone who lives forever, family was very important. To have that internal bond break, I could see the hurt on her face.

“Geez, don’t look at me like that…” I smiled helplessly.

“Ah, I’m sorry…” said her softly

“Nah, it’s okay…”

“So who is it? Who’s your daughter?” Evelyn asked excitedly.

I pointed covertly behind me. “Over there, the pretty one with the long brown hair in a ponytail… Her name is Kirino”

Evelyn looked at Kirino and her friends. Geez, can you not stare them like that?

“She’s quite pretty.” Evelyn spoke. “Is her mother pretty too?”

“Her mother’s a pig compared to you.” I responded with my head down, still afraid to look back and potentially be seen.

Evelyn wore a complicated expression, happy that I considered her more beautiful, but still complicated.

“Ah… she’s looking at us now.” Evelyn reported.

“Sh-shit!” I looked back on instinct.

In only came to my realization that Evelyn was a very pretty girl and was likely drawing plenty of eyes, including Kirino. That didn’t mean Kirino saw me or recognized me from behind. However, no sooner did my head turn than did my eyes lock with hers.

First, her eyes widened in surprise, her mouth falling open for a second. However, as soon as the surprise dissipated, her eyes started to narrow. A moment later, her expression turned hateful. It was so hateful that it even took Evelyn back, who touched my shoulder gently in concern. Kirino saw her touching me, and her entire body seems to bristle.

This deadlock was interrupted when one of the other girls tapped on Kirino’s shoulder. She gave a nod as the girl whispered something to her. After shooting me one more hateful glare, she turned away and walked off with her friends, not even sparing the pair of us another look. As to what went through her mind seeing me with Evelyn, I couldn’t even pretend to guess.

“I… I don’t know what to say…” when I turned back to Evelyn, she was looking at me with sad eyes.

“It’s fine, I’ve grown used to this kind of thing.” I shrug, not used to having anyone to provide me sympathy.

Evelyn’s entire body language suddenly changed, and she looked down. “Actually, I was thinking I’m about done here.”

“Ah? You don’t need to worry about that.” I responded, “if you want to keep shopping…”

“No… what… I’m saying is… maybe… we can go home and…” Her voice drifts off shyly.

“Go home and what?” I asked in confusion, only then having it dawn on me. “Oh, have sex?”

“P-pervert!” Evelyn barely got it out, but her face was so red and her expression was so cute it was no question that this was indeed what she wanted.

I grabbed Evelyn’s hand and nearly ran to the car. Somehow, Evelyn knew exactly what to say to cheer me up. Perhaps that’s what it meant to be a soulmate. I planned to spend the rest of the day finding out!


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