Pure Love x Insult Complex

Pure Love x Insult Complex

Author: 銀三〇(ゆだ)


I fall in love to a girl when I get into high school, Yukino Shirasaka. I could only look at her from distance. However one day I heard that she has a boyfriend.  Even if I love her, I won’t get her. The devil sent me an invite. I can make her mine!

Table of Contents:

April 24 ・ Tuesday

1. Shirasaka Yukino has a boyfriend? -Snow

2. Heaven and Hell – Part1(Snow)Part2(Me)Part 3(Meow)

3. I saw a devil

★ April 25・Wednesday

4. Pure love X Sex ban!!

5. Preparing a trap

★ April 26・Thursday

6. Smoke and Blood

◇Yukino Rape -Arc・

7. Witch’s contract

8. The spider web’s mansion

9. Meal and Excretion

10. Tension→Relief→Constraint

11. Virgin Examination (Hands On)

12. The night when the first love is raped (Virgin Rape)

13. The night Continues

★ April 27・Friday

14. …..Naked Morning

15. Inside the car

16. Come, she’s a prostitute….

◇School Arc I

17. …Broken Daily life

18. The fourth and the fifth

19. The woman named Iwakura Yukiyo

20. The woman named Iwakura Yukiyo (Continuation)

◇Yukino Rape -Arc II・

21. Sex Club President: Shirasaka Yukino!

22. A lewd girl in the mirror

23. Fellatio approved course (Sixth Grade)

24. Sixteen year old, losing to climax

25. End of decline

26. A new 「Sex Beast」is born…

27. After Party


28. Kuromori

★ April 28・Saturday

29. Turning Point

30. Yukino’s Resistance

31. Flashing Nei!

32. You’re 『Broken』 aren’t you?

33. Ties and Bonds

◇Yukino Rape -Arc・III

34. To the Principal’s office.

35. Humiliation Interview

36. In the middle of the stairs

37. Saturday noon incident

◇Nagisa and Misuzu Arc

38. Margo Highway

39. Nagisa’s Pauline

40. Mama will give you her pets

41. Sacrificial lamb

42. Misuzu’s loss of virginity

43. Fierce animals running through a town

44. A big triangle on the field

45. Stick of sorrow

◇Yukino Rape -Arc・IV

46. Mission:Impossible 

47. Night Park…

48. Prostitute in the public restroom

49. Katsuko High Tension

50. Sensei and I 

51. Carved Seal of Shame

52. The place each has to return to

★ April 29 Sunday(Showa day)

53. City of Flower

54. Puppy’s waltz

55. Song

56. Yamamine Megumi 

57. Past and Present