Pure Love x Insult Complex

Pure Love x Insult Complex

Author: 銀三〇(ゆだ)


I fall in love to a girl when I get into high school, Yukino Shirasaka. I could only look at her from distance. However one day I heard that she has a boyfriend.  Even if I love her, I won’t get her. The devil sent me an invitation. I can make her mine!

Table of Contents:

April 24 ・ Tuesday

1. Shirasaka Yukino has a boyfriend? -Snow

2. Heaven and Hell – Part1(Snow)Part2(Me)Part 3(Meow)

3. I saw a devil

★ April 25・Wednesday

4. Pure love X Sex ban!!

5. Preparing a trap

★ April 26・Thursday

6. Smoke and Blood

◇Yukino Rape -Arc・

7. Witch’s contract

8. The spider web’s mansion

9. Meal and Excretion

10. Tension→Relief→Constraint

11. Virgin Examination (Hands On)

12. The night when the first love is raped (Virgin Rape)

13. The night Continues

★ April 27・Friday

14. …..Naked Morning

15. Inside the car

16. Come, she’s a prostitute….

◇School Arc I

17. …Broken Daily life

18. The fourth and the fifth

19. The woman named Iwakura Yukiyo

20. The woman named Iwakura Yukiyo (Continuation)

◇Yukino Rape -Arc II・

21. Sex Club President: Shirasaka Yukino!

22. A lewd girl in the mirror

23. Fellatio approved course (Sixth Grade)

24. Sixteen year old, losing to climax

25. End of decline

26. A new 「Sex Beast」is born…

27. After Party


28. Kuromori

★ April 28・Saturday

29. Turning Point

30. Yukino’s Resistance

31. Flashing Nei!

32. You’re 『Broken』 aren’t you?

33. Ties and Bonds

◇Yukino Rape -Arc・III

34. To the Principal’s office.

35. Humiliation Interview

36. In the middle of the stairs

37. Saturday noon incident

◇Nagisa and Misuzu Arc

38. Margo Highway

39. Nagisa’s Pauline

40. Mama will give you her pets

41. Sacrificial lamb

42. Misuzu’s loss of virginity

43. Fierce animals running through a town

44. A big triangle on the field

45. Stick of sorrow

◇Yukino Rape -Arc・IV

46. Mission:Impossible 

47. Night Park…

48. Prostitute in the public restroom

49. Katsuko High Tension

50. Sensei and I 

51. Carved Seal of Shame

52. The place each has to return to

★ April 29 Sunday(Showa day)

53. City of Flower

54. Puppy’s waltz

55. Song

56. Yamamine Megumi 

57. Past and Present

58. Happy sex…!

59. Fragments

◇ Past Arc

60. The boy named Yoshida.

61. Warmth of the blanket

62. Black History

63. The feeling of a collar

◇Yukino Rape -Arc・V

64. Shadow in the window

65. Suffering Bride (Part 1)

66. Suffering Bride (Part 2)

67. Suffering Bride (Part 3)

68. Suffering Bride (Part 4)

69. Pregnancy party

◇Megumi’s first experience Arc

70. Happy first experience!

71. Bathtime

72. On the Road

73. Sinister Alliance

◇Fierce Fighting Arc

74. Various opinions…

75. Bar Manners

76. Silence

77. Blood and flame

78. Late Dinner

★ April 30 Monday (Substitute Holiday)

79. Morning fierce battle

◇School Arc II

80. Adolescent girl Yamamine Megumi (Part 1)

81. Adolescent girl Yamamine Megumi (Part 2)

82. The woman called Iwakura Yukiyo (After another)

83. The woman named Iwakura Yukiyo (New)

84. Violet Shadow

◇Maika Rape -Arc

85. Male Idol around Latin America



88.   Naked