Pure Love x Insult Complex

純愛✕陵辱 コンプレックス

Author: 銀三〇(ゆだ)


I fall in love to a girl when I get into high school, Yukino Shirasaka. I could only look at her from distance. However one day I heard that she has a boyfriend.  Even if I love her, I won’t get her. The devil sent me an invitation. I can make her mine!

Table of Contents:

★ April 24 ・ Tuesday

★ April 25・Wednesday

★ April 26・Thursday

◇ Yukino Rape -Arc・

★ April 27・Friday

◇ School Arc I

◇ Yukino Rape -Arc II・


★ April 28・Saturday

◇Yukino Rape -Arc・III

◇ Nagisa and Misuzu Arc

◇ Yukino Rape -Arc・IV

★ April 29 Sunday(Showa day)

◇ Past Arc

◇ Yukino Rape -Arc・V

◇ Megumi's first experience Arc

◇ Fierce Fighting Arc

★ April 30 Monday (Substitute Holiday)

◇ School Arc II

◇ Maika Rape -Arc

◇ Megumi Arc

◇ Escape Arc

◇ Mana Arc

★ May 1・Tuesday

◇School Arc III

◇ Shirasaka house Arc

◇ High School Baseball Arc

◇ Infiltration Arc

◇ Conflict Arc

★ May 2 ・ Wednesday

◇ Midnight Arc

◇Early Morning Arc (Yukino and Megumi SIDE:A)

◇School Arc (Yukino and Megumi SIDE:B)

◇Escape Arc

◇Theater Arc(Before the opening)

◇Theater Arc(After the opening)

◇Encounter Arc(Two and three people)

◇Kouzuki Arc

 ◇『Family』Arc /Gathering

◇『Family』Arc /『Students』and『Negotiation』

◇『Family』arc /Battle 

◇『Family』Arc /Panic Room

◇ Michi's first experience Arc

◇Fierce Battle Arc/Battle Preparation

◇Fierce Battle Arc/Captive

◇Fierce Battle Arc/Miss Edie

◇Fierce Battle Arc/Decisive Battle

★ May 3 ・ Thursday

◇Nei・First experience Arc

◇Ruriko Arc/Contact Arc