The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader

Author: Roeselawik


My name is Caiden Black. I am a 17-year-old ordinary guy you can find anywhere in the world. My life’s ambition is to propose to my childhood friend; Lily Storm. I was all prepared, but my destiny decided to fuck me over and through a series of extreme unfavorable events, which include raping Lily, I am now surrounded by a bunch of women and being forced to become the head of their ladies crime organization…

Someone save me…

Note: This story takes place in Arasia, a planet almost exactly the same as Earth. Only the geography and a few little things are different.

Genre: R-18, Adult, Mature, Criminal world, harem, different world, etc.

Tags: Huge Breast, extremely beautiful women, Rape, yes netori no netorare(or netorase),  weak to strong MC, etc.

Note: tags will be updated in the future.

Release Schedule: Every Saturday (give or take 24 hours due to timezone difference)

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Table of contents:


Volume 1: Debut To The Crime World

Volume 2