International Sex Slave Law

Description –


A new law has been passed in Japan, as an incentive for students who study well the Slave Sex Law has been implemented

Based on the students performance in academic, and other curricular activities they can have any number of slaves

And those who don’t perform well can only be used as tools for sexual outlet


The law was implemented for both men and women (No Gender Discrimination)


As the law was implemented students began studying to achieve greatness and slaves, while those who couldn’t perform well hoped for a better Master

With the improvement of performance of students, the law was later increased to even other sectors

And finally it turned into a national and then an international law


Anyone who performs well can have a number of slaves

As long as the slave was willing they could be bought, and once bought they no longer have any rights

As for those who didn’t want to be slaves but performed bad, they would be sold by the government

The only condition to own a slave was that the age of the master should not be lesser than 12


This is an era of slaves!

The strong could control the whole world!

And the rich could fuck as much as they want!



This novel is discontinued


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